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  1. /\ Definitely. It was a good draw for OLY I was happy they didn’t get ManU, Shakhtar, or Ajax. Arsenal are struggling in the EPL and can’t afford to rest there best players. I saw OLY go through 3-2 on aggregate.
  2. Draw for the Round of 16 Olympiakos vs Arsenal. Let’s hope Olympiakos knock that over hyped English side out of Europe again!
  3. Well said on many fronts. Initially I didn’t like how Sokratis attacked the coach on live media right after the Armenia game but looking at it now something had to be done after those two embarrassing loses to Italy & Armenia and what occurred leading up to those fixtures. Sokratis was directing his frustrations to the EPO who bring in sub par coaches after Rehagel & Santos. EPO can’t get the NT a stadium to call home they flip flop from OAKA to saying they will have the stadium in Crete rebuilt and nothing happens? They have to start putting the NT as there top priority. Greece have t
  4. Blackhawks points are valid at the same time I agree that we need Manolas as he is a world class back and maybe the best Greek player on the roster. I think if he’s given a chance he will try very hard to shape up his attitude as this is a huge opportunity to help lead us to a World Cup and it may be the last chance he will ever get to play in another World Cup himsellf. Manolas will be much needed especially in the matches vs Sweden that will most likely decide who gets second spot and a playoff place.
  5. Yes great ball in! Fortounis free kick off the bar was a struck beautifully How come Martins doesn’t start him?
  6. OLYMPIAKOS are through!!What a finish! I was jumping up and down when that goal went in..
  7. Clicked other link too mine went out..Watching on sport 2 live Greek channel.
  8. It wouldn’t work for me there. I am watching in Spanish on Harley Widget now. I’m surprised no Greek or Dutch links? Go Olympiakos!! thanks again Megale
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