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  1. Great stuff! We need him to start scoring regularly for the Ethniki and get us into the World Cup!
  2. Good points, out of those players I wouldn’t bring Koulouris for myself I have seen enough of him and I don’t think he can be successful for the NT. JVS should put Bakasetas on the bench if he gets called up and be used as a sub. He should never start nor should he ever be captain! Siovas eluded to this in his interview as well. JVS has a habit of putting together pretty good lineups and tactics in place in friendlies as we saw vs Honduras and even against Austria but then for some reason he starts the wrong players & plays players out of position as we saw vs Georgia. Why did h
  3. Yes he seems very easy going not at all arrogant. At one point he said when Skibbe was there he wanted to call him up but he said he was recovering from an injury and said for the good of the team to take someone else. Looks like he will only come back to the Ethniki if JVS is no longer the coach. That is a shame..
  4. Thanks for this J1078. Its very telling what Siovas says about JVS and the coaching staff getting rid of him for no real reason just saying Manolas and Sokratis could have helped the NT and players like himself, Svarnas, Hatzidiakos, Staf, etc. Also he touched on how you cant have our best CBs out of the NT as we are first a defensive oriented team going back many years. It looks like it will come down to Septembers match with Kosovo for JVS its an absolute must win to save his job and then he needs to get a result vs Sweden or else he has to go. I heard on one of the podcasts that h
  5. Good we get to go up against Haaland.
  6. Watched it the other day. Great times Greece were a a force in World Football. Remember countries like England, Belgium, Former Yugoslavia Switzerland and more have never lifted the Euro 🏆
  7. Greece could have moved into the top 50 if we beat Georgia.
  8. According to Hellas football Argentine midfielder Loucas Villafanez of PAO has expressed his interest to represent Greece and is in the process to obtain his Greek citizenship.
  9. Watched Olympiakos vs AEK. I’m left puzzled how Masouras nicely finishes two goals and I think to myself why does he and others miss these same chances for the NT time after time?
  10. Will see what happens in the remaining 6 games. Skibbe had a lot of downfalls as well with some of his selections but at least he got us to the World Cup playoffs and we lost to a very strong Croatia team.
  11. Yes heard that Baldock will get Greek passport it was on Hellas Footy podcast. Both are very insightful shows.. Enjoy listening.
  12. That draw was a huge let down I still can’t believe how the team played that poorly in such a important match.Will see what happens in September & how Sweden will look after the Euros, fatigue, injuries etc. Georgia are a team on the rise they are unlucky not to have 7 points. They will get something from Sweden at home but we have to go to Georgia and win. As for Sweden vs Spain maybe Sweden can get a draw at home but I don’t see Spain losing any games in this group and they have there 65 game unbeaten run in World Cup qualifying that they will try to extend. JVS had us playing ve
  13. True but losing out those two points could be costly. I still think we can get beat Sweden if JVS gets it right vs Kosovo and we have a fully fit squad to choose from. Georgia at home can get a result vs Sweden. It may very well come down to the last match day with Greece home to Kosovo and Sweden at Spain..
  14. True I expect them to give Sweden a battle I just can’t understand what there plan was yesterday and why the performance was so sub par? First got to get the win vs Kosovo another weak side that’s our problem.
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