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  1. That’s good news. Let’s see how Baldock performs for us. At least Poyet now has 3 natural right backs for this window. I will give him credit for that. The last coach would only call up one.
  2. Ok didn’t think about that. I just was thinking vlachodimos will play all the matches barring any injury so why have four goalies.
  3. Tzavellas I don’t understand why he got the call up. Also why pick 4 goalkeepers? Vlachodimos is going to play every game.
  4. Great post! Who knows what Poyet is thinking. I thought Manolas was going to be called up for the NL matches? He better top this group!
  5. Fortounis has the vision to carve up opposing defences unlike no other player at our disposal. We are not going to see Bakasetas giving nice through balls to our strikers that’s for sure. Also no Tzolis? We saw his quality when he came on in the wcup qualifier vs Sweden and gave them fits and Greece won 2-1. He hasn’t been playing at Norwich but the coaches Farke and Dean Smith don’t know wtf they were doing and I’m glad to see them get relegated.
  6. Ya I don’t get not calling up Tzolis & Fortounis especially vs N Ireland who like to sit back. It will be tough breaking them down. Even Italy had a tough time with them in the final wcup qualifier which ended 0-0.
  7. No Manolas? Is he injured? Fountas deserved a call up he has 5 goals since his move to MLS. I would like to see him get more minutes and see what he can do for the NT.
  8. That’s frigin awesome OPA!! 👏
  9. Good choices it can’t be Bakasetas that’s for sure!
  10. PAOK gave the game away. Too many quality chances missed. Marseille was there for the taking!
  11. Tsimikas was incredible yesterday! Especially in the attack and the passes he was playing. I definitely think Poyet should give him the NT captain’s arm band.
  12. Good result.I said they would get one goal. Marseille have a few guys out too for the next match
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