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  1. England at this time are a mess. They finally scored their first goal from open play in 5 games. Defensively they are a mess with Maguire bumbling play at the back. I don’t want to see Switzerland we always struggle vs them and they always find away to get in the top 2 spots. In World Cup qualifying they even topped Italy.
  2. Hungary Israel Armenia GREECE Gibraltar I would not mind if we get Belgium with the rest of these countries and they take full points from everyone except us. Greece have played them well & gotten results of them recently.
  3. Austria would not be bad to draw. I definitely agree that we don’t want Serbia. They won their NL group & Mitrovich is firing in tonnes of goals. Plus they have a lot of other dangerous players too.
  4. This would be an incredible draw! Hungary are in good form lately but Greece can compete with them. We must avoid Spain, France and Sweden grouping.
  5. Disappointing result for Cyprus especially vs Kosovo. The good news is that N. Ireland finished bottom of the group and they will go to relegation playoff.
  6. France and England are in POT 2. How is Armenia in Pot 3? Would not mind drawing them and Bosnia from POT 2 would be a great draw.
  7. Ok thanks for the info. If Greece get Israel for example it would be good. Poyet completed his first objective with NT winning the group and gaining promotion to League B something his predecessor could not do. Also the team is playing nice attacking football and today crated many opportunities. Greece just have to focus a bit more on the defensive side as they did in the first four games of the NL. Impressive performances by most of the players especially Bakasetas & I really liked Baldock how he joined in the attack and delivered some nice crosses. Can’t wait for the Euro draw.
  8. Our attack looks waaaaay better under Poyet. If only he was coach during the World Cup qualifying we would have grabbed 2nd place and who knows..
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