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  1. According to ESPN FC said the next highest ranked country in Path C would replace them. Will have to see how it all plays out.
  2. As it stands in League C Greece, Georgia, Kazakhstan & Turkey are assured a playoff. If Greece don’t qualify directly as it stands we would play Turkey at home in first playoff match. I heard we would also host the final should we make it through.
  3. Will be very hard. France has first guaranteed. Watching them at the wcup even without Benzema, pogba, Konte they are dazzling. We need France to beat Holland twice hopefully. Holland have looked average at the World Cup but they will be tough to break down it will be a cagey affair when Greece play them. At least we have a plan B through a playoff.
  4. Greece were so close, that game at home vs Denmark was there for the taking! Great article. Thanks
  5. Its all good red & white. Greece have won a Euro something your England can not say. Ante Geia!!
  6. Alexandropoulos should have started today. Mistake from Poyet he made some bad decisions the last two matches.
  7. Ya for sure. I’m just saying what a huge difference it is having him in the net
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