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  1. I really wish Donis would take the job if its offered to him. I think he would be able to work really well with the younger players on the team. It seems EPO technical director is keen on hiring one of the Italian coaches mentioned here and Jimenez is also in play.
  2. Greece is going back to Romania. Great memories when we got the 1-1 draw there and clinched qualification to the 2014 World Cup. Should be a couple of good tests come March. PA ME ELLADA!
  3. 4 games in 10 days will be tough especially after all the club football the guys will have played but they are doing it because the World Cup will be played in November (which will be strange). Lets hope our key players are all fit and available for these matches.
  4. I think 10 pts would be great though we should be looking to get the full 12. Its going to come down to us vs Northern Ireland and that first match in Belfast will be huge. A win will set us up just fine going into the other matches.
  5. Yes I can see EPO preferring to bring in a more defensive minded coach. They would love to get Santos back behind the bench of the Ethniki but if not for Portugal being in the wcup playoff. I heard they have been looking into Luigi Di Biagio the great former defensive midfielder for Italy. He was the caretaker manager for Italy in 2018 and then managed SPAL.
  6. EPO wants to get someone hired by end of January. I personally don't think any of these 3 guys will be hired. I have a feeling they will go with Jimenez but as I have stated I think Donis would be the best option for the amount of $ EPO can spend. I hope he changes his mind and takes the job.
  7. Apparently EPO are looking at three Italian candidates Gattuso, Walter Zenga, and Christian Panucci. We have heard of Gattuso being mentioned. Zenga has managed a lot of clubs he was a former goal keeper. Panucci most recently managed Albania and is defensive minded in his philosophy. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks for posting the article. Excellent read. Greece had a great team back then I have seen some of the highlights. Greece beat Portugal with the legendary Eusebio a Portugal team that finished 3rd in the 1966 World Cup that the English stole the trophy. Its a shame we could not defeat Portugal after going up 2 goals in Porto and the game ended in a draw. In 1998 we came so close as well Croatia beat us in Greece with a late goal from Suker and I still remember watching the final match in Athens vs Denmark were a win would have taken us to the Wcup and we were throwing everything at the Danes. Schmeichel was called on to make some big saves and we had chances late that we just could not finish.
  9. As prolific a goal scorer Lewandowski is the farthest Poland have gone with him in a major tournament is quarter finals at Euro 2016 were they lost to Portugal. In 2012 as Euro hosts they failed to get out of the group were Greece and Czechs advanced. In 2014 Poland failed to qualify for the World Cup. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia they were last in there group and the past Euros they did not qualify for the KO round. My point is that Greece in our glory days as EURO champions (love saying that!) did not posses a true world class striker, we had Charisteas who was great with his movement and amazing in the air and lethal in the penalty area. Our strength was from our back line out and our midfield was top notch featuring Karagounis, Katsouranis, Basinas, Zagorakis and Giannakopoulos. A midfield so stacked that the extremely gifted center mid and dangerous set piece taker Tsiartas would mostly come in as a substitute. I believe @Dean97pointed it out that the midfield is our biggest issue as of late we need more creativity and someone to pull the strings. With Fortounis Greece have a play maker and someone with great vision to see the pitch. There are others that could have been called up but were not. Leaving us with Bakasetas as the engine of the midfield that wont cut it over a qualifying campaign and we saw that unfold for the most part these last wcup qualifiers. I would love if we had another Mitroglou like #9 leading the line up top but for the most part he was getting good service from our mids when we qualified for the World Cup. We have Alexandropoulos ready to play and the last coach decided to not give him any time even in the last game with Kosovo were we looked so sluggish trying to breakdown a weak Kosovo side. Also in the previous game at Kosovo 1-1 a game that Greece should put away with more goals the last coach takes out Douvikas who scores in that game with one chance of a nicely played through ball. Not to mention all the work he was doing of the ball that game.
  10. Not on my short list. His one major coaching achievement was getting Albania to 2016 Euro.
  11. Amazing footballer! Its such ashamed he got injured again and we really missed having him in our wcup campaign he is a match winner and I think if the NT had him in the matches especially with Georgia & Kosovo he would have been the difference in those games that ended up in draws. I just hope he can come back fully healthy and regain his form and he will help the Ethniki qualify for the Euros.
  12. Good article. I would like to see Donis take over but he recently said on Nova sport fm that now is not the right time for him to take the job mainly do to all the issues around EPO. He said he would love to one day be the coach of the NT.
  13. Manolas was on Open TV for an interview he said JVS wanted to keep him in his Qatar plan but it never materialized and said that the coach said he had a problematic personality. Manolas said all was proven with the exclusion of Siovas from the NT and that proved JVS behavior was dangerous. He stated he always gave 150% for the Ethniki and would be interested in a return to the NT.
  14. Yes Sokratis did come out on live air interview post game after the Armenia loss and called out Ange for his lack of preparation and he said that the way the Ethniki was going he could not see them qualifying for Euro 2020. Furthermore he did say changes needed to occur & he said if that even meant him being dropped from the NT for the good of the team moving forward then he would step aside. Now I think he could have approached Ange in private with EPO present or some other way but the guy loves the NT so much and seeing them lose to Armenia in Greece going down 2 nil inside 30mins and losing 3-2 was utterly shocking. The previous game vs Italy which there is no shame in losing but the matter in which they lost that game was troubling. A 3 nil loss were the team looked lost and I remember Fortounis playing as the #9 and some other questionable lineup decisions. Ange aside from a great 2nd half in Bosnia were we came back from 2 down to draw did not have the team ready & prepared to play during his short tenure. He was in charge for the NL loss to Estonia that ultimately ended up costing us a playoff spot. In retrospect it would have been better to just let Skibbe continue on through Euro 2020 qualifying.
  15. It would be interesting to see Sokratis sit down with the new coach. He wants to speak after years of silence on the NT matter. I would like to see the Ethniki give him a proper send off the guy has been a warrior for the NT and he gave everything when called upon. As for Manolas he has to return to the NT and help us top the NL going into Euro qualification. LA LIGA and Bundesliga teams were recently after him and back in 2019 ManU, Chelsea and Arsenal wanted to throw 30 million to acquire him. Its criminal that he was not called up for the World Cup qualifiers.
  16. We will need all our top players fit and in form, 4 games in a span of 10 days. The team will have to be focused and ready to go we cant have any slip ups.
  17. That is awesome. They came together against FIFAs proposal of holding a wcup every 2 years.
  18. Yes N Ireland will not be an easy away fixture so a draw there would be a good result and then beat them in Greece and we should get the top spot. Does anyone know if winning the NL group means you get a playoff spot for the Euros if needed?
  19. For sure @J1078look at one League A group that consists of Italy, Germany, England & Hungary. Greece have to get up to league B and play some tougher opponents. In the glory days we would have been fighting it out with the heavyweights of Europe.
  20. Greece have to get 4 out 6pts vs Northern Ireland and then max points off everyone else. That’s it. We must top this group.
  21. Northern Ireland GREECE Kosovo Cyprus/ Estonia
  22. Thats great news for Manolas and Olympiakos and now it looks like he will return to the Ethniki.
  23. I want Turkey it will motivate the team playing a rival! As for the rest I hope its Kosovo and Faroes. The new coach will show JVS 6 out of 6 points vs Kosovo something he failed to do on two occasions!! Faroes will get theirs too as they should have in 2016 Euro qualifying. PA ME ELLADARA!!
  24. According to Sportime Greece technical director has been in Germany and he seems keen on hiring a German coach for the Ethniki. A name being proposed is Thorsten Fink he was in consideration for the PAO job before they hired Jovanovic. Any thoughts on him?
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