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  1. Zeca was running hard, moving of the ball well and closing down space on the Bosnians. He has been a great addition.
  2. We need to play friendly matches and get some points to move up. I don't understand why they have not scheduled anything since the matches with Montenegro and Iceland.
  3. The media barely mentioned this altercation after the match, if this occurred in a match involving Spain, Germany or England it would be a main focal point. FIFA screwed over Serbia its obvious they side with these Muslim countries I expect them to just give Bosnia a game behind closed doors.
  4. Bosnia was much better last time they played Belgium. Belgium should put a couple goals in. Also going to Cyprus will not be easy that's for sure.
  5. The Bosnian coach said that his assistant acted in "self defence" and that the Greeks destroyed his players, lol... anyways I talked to some fellow Greeks when draw was made and they thought Bosnia were ahead of us and I told them 2nd is ours for the taking. They showed nothing at home yesterday and we should have walked out with maximum points. As someone's else said Pjanic was neutralized and Dzeko barely had a sniff at goal. We were within minutes of winning in Belgium where Bosnia got smashed. Skibbe is doing a fantastic job good, credit the EPO for hiring him instead of Daum as we see he has no clue what he is doing with Romania.
  6. Donis was a pleasant surprise that's for sure, he should be in the fold for the Ethniki for years to come.
  7. Fortounis could have got to that great cross from Mitroglou, overall he was poor a couple wasted corners and some bad decisions. He did show tremendous control taking a ball down out of the air along sidelines with two Bosnia players on him. Overall I expected him to be a lot more impactful.
  8. Still can't believe Mantalos missed did not even hit the net make the gk save it. It was like Gekas few years back. We could have had all 3 points even with out Samaris, K Paps, Tzavellas... Bosnia played much better in Greece, today they didn't show much and if they play the same vs Belgium they will lose by couple goals. As for the altercation after match they should be forced to play behind close doors as we were vs Romania during last Euro qualifiers, for much less.
  9. Comparing Greece to San Marino is ridiculous, its similar to me saying that Bosnia are like Andorra. Both teams are good footballing sides with Greece having the edge in past 15 years in terms of 2004 Euro Win and going to quarterfinals in 2012 Euros as well as making the last two World Cups and progressing to the knockout round. Bosnia have made 1 World Cup and 0 Euros but have come short twice via the playoff.
  10. Greece were within minutes of winning in Belgium a place where no team has won in a competitive fixture since Germany did so in 2011. Bosnia have good attacking play but there defence was exposed in Belgium and this is were we can take advantage. Should be a riveting encounter best of match day 6.
  11. New to the forum, looking forward to this match, I hope they can get the win and that would lock up the playoff at the very least. Will be a difficult match in a tough stadium to play.
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