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  1. Ranieri tried that and we saw the disaster that ensued. That said, this is a different/young team that looks like it is buying into the coach's strategy....
  2. Agreed. We also need to hopefully find that finishing touch. All those chances but not being able to finish them with a goal will cost us big time. Just like the 2004 team started to show special signs during qualification on 2003, I am hoping the same happens this time. We definitely have some young talents....
  3. Well said. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that we have a tough group but to trash talk the team with emojis and irony is beyond me. We all want the same thing in the end, which is for Hellas to make the world cup. One can be positive or negative. I choose to be critical when need be but in a positive way.
  4. Why do you say we have to beat two counties if we finish second and make the playoff round? Isn't the playoff a home and home against another second place team? That's how I remember it.
  5. Ah, ok. Thanks mate. We got a tough group...
  6. Why did kosovo get placed in our group when they were supposed to go into group A?
  7. Can anyone explain why this link states that today's tie means Greece is in Pot 4 for the upcoming World Cup draw? Others on here are saying we are in Pot 3. Which one is it? ESPN: UEFA Nations League: Finals, promotion and relegation decided. https://www.espn.com/soccer/uefa-nations-league/story/4235593/uefa-nations-league-whats-at-stake-in-the-final-games
  8. File....you're on to something. I dont know if it will be tomorrow (I hope it is) but I cant help but think that this team is on the cusp of a very good run. I dont remember seeing a group of as many young Greek players as offensively gifted as these ones on any Ethniki of the past.... Limnios, Tzolis, Fortounis, Giakoumakis, etc.. It's a very exciting time...
  9. Does anyone know what Siovas said after the game? I've seen a lot of people on facebook pissed at him for something he said after the game but I cant find it anywhere....
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