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  1. In the many years being part of this forum I have never seen it so quiet on game day for the Ethniki for Euro or WC Qualifying. It shows what a sad state the team is on. I always had hope but its down to zero for me right now. The team and EPO are in shambles and it looks like there is no end in sight...
  2. I'm so gutted. This is embarrassing. Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, and so many countries with the same, or less, population than Greece and they are centuries ahead of us. The coach sucks, I agree. But, the players are horrible. I'm sorry. I'm an old man compared to most of Greece's line up and I swear my Friday night soccer league team could have beat them today. It's Iike they have no skill whatsoever. I have never seen such poor quality in virtually any other country. I live in Canada and the team we have now is quite competitive. I'm sure they could pop three against Greece the way they played today.
  3. The phenomenon of what has happened to our team in the last 7 years is mind boggling to me. I'll keep it simple. When I see small football nations like Georgia, Armenia, the Skops, Cyprus, and so many more play decent, attacking/threatening football I struggle to understand why we are as piss poor as we are. Greece has been so bad at times that there have been instances where I believed my pre-Covid Friday night beer league football team could beat Greece. We all know there have been countless such ugly displays by Greece. Its mind boggling. As others have pointed out, we have players playing on some decent teams. Not Juventus or Real Madrid type teams, but decent nonetheless. To watch them not be able to string a couple of passes and progress fluidly up the field against a Georgia is simply put, a mind F***. I don't know what the hell it is. Is it lack of passion by the players? Coaching? Us overestimating the talent of our players? I'm gutted and lost guys...
  4. Dude...I think you have me mistaken with somebody else. I have never had any personal interactions on here with you. I never said you were toxic. In fact, I actually value what you write and often agree with most of what you have to say. Again, all I was stating is that the last thing people want to see after a shitty loss is a known ballbreaker (not you) come on here and attack other forumers. This is a huge difference from having a heated debate. Debate is good and allows for the exchange of ideas.
  5. I'm not implying anything. What I am saying is that when our country, our team, loses and loses a match we all expected to win, peoples moods will be adversely affected. The last thing anyone wants to see right at the last whistle is trash talking in a "i told you so" tone. Its pathetic. I have no problem stating how poorly and flat Greece played today. We are all gutted. I'll never come in though and kick everyone while they're down....
  6. Losing, especially the way we did today, sucks. But what sucks even more is when the weasel clowns literally wait for the final whistle to come on here and trash the team. GTFOH...
  7. Greece hasn't touched the ball in the last 5 min. This is embarrassing...
  8. Φουρτουνης, Aνδρουτσος, Tζιολης, γιακουμακης....All should be starting...
  9. The obsession with Tsavellas is beyond me. Anyway, good luck to Hellas. Let's hope for the best....
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