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  1. Good article nice write up. I also enjoy listening to the podcast you guys to a great job covering the Ethniki. Thanks.
  2. The formation and starting lineup vs Norway was spot on and we saw how good the Ethniki looked in the 1st half. In the second half when JVS put Bakasetas in our play was stagnant he has no vision he can only strike the ball with power but when he was presented with a good chance to have a go he played the ball sideways? I hope JVS sees this and does not start him in the qualifiers. I hope we see Masouras with Pelkas in the 11. Pelkas was fantastic a tremendous pass on the goal that featured eleven passes on the buildup. Throw Fortounis in the lineup and we look solid! I have to say T
  3. They must be best pals. I believe they are represented by the same agent. It’s nuts that this guy starts him and has him captain the side? I was actually surprised that he didn’t start Bakasetas today. I hope JVS thinks long and hard and realizes that in the qualifiers he can’t rely on Bakasetas if we are to get 2nd spot over Sweden. His job security will come down to those two matches..
  4. Yes. Bakasetas came on and had bad touches and ruined the attack. On one occasion he had the opportunity too take his space and shoot but decided to play the ball out to the wing?? Masouras was fantastic and he finished but he creates a lot of opportunities. Pelkas was solid amazing assist. Androustos scored and defended well. In September JVS has to insert Fortounis in the starting 11 and drop Bakasetas, and Bakakis.
  5. Greece win 2-1. Excellent first half the second half was hard to watch..
  6. For sure! JVS Keep Bakasetas off the pitch come September!
  7. Come on Ellas let’s get a Win and end on a high note going into the World Cup qualifiers in September.. PA ME!!
  8. Great points. Bakasetas is hurting us for sure. Imagine having Fortounis play instead of him today and the threat he would have posed to Belgium. Bakasetas seems like a lock to be in the starting lineup as bad as he is if JVS is manager. Pelkas was a fantastic sub he gave us energy and kept the Belgian defence on their heels. I hope he will continue to get time and perform he has had a good season at his club.
  9. Another friendly we’re Greece looked very sharp vs a top side especially in the second half. Masouras had a couple great chances but goalie saved. Tzavellas was excellent in the back & scored. Masouras and Adroutsos were solid and Galanopoulos had a good performance in his return. If only JVS brought the same plan vs Georgia we would have won for sure. Greece can get results vs the top nations we just got to start putting away the weaker sides.
  10. Greece played a great match. In the second half we had the better chances and got our goal. Mertens was so rattled this game he got into it with Tzavellas last time we played in Belgium. Amazing that Greece get another result in Belgium!
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