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  1. Mantalos running with his head down into a defender on a 4 v3 instead of giving the ball out on the wing? Terrible
  2. HT Greece up 1 nil We started to get into the match after 30 minutes. Hopefully they put in a couple more goals
  3. Bakasetas can really hit them. I hope he keeps it up during the Euro qualifying
  4. Olympiakos lost every home game and didn’t score a single goal? Getting thrashed by Freiburg, Qarabag and by Haifa in the CL qualifier too. In CL at home they use to beat the likes of Juventus, Man U, Arsenal, Milan etc.
  5. AEK dominated the first 60mins. Goalie kept them in the match. PAOK haven’t created one good opportunity. Terrible execution on set pieces too.
  6. Nantes score in added time to win and go 4 points clear of Olympiakos for 3rd place. Olympiakos knocked out of Conference league play. Paschalakis made a couple tremendous saves in the second half but Freiburg eventually scored with Olympiakos sitting back.
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