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  1. Mephis Depay and Steven Bergwijn will miss this match and against Ireland due to injury.
  2. Good points. Poyet has turned the NT fortunes around. It’s a shame Fortounis retired from international duty. I was thinking he would be on the team this go around. Always said he was such a top class footballer. Anyways if we get 4pts it will be a success.
  3. Have not seen any squad announcement. Fortounis has been amazing the last few matches for Olympiakos! Would love to see him back.
  4. If Greece get a draw it will be a good result. If we can get a win in Holland it will almost lock up qualification as we would be 6pts ahead of the Dutch and have the head to head tiebreaker.
  5. Lots to be positive about with the NT during this window. We beat Ireland which was essential and kept them behind us. Then the team went to France who I believe are the best country in world football when you look at the lineup they throw out and what players are on the bench. So to go into France where Holland got crushed and only loose on a pen is commendable. The French couldn’t score even after Mavropanos red card where they botched a 2 v1 and 4 v 1 as well. Mavropanos basically threw the game away as I believe we would have held them to a nil nil draw. Regardless I’m proud of the performance and how calm the team was especially in the first half. I believe we will get a draw in Holland and that will set us up well because I could see Ireland holding the Dutch to a draw in the following match day. I believe the Ethniki will lock up 2nd and a Euro ticket when the Dutch come to Athens where they will taste defeat.
  6. Greece will not lose to Holland not the way they are playing. Holland in France got drubbed 4 nil
  7. The draw was there to be had. France could have played another hour and not scored in open play! Mavropanos & the ref screwed us!!
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