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  1. First team ball and the space to develop a key role at Iraklis is worth more than the EPL reserves. At his age, hes old enough to be playing with Professionals. He should be doing so. The defenders in the Greek league are way tougher than what he'll come up against for Everton B, Greek sides and league is tough and the league is really not that easy as everybody likes to make it out to be. Well see. If he gets to train first team, and make an occasional sub its good. If he sits in the reserve for 3 years then goes and plays for some obscure Belgian or Second Divions team, a Superleague transfer would definitly be the better choice. I'd have liked to see him go to AEK, PAOK or Aris.
  2. He takes up space, not creates it. Hes been garbage for years, and couldnt even make the squad at ARLES,. Now hes moving to a large club in a large league with strikers he's not fit to even train with. Its a pretty amazing transfer and should come as a suprise to everyone.
  3. nice! hopefully he can make it, but I dont have much faith in EPL youth development, they never seem to give the patience and just outsource there talent (especially strikers). Bundesliga would have been better.
  4. personally i think even if it doesnt happen Genoa is a great place to be, theyre top 8 quality in Italy and they're good at developing players or just resurecting their careers.... A very good club, and Sokratis was already doing well there, continuing is not at all a bad thing. Its better to play regularly for Genoa than to sit the bench in Milan.
  5. i never really thought much of this player....but glad to see some youth in Serie A, hopefully he turns into something. Hopefully he'll play for Cesena...
  6. if he moves to Zenit, that will be the dumbest transfer ever for ever and goodbye to an extremly promising career..good team and all, but Leave Genoa, Serie A football to go off radar and live in shitty St Petersburg??? Over some more money??? He'd have to be really stupid or really broke.
  7. its official, 4 year contract Papadopoulos is a Schalke player. Hope to see this German exodus continue throughout the summer.... http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Germany/Bundes...e04/278465.html
  8. i agree completley. Can i add Its totally bizarre how Dimoutsos is underrated beyond beleif....when he was 18 under peseiro during the Fall he was a starter at PAO. the kids 20-21 and hes been written off despite great U21 appearances, and playing in the 2nd division.....really, teams in the 1st division don't want this kid? He could comortably been starting or rotating at teams like Asteras, Xanthi and developing. I really think the kid could be playing a lot more at PAO and even helping the team. This is why i think the cup should be a youth tournament only. If not the Cup, make a "League Cup" which is only a showcase for the Greek youth. I doubt it will be too complicated to arrange.
  9. great news if it goes through. The next generation when Otto gets thrown out is going to be exciting.......I hope he thrives there, Germany is gaining amongst the top european leagues too. Pliatsikas and Papadopoulos on Schalke... seems to be a Greek surge going to Germany which is great for the country...
  10. true, but its official as of today, 3 year contract from Eintracht site http://www.eintracht.de/aktuell/30985/ :tup:
  11. and for EINTRACHT :tup: As if I didn't support Eintracht enough this season for Lybe and Amanatidis, now they've got Gkekas and Tzavellas too :tup:
  12. And....Yet another Greek makes a move to Eintracht Frankfurt.......Tzavelas this time, who has been one of the league's more promising young defenders..Hope he succeds in Germany, his future will be bright. http://contra.gr/Soccer/Germany/Bundesliga...cht/275068.html
  13. agreed, i love eintracht i also think Gkekas will do great there. Its perfect size club for him to thrive, and other Greek players do exceptionally well, even aging Lybe played well this season. I think its a perfect club for him and very good signing for Eintracht. Glad he didnt come back to Greece.
  14. sorry to be negative but Xaristeas is still an awful player who would do great to not take up a space on the WC squad (especially god forbid the starting 11 of far superior forwards) After seeing the goal, you realize if you play striker in your career long enough goals are bound to drop to your feet even if your terrible like Xaristeas. And that was one of them. Open net alone with miles of space. I'm more impressed that Nurnberg actually put him in.
  15. Agreed.....Dimoutsos is actually very talented young player, but suddenly not taken seriously by PAO anymore. When he came to the club under Peseiro he had to step in due to injuries and that fall was one of PAO's top players. He really deserves a higher level, its a pity he was so written off suddenly after one dissapointing season at OFI.
  16. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,118...5899553,00.html Official, he plays in the Serie A for Siena......Good luck to him.
  17. Johnson is fast, but is severley lacking in skill esp finishing...... his whole stay in Europe has been a failure.....here for 3-4 years at fulham, and all he has to show for it are 2 goals in the English second division... I don't see him making an impact at all, much like his time at Cardiff or anywhere else, I'd be shocked if he was good enough to play for Aris with these players and over Campora, Calvo, Koke etc.. as for US internationals....well, not anymore really..
  18. another goal today, this one was really great move and finish
  19. Koutsianikoulis looked very good yesterday....I'm starting to get the impression he's making strides this season and could be forcing himself onto the senior team in the next year or so. A lot of flair, talent and speed..... Other than that, team only won 1-0 against Lithuania, but they were overly dominant 90 mins and Lithuania barely looked threatening. Was a matter of patience to get the goal.
  20. Really I didnt see where he dove so much. I beleive you but I just don't remember. As long as he scores goals and makes assists, I'm ok with it. I'd hope his diving would be good, as he had some of the best diving coaches in the world and diving legends like Djordjevic, Galletii, and the entire OSFP staff to learn from. <_<
  21. I didnt really notice Leto's diving. I wasnt paying so much attention. However, that sounds like him. He is good, but he is an Argentinian, and a former Olympiakos and Liverpool player, which odds are he's a diving prick. As long as he gets us titles and goals I don't care...
  22. well GS are a better side this year, even though I thought despite PAO's bad defense, there was some luck involved in the extend of this scoreline. Petropoulos and Ninis should have started...... :tdown: Anyways, sad match. At least we took the baskeball derby :gr:
  23. sorry wont make the Istanbul game, would have been incredible, maybe one day when we meet again in Europe... And the day approaches for GS. I think Ten Cate is a bit of a loser and that may work to our advantage, or just do nothing. All nonsense aside the man has an EGO problem, and he really wants to beat Rijkaard. Which is good because he'll make a "desperate" climate for the players to give their best, but probably if something goes very wrong he'll just bitch at the team and sit players out, is my concern. Good Luck, but I hoping you lose tomorrow :P
  24. drakos13


    I agree. That is'nt my point. I never thought Kalac was ever any good. My point is that KAVALA, a tiny Greek club now has keeper from Liverpool and has the same #2 that AC MILAN had last year in the same spot. Also, being 37 does not really affect your keeping abilities so much. Keepers have different playing life spans than other positions. This is kind of a given. Big result in Faliro 0-0 vs OSFP...Good job Nea Kavala!
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