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  1. Any news when savidis present the final plans?
  2. The lack of creative midfielders has killed us. if I was epo I would go searching for them in the academies. This is the only way up we produce defenders but unfortunately no creative midfielders since ninis and feftazidis.
  3. if this is the case I don't get why the government didn't build a mutual stadium somewhere or pumped more money in pankritio and made it a bit smaller but with retractable seating.
  4. worst case qualify through nations league.
  5. hurry up savidis and build the stadium so the ethniki have somewhere better to play than kautazoglou.
  6. surely we cannot drop further we lost to someone on top of us
  7. We need some creative midfielder on the asap we will scrape through to the euro in 2020 but I don't see us doing anything! We have four yrs to find some juniors who can hold and dribble around players and create! Unless we find them we are going no where greek fa step up and find these kids
  8. I agree mate it starts from home! The academies are producing nothing and even if they do they go to waste because at the big four have moreforeigners play more than Greeks!
  9. the world cup will come and go quickly. especially with the new year near. its up to us to work hard to make sure we have a good qualifying campaing for euro 2020. they always say that sometimes its best to miss out on a tournament for rebuild purposes. however the euro 2016 campaign really killed us. now we will be 6 years without a major tournament as opposed to 4. its not uncommon its just crap when you see a country finally get it right in 04 and didn't really build on it. unfortunately for us the ranieri era really hurt us. we should of looked at a coach similar to rehagle and santos This nations league gives me hope.
  10. its really hitting home now that the ethniki will not be at the world cup. I will wait aslong as it takes to see us at the world cup or a euro again. the only problem is we need to produce some players.
  11. Is a coach change good for us let's be serious here! A new coach yes will bring a different mind set! But it starts from within! Epo have not adapted to the change in football we must invest in the juniors if we are going to play at major tournaments again! We are starting to see a shift in fifa and uefa with the idea of everyone having a turn At a major tournament hence the reason behind expansion the euro with 24 teams really messes FIFA ranking! Hence why we see Italy grouped with Spain! We need Greeks from outside of Greece to run epo! The Greeks inside Greece are a laughing stock corrupt and for there pockets!
  12. mate there no point about us talking about the FA need to approach a millionaire to invest money.
  13. I agree with u 100% we need investment! But in all honesty do u think the croats have investment or infrastructure! The problem is with us we are too laid back! The kids in other nations are hungry for success we in Greece want it all without trying
  14. The game was lost in the first leg! Unfortunately we don't have a midfield a play maker! Even with players like tasos donis we still have a missing link between our defence and our strikers! We work very hard to even score! Had we got a result in Croatia maybe it would be a different story however we still would of encountered the same problems in Russia! Unfortunately we now can only look towards euro 2020 the quicker the next 8 months pass the better but let's hope some junior play maker steps up for us! Why the fa don't help feftazidis and ninis is beyond me! When u produce juniors like them u need to embrace them and ensure there future is bright!
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