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  1. Guys...I don't care if players on both sides were mailing it in before the 1 month break. I don't care if its "just a friendly". I don't care if the ref was a ma1aka. Bottom line is, If you let minnows Malta score two against you, its disastrous.
  2. I want NOTHING to do with ANYTHING that involves Saudi Arabia. The fact that Greece is considering this is an utter disgrace, in my opinion.
  3. All of y'all criticizing Bakasetas can't see that our entire team is playing shyte against the superpower Montenegro... Only Vlachodimos came out today.
  4. Well written, and detailed article, about Poyet. Doesn't fill me with too much confidence, to be honest.... https://worldfootballindex.com/2022/03/greece-gamble-on-gus-poyet-manager/
  5. I used to love Papasthatopoulos but the more I hear from him, the more like a whiny little b1tch he sounds. Shut up and man up. If you have something to say, say it. Don't send out cryptic messages and other such b.s. This is your national team we are talking about! Not, some C division minnow. We may not all like some of the moves JVS made but he stayed behind in Greece after announcing his resignation and toured our beautiful Hellas. I follow him on Instagram and he was sharing pics and videos of his travels in Greece and he was commenting on how beautiful a country Hellas is. A kseno showing more love for Hellas than Sokratis ever has! Either man up and speak up or feck off...
  6. I really liked JVS as a human. He seems like a good guy and he always said it as it is. A straight-shooter. He's right what he says about EPO. We all know its corrupt as F***. Canadians/Dutch don't put up with this kind of thing. Its not in their DNA. Truth is, however, he didn't get the team into Euro 2020 or WC 2022. There were some bad losses and ties to countries we should have beaten with our eyes closed. I have no clue why Greece has always stunk against minnows but is always respectful, if not great, against the giants. People mention the good times of Otto and Santos but forget how many times we had to eek out a win against the Lichenstein's of the world in extra time. The problem is in the mentality of the players. You have to approach every game as a must win situation and take no team for granted. Corruption has to be abolished. How do small countries like Croatia, Serbia, Belgium, Portugal, etc., do it? They have smaller and/or equal populations to Greece but they are ages ahead of us... I hope the new generation in Greece which seems to be less corrupt and much more innovative moves in and clears the scum out of EPO so some respectability can be put into place. I'm gutted by the current state of affairs. I never in my life thought I would see the day where I would watch Canada's national team play and think, "holy crap! this team would smoke Greece if they played today".
  7. Absolutely right mate. The Greek domestic league is in shambles. Its embarrassing, especially when considering what other smaller countries are able to achieve. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2021/11/15/uefa-head-back-greece-officials-threatened-hff-lurches-back-financial-crisis/
  8. If I was JVS I'd just throw in every offensive player possible. We have nothing to lose now.
  9. If Sweden loses today and we beat Spain, the only way forward is if we beat Kosovo and Spain and Sweden tie or Spain loses to Sweden. That way Spain will end up with 13 or 14 points and we will end up with 15 in second for the playoff spot. Any other scenario ends with Greece tying Sweden with 15 points each and they would go thru on GD.
  10. What's the tie-break rule if two teams end up tied in 1st or 2nd? GD or head to head?
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