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  1. Watched it the other day. Great times Greece were a a force in World Football. Remember countries like England, Belgium, Former Yugoslavia Switzerland and more have never lifted the Euro 🏆
  2. Greece could have moved into the top 50 if we beat Georgia.
  3. According to Hellas football Argentine midfielder Loucas Villafanez of PAO has expressed his interest to represent Greece and is in the process to obtain his Greek citizenship.
  4. Watched Olympiakos vs AEK. I’m left puzzled how Masouras nicely finishes two goals and I think to myself why does he and others miss these same chances for the NT time after time?
  5. Will see what happens in the remaining 6 games. Skibbe had a lot of downfalls as well with some of his selections but at least he got us to the World Cup playoffs and we lost to a very strong Croatia team.
  6. Yes heard that Baldock will get Greek passport it was on Hellas Footy podcast. Both are very insightful shows.. Enjoy listening.
  7. That draw was a huge let down I still can’t believe how the team played that poorly in such a important match.Will see what happens in September & how Sweden will look after the Euros, fatigue, injuries etc. Georgia are a team on the rise they are unlucky not to have 7 points. They will get something from Sweden at home but we have to go to Georgia and win. As for Sweden vs Spain maybe Sweden can get a draw at home but I don’t see Spain losing any games in this group and they have there 65 game unbeaten run in World Cup qualifying that they will try to extend. JVS had us playing ve
  8. True but losing out those two points could be costly. I still think we can get beat Sweden if JVS gets it right vs Kosovo and we have a fully fit squad to choose from. Georgia at home can get a result vs Sweden. It may very well come down to the last match day with Greece home to Kosovo and Sweden at Spain..
  9. True I expect them to give Sweden a battle I just can’t understand what there plan was yesterday and why the performance was so sub par? First got to get the win vs Kosovo another weak side that’s our problem.
  10. Definitely I can’t believe these smaller countries are starting to get results against European powerhouses and we are just pretty much stuck in the same boat from 2014. Greece have had some good results in between but we HAVE to be better and perform better consistently with the players on our roster. Greece have more talented players than the countries you listed but the coaching,EPO and other factors seem to be holding us back. It’s so dam frustrating that Greece in a match you have to get 3 points at home tied Georgia and yet we were actually lucky that we did not lose even though it feels
  11. I heard on Greek radio after the match that EPO should go after Donis but he makes good $ coaching in the Saudi league. Maybe Ouzonidis? Now that Zagorakis is EPO president I hope he can bring back Manolas we need him come September.
  12. After two games the major problem is that Greece are not threating in attack and creating chances as we did when JVS came into the fold in 2019. There were games were we saw 15 +attempts at goal vs Bosnia, Finland and Armenia I recall. Our problem then was mainly finishing now we have had 2 goals one from a penalty and the other an OG. Today we were slow moving the ball and so many times Bakestas would play the ball backwards and destroy our attack when we could press forward. That was just incredibly frustrating to watch. Georgia created better chances from open play and Vlachodimos had
  13. True ask English fans like TO blue who haven’t even reached a final in decades lol..
  14. JVS has got to stop bringing Bakasetas into the starting 11. He’s a decent player and has a good attitude but he can’t be starting as I and most off us have said here. Also our RB situation continues to be off huge concern. Mavrias came on and was completely exposed. I was expecting to see a lot better performance from Tzolis, I like his play of late. Today he should have finished that chance off early in the match. It would have taken the weight off the team and put Georgia in a position to open up more
  15. I only wish we had Santos still at the helm. He would have had us in the last 3 major tournaments.
  16. Georgia are definitely better than their current rank indicates. They could have 7 points after their first 3 games. JVS was timid in his approach today and we paid for it. He said after the draw today that since we tied Spain that we really are only one point behind were the team expected to be after two matches.
  17. It was a bad performance from Greece the old Greek teams would have locked up the win after that gift goal we got. Very disappointing dropping points to Georgia but they were far better today. We were sloppy in possession and lacked speed in attack. A lot of the “bigger” nations slipped up too again today Germany lost to the Skops and Ukraine tied Kazakstan 1-1 at home.
  18. Off course Georgia had to get a result vs Greece and couldn’t pull one off in their first 2 games were they were just as good.
  19. It’s baffling that display today. We needed 3 points and there was no urgency. We got a gift and then we let them equalize immediately.
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