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  1. Ya this issue he has created doesn’t make sense. It seems as he is begging to be fired after all the good work he has done. He could have mentioned his assistant didn’t get paid a few months back? All coaches have agents that handle their business. On this I take EPO side as Poyet is just angling at something. Personally I like the guy and has done a good job overall if he included Fortounis in the team I would give him an A.
  2. Yes that’s right he doesn’t have a tax id set up. The VP of EPO on ERT TV said there are other mangers that have expressed interest in the NT job. Poyet bringing this up now is really petty on his part. If he wants the Ireland job then he should take it and we should move on.
  3. Reports are saying EPO are about to sack Poyet. Poyet said his assistant is not with the team as he has not been paid for eight months? Hard to take EPO side on this but why is he bringing this up now and not a few months ago? Overall I like the job Poyet has done but have not liked how he went on about possibly becoming Irelands next manager. The focus must be on winning the two playoff matches!
  4. I have said it. Poyet or the EPO need to go beg him to come back for the playoffs!
  5. EPO need to resolve this soon. Players don’t need any distractions and all the focus has to be on winning these two matches!
  6. Poyet sounds like he really wants the Ireland job. If that’s the case EPO should thank him and find someone else who will make sure we are successful in playoffs so that Greece are at the Euros.
  7. Poyet would be wise to work things out with Fortounis and bring him back for the playoffs. Also Douvikas better get the call up and leave Pavlidis out. If he does this we should have no real problem qualifying for the Euros.
  8. Really Poyet said that? Lol what talent was in that Ireland squad I did not see them barely threaten us after the first few minutes of that match.
  9. The game was calling for Konsantellias especially in the last 20 minutes when the Dutch were under pressure. Poyet didn’t play him and even Alexandropoulos but he puts ion Bouchalakis? Overall Poyet has definitely improved the NT by winning the Nations League and beating the country’s we are suppose to unlike under other managers. All that said he has fallen short in the matches vs Holland. If we got 3pts from them we would have qualified for the Euros directly. A Holland team which was there for the taking especially in Greece where they missed seven starters. Now Poyet has to get the job done in the playoffs. I hope he calls up Fortounis and begs him to comeback!
  10. I would say Greece should beat Kazakhstan especially in Athens but they won today in Finland which is a tough place to get a result and they have beaten Denmark too. They are currently 3rd in their group but Slovenia & Denmark should get top 2. I think playing Georgia or Luxembourg would be easier matches.
  11. Good points. Fortounis is the best pure footballer Greece has, period. Imagine having him in the lineup today.
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