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  1. The phenomenon of what has happened to our team in the last 7 years is mind boggling to me. I'll keep it simple. When I see small football nations like Georgia, Armenia, the Skops, Cyprus, and so many more play decent, attacking/threatening football I struggle to understand why we are as piss poor as we are. Greece has been so bad at times that there have been instances where I believed my pre-Covid Friday night beer league football team could beat Greece. We all know there have been countless such ugly displays by Greece. Its mind boggling. As others have pointed out, we have players pla
  2. Dude...I think you have me mistaken with somebody else. I have never had any personal interactions on here with you. I never said you were toxic. In fact, I actually value what you write and often agree with most of what you have to say. Again, all I was stating is that the last thing people want to see after a shitty loss is a known ballbreaker (not you) come on here and attack other forumers. This is a huge difference from having a heated debate. Debate is good and allows for the exchange of ideas.
  3. I'm not implying anything. What I am saying is that when our country, our team, loses and loses a match we all expected to win, peoples moods will be adversely affected. The last thing anyone wants to see right at the last whistle is trash talking in a "i told you so" tone. Its pathetic. I have no problem stating how poorly and flat Greece played today. We are all gutted. I'll never come in though and kick everyone while they're down....
  4. Losing, especially the way we did today, sucks. But what sucks even more is when the weasel clowns literally wait for the final whistle to come on here and trash the team. GTFOH...
  5. Greece hasn't touched the ball in the last 5 min. This is embarrassing...
  6. Φουρτουνης, Aνδρουτσος, Tζιολης, γιακουμακης....All should be starting...
  7. The obsession with Tsavellas is beyond me. Anyway, good luck to Hellas. Let's hope for the best....
  8. I'm in Canada and I have the UEFA.TV app. It is listing several qualifiers but sadly, not the Hellas - Spain match, which is BS in my opinion... Hopefully it gets added.
  9. At the National level of any sporting competition one definitely plays for their country. Even at the individual sport level when athletes win gold, the first thing they do is drape themselves with their country's flag. J1078 already stated it perfectly when he described the players' reactions after Greece's 2004 victory. I'll take it one step further and use another sport as an example. Before the USSR broke up there was a huge hockey rivalry between the USSR and Canada at the senior and junior levels. I can guarantee you each and every Russian and Canadian player was playing for their c
  10. Ranieri tried that and we saw the disaster that ensued. That said, this is a different/young team that looks like it is buying into the coach's strategy....
  11. Agreed. We also need to hopefully find that finishing touch. All those chances but not being able to finish them with a goal will cost us big time. Just like the 2004 team started to show special signs during qualification on 2003, I am hoping the same happens this time. We definitely have some young talents....
  12. Well said. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that we have a tough group but to trash talk the team with emojis and irony is beyond me. We all want the same thing in the end, which is for Hellas to make the world cup. One can be positive or negative. I choose to be critical when need be but in a positive way.
  13. Why do you say we have to beat two counties if we finish second and make the playoff round? Isn't the playoff a home and home against another second place team? That's how I remember it.
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