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  1. Hopefully we get those results, Germany always want to win and comfortably as well so I see a 2 or 3 goal win vs North Ireland. Hopefully Norway can defeat them at home on the last match day.
  2. Hopefully Georgia can once again hold Wales to a draw today. Also if Moldova get a result vs Ireland that would help.
  3. I personally liked the hire of Skibbe and in the beginning he had his tactics right and the team started of with 3 wins from 3 games and in the next game he got the late draw with Bosnia. He set the team up well in Belgium and were so close to a famous victory but since then he has disappointed especially the Estonia match where it looked like he was playing for a draw and after the game he seemed content with the draw? If they win that match at home vs an inferior team then the playoff spot is virtually ours and we are not going through all these different scenarios. I believe he has to get us to the playoff at the very least to hold his job.
  4. Martinez has called up his A players for the game vs Bosnia and Cyprus with the exception of Naingohlan as the two are not seeing eye to eye. Still they should field a quality side vs Bosnia and with Pjanic out along with others Belgium should win comfortably.
  5. The team finally won a game this weekend.
  6. I think our best chance is in besting Group D either over Wales or Ireland. In Group F I think Slovakia could slip up. Thanks for the analysis can't believe we are at risk of being the worst 2nd place team should we get to 19 points.
  7. What happened, Pjanic will miss match vs Belgium? That's huge, if so Belgium will win by convincing fashion.
  8. Alafouzos said he will not contribute another dollar to the club in the short term. Players will be sold off but PAO will get less for them as everyone knows the state of the club. What a mess!!
  9. Had Skibbe set the team up better vs Estonia and won the game the playoff would pretty much be locked up. Also a few moments like holding on at Belgium for a few more minutes for the win and Mandalos scoring a sitter at Bosnia and we would still be in the hunt for automatic qualification. I also like that Belgium play at 12 and we can watch it with out flipping back and forth. Let's hope they get a result and the NT will come out even more determined to win.
  10. Where is game on in Canada? TSN does not have it listed.
  11. Yes red Sheriff the Albanian Kosovar who coached Anderlecht and Gent in Belgian 1st division. Have no idea why this owner has parted ways with quality coaches like Michel only to bring in this guy, Bento and the others over the last few years.
  12. We need Mitroglou, as for Bosnia Belgium will not be intimated there and even with a few backups in the lineup they have way to much class for Bosnia.
  13. Good that he was fired! What was Marinakis thinking though when he hired this coach from Kosovo? Not a good mix, obviously.
  14. Lazaros amazing goal played great today vs OLY, Skibbe has to select him and play him vs Cyprus and Gibraltar.
  15. Welcome, well said I agree with you. Let's hope we can still grab a playoff spot.
  16. Alafouzos is out, he said he had put in 42 million of his own cash, and is burnt out emotionally and from a financial point of view. Will see what happens now and who takes charge.
  17. Just saw on agona sport that Skibbe is considering calling Lazaros up. He will make his selections by September 28th. This one should be a no brainer, could of used him vs Estonia where are attacking play was horrible.
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