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  1. I heard an interview on Sport FM with Donis and he said now is not the time for him to coach the NT but he would love one day to coach the NT. He said Karagounis approached him about the job a few years back just before they hired Markarian. He said he was disappointed how Zagorakis left due to EPO not giving him the power to run the Ethniki as president. He stated that EPO can not have a fan color either red, green or yellow.
  2. Look at some of the country’s in League B ahead of us Israel, Ireland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania and Armenia. Greece have to get promotion to League B. The draw is on December 12.
  3. Thanks for the video. He is quick and skillful with the ball at his feet. Maybe he will get a call up with the new coach.
  4. Dean great break down. JVS played scared against Georgia in that game in Greece we did not go and attack them and sat back and they dictated the play. We got up on a lucky OG and should have locked up the win but he had Mavrias playing RB and he gets turned inside out on the goal from the skillful Georgian winger. As for Bakasetas he is a decent player who had a few good games like the game vs Sweden but he cant play the #10 role he lacks the vision and distribution. I still cant understand how JVS put all his trust in this player. Even if Fortounis had been healthy and in form JVS still would have gone with Bakasetas which is mind boggling. Like you said Greece have talented players at our disposal like Fetfa who can do things with the ball at his feet that not many others can and yet he is left out by JVS? As for the banned players I can understand if he did not want to call back Sokratis because he had a go at Ange publicly but Manolas had to be there how could JVS with EPO not sit down with him and bring him back to the NT. It is crazy. Though JVS says he called him and would keep him in his plans? Psemeta! Looking back the way he got rid of Siovas it was criminal just for saying that having Sokratis & Manolas on the NT too help the team on the pitch and mentor Svarnas and the other younger players. JVS did bring in some younger players to the NT but why the heck did he not play Alexandropoulos in the game vs Spain we could have used him in the mid to hold the ball when we won possesion. Even worse he did NOT start or play him vs Kosovo! Looking back I wish EPO would have sacked JVS after the NL failure and not trusted this guy with our World Cup hopes in his hands.
  5. He knows Greek football well and has Greek citizenship. He has coached Olympiakos, AEK. PAOK and Aris. I remember him last coaching Bosnia for Euro qualifying were he took over during NL and for the Euro playoff were they lost on penalties to North Ireland.
  6. A very uninspiring performance from PAOK. They better get the job done in Europe.
  7. Good points from both of you. JVS came in with the attacking & high press tactics but during these qualifiers we only saw Greece play that way for the game vs Sweden in Athens and the reverse fixture in Sweden where we took it to too Sweden in the 1st half but were unlucky to find a goal. The matches vs Kosovo and Georgia JVS for some reason had the team playing in a defensive shell and we sat back in Kosovo with a lead and instead of going to finish them off he subs of Douvikas our goal scorer & biggest threat and we sit back and they equalize. Say Santos had overseen this qualification campaign Greece would have taken max points vs these teams all be it with 1nil score lines. We gave away 3 leads late in those games to those two countries. 6 Points gone that would have taken us above Sweden who for me were underwhelming during this qualification if you go back and watch some of their games they were fortunate to get results were they got outplayed and got some very fortunate calls by the refs. If the Ethniki had Santos at minimum he would have gotten us to 2nd place in this group. JVS never learned from his mistakes by constantly playing players out of position like having Bakasetas in the #10 role, having Tsimikas play CB and calling up guys like Mavrias for example that had no business being on the NT let alone on the pitch and costing us points!
  8. He scored the 3rd goal today in a 3-1 win over Sparta Rotterdam.
  9. Santos currently gets 2.6 mil to coach Portugal so unless the EPO are willing to spend huge on him it wont happen. I am surprised that they are going after him unless he is willing to take a huge discount. I think they will likely go for one of the guys I listed. I heard on Greek radio that Donis would take the job for even less than that amount as they said Donis has already done pretty well financially.
  10. An article in Sport24 today is saying Jimenez name is in the forefront for the NT job. The other options are Donis, Dellas, Ouzounidis and Anastasiou. EPO want to hire a coach in the next few weeks and Santos is considered to be a real long shot at this point as is Valverde. If those are only options I would take Donis.
  11. Is his name in the mix? Gatuzzo was a warrior as a player a pit-bull in the midfield and was a key piece to Italy wcup winning squad. As a manager I would say no thanks. To much off a side show.
  12. Personally I am not a big fan of Jimenez. My preferred order out of the names thrown around is Valverde, Donis, Santos.
  13. True we don’t get enough attempts on target. With JVS the “total football”coach or so we thought we were getting especially early on we only managed as many shots on target as Andorra during qualifying. Add to that the silly goals we conceded in qualifying with JVS, we never saw Greece give up those goals with Santos. If Greece were up vs the minnows or Croatia & Russia’s of the world we put the matches away. One thing we know is if EPO give him the job he will run the Ethniki his way.
  14. Who you calling racist?? Why say something like that. Your not all there man
  15. EPO president was on OPEN TV and stated he would like to have a foreign coach and that he would like Santos back. Of course for Santos he will have to wait until March to see if Portugal qualify or miss out on the World Cup. Anyone hear any other names recently added to EPO wish list?
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