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  1. Guys I could only watch the first 25mins. How did we play? I saw that we had 22 shot attempts did we create high quality chances in the second half. Does anyone know where you can watch a replay of the game? Great to see France smashing Holland 4 nil.
  2. Good points. Tzavellas should not have been called up this time around. He filled in well for the last wcup qualifiers but he hardly gets any minutes at AEK. Douvikas should be there 100%. I am excited too see Fortounis get the call up and I hope he gets a lot of minutes.
  3. Good call ups. Good points. The NT now has some solid strikers to call up on. Can’t wait to see Fortounis back in the fold and hopefully playing alongside the super talented Konstantellias.
  4. Fortounis looked sharp today vs AEK. Beautiful ball to set up Bakambu”s goal. Will he get a call up?
  5. Great news that kid is going to be a fantastic footballer for years to come. Hearing a few big European heavyweights are interested in him. I want him to stay at PAOK and keep developing.
  6. Ya PAOK could have scored a few goals in the first 10 minutes. They created many good opportunities in the first half.
  7. Amazing. Tremendous performances by both players! Now bring that production to the Ethniki
  8. I would like him to stay at Celtic or go to another big European club.
  9. Good points Dean. I personally think Greece are heading in the right direction after the NL with Poyet & the team seems to be unified. It will be a tough Euro qualification group for sure with France & Holland but I think we can battle for second spot with Holland. If we do come up short we have the NL playoff and we will qualify from there. It’s been very tough not qualifying for the last 4 tournaments but let’s not forget Greece came within a playoff for 2018 World Cup but we ran into Croatia and they were a loaded side and eventual finalists. It didn’t help that for the first leg Manolas was unjustly suspended and that gave Croatia a huge advantage. 2020 Euro qualifying we started off well but all the in fighting costed us and losing Fortounis for the last 6 matches was a huge blow also. The last World Cup we had a tough group with Spain & Sweden but we got a result in Spain and not many countries can say that. Also we beat Sweden and should have beaten them again in Sweden but we were unlucky to not score a goal or two after totally dominating them in the first half in Stockholm. As I’ve said second place should have been ours but the previous manager made way to many mistakes that campaign that costed us points. I am really looking forward to the euro qualifiers.
  10. With Ronaldo and the Saudis money looks like this bid can give the four country South American bid a run for their money. Saudis have close ties with Infantino. I am not a big fan of this multi country bid for the World Cup or Euros. Especially when it’s more than two countries hosting.
  11. Agreed, but those were great times with Santos his record with the Ethniki was incredible. I miss the 1 nil wins and once we got up a goal it was almost impossible for the opposition to comeback on Greece.
  12. I heard that a Portuguese reporter said EPO want Santos but Poyet contract runs until end of 2023. Poyet has the team playing well & got us promotion in NL and a playoff spot. He should continue through the euro qualification. Plus they can’t afford to pay both coaches.
  13. It’s two playoff matches vs two different countries.
  14. They are improving but this would be a dream draw for Greece
  15. According to ESPN FC said the next highest ranked country in Path C would replace them. Will have to see how it all plays out.
  16. As it stands in League C Greece, Georgia, Kazakhstan & Turkey are assured a playoff. If Greece don’t qualify directly as it stands we would play Turkey at home in first playoff match. I heard we would also host the final should we make it through.
  17. Will be very hard. France has first guaranteed. Watching them at the wcup even without Benzema, pogba, Konte they are dazzling. We need France to beat Holland twice hopefully. Holland have looked average at the World Cup but they will be tough to break down it will be a cagey affair when Greece play them. At least we have a plan B through a playoff.
  18. Greece were so close, that game at home vs Denmark was there for the taking! Great article. Thanks
  19. Its all good red & white. Greece have won a Euro something your England can not say. Ante Geia!!
  20. Alexandropoulos should have started today. Mistake from Poyet he made some bad decisions the last two matches.
  21. Ya for sure. I’m just saying what a huge difference it is having him in the net
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