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  1. I was thinking the same thing. England will most likely get a cream puff WCUP qualifying draw and get first so then if Greece finish second in Nations League it might give us a playoff spot if we need it. As for the group I am confident Greece will get 2nd place and push England for top spot. We will get a result vs England as we got a 2-2 draw against a much better France.
  2. Greece got the tougher group. I thought we would land in Wales group. England will be tough but you never know they got smoked by Hungary in last NL. Looking forward to playing those English fools. Finland away is always difficult but I see us beating Ireland twice who will be at the bottom of this group.
  3. What a disaster! Saka shoved him. We need our starters to be fit and ready for March. Very concerning.
  4. Yes spot on! If our key players are fit we are the favourites to qualify no doubt. Draw was great should we qualify. I was worried we would land in Spain’s group. Also if we qualify we would play Turkey first then Czechs & Portugal last which could be good for us if Portugal have qualified by then. Anyways looking forward to the matches in March.
  5. Greece moving up! We will be in top 30 soon.
  6. Group B is Toughest! Group D would have been the same as qualifying. Belgium & Portugal as Pot 1 teams got the best draws
  7. Belgium got the easiest group with Slovakia Romania playoff B winner
  8. Fantastic draw! Greece have to get in. We would get Turkey in Germany!! Avoided Group B Spain Croatia Italy & France Holland Austria.
  9. Greece just have to focus on Kazakhstan. I think they are the toughest team in this path as they have had a good qualification campaign even beating Denmark but we have more talent than them and should go through at home.
  10. Nice result for the boys! France came out hard and had a few regulars in their starting eleven. First half we were absorbing a lot of pressure. In the second half we looked sharp with some nice ball movement. Great volley goal from Bakasetas he can hit them well! Gianoulis a beautiful set up for Ioanidis goal. We got some luck with that double post shot and Mbappe hitting the crossbar. Pavlidis struggled when he came in. He is falling down the depth chart on our list of strikers.
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