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  1. The cut off is usually by game time saturday.. I added my picks on staurday during the oly game... I was late... but seeign as how I missed two weeks in a row.. i figured I should enter my picks anyway... I still missed the Aris prediction which was a game started earlier that day... Im surprised im still first even though I missed 2 weeks... 1-
  2. Thanks for taking over thrylos.. Hitting a rough patch in this so called life and dont have much time for anything. i appreciate it and sorry i missed last week 1-
  3. NikosVazelas

    he kicked him after the play for no reason.. was a stpid move and a def red.
  4. These are the correct standings. I gave everyone in last place 13 points so we can all participate and have some fun. Lets hope people dont forget to post. 17---NikosVazelas 16---thrylos 16---Irlandos 16---AEKPROTATHLIMA 15---crazy 15---Euro2004 13----Kanadezos 13----cyberfish 13----Genome 13----athinaios
  5. thrylos, I know ur afraid of me repeating as back to back champion but no need to take away points from me.. I had 4 correct picks this weekend... make my tally 17 THANK YOU :P
  6. Sup felllas, Having some difficult time in the whole family thing so my posts have few and far between. I will try to keep up in the next few weeks and hope i dont miss any selections... Here are mine for this week and thank you thrylos for tallying everything up. Peace 2-
  7. I have never seen Plessis play... Drakos tell us some about this player...
  8. Thanks i been really stretched for time... 1---
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