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  1. Hopefully Torosidis is ready to go in the first leg. As for Croatias forwards they will find it difficult to find space with Sokratis and Manolas on them. Mandzukic is good but he is no Lukaku. Defensively Croatia are no where near what Greece has to offer. Lovren, Vinda, strinic etc can be exposed, Lovren with Liverpool at Tottenham had a really rough match, he costed his team a goal when Loris through the ball over him and could not recover to get back into position. The key will be not allowing Modric to have time on the ball as he has such great patience and vision. Hopefully we keep them off the board in Zagreb and we hit them for a goal.
  2. Olympiakos are up a man for a half trailing by a goal and they decide to pretty much sit back? Then they get scored on twice. It's a very tough group with Juve and Barcelona but it looks like they will finish last in the group and miss out on Europa league. This team has won the GSL 8 years straight and they collect 30million every time they qualify for CL but they can't even make it out of the group stage. That's got to change.
  3. Read article at AGONA sports that Bosnia’s coach said he will help Dalic to do anything to beat us. This clown went on and on how we are all defence and how the Greeks wear down there opponents with there defensive play. These loser Bosnians are totally obsessed with us Greeks. Hopefully we eliminate the Croats.
  4. Bravo, AEK played a great disciplined game today. Anesti made so many grade A saves.
  5. He did say that Croatia are ranked high and Greece are way down the rankings table. He was going on and on how he always beat us as a coach and that we lack quality and they are a super power of football. what has Croatia ever won?? Lol. Anyways the players should read his comments and they will come out even more fired up.
  6. Apparently Ciro Blazevic former Croatian player and coach said that Croatia will crush us and said who are Greece and they are nowhere near Croatias pedigree. It reminds me of the Romanians before our playoff for 2014 World Cup spewing the same garbage. Time to destroy Croatia!
  7. AEK looking good so far 0-0 37th minute.
  8. I’ve been reading all the pundits picking Croatia and many Croatians saying that we are no match for them. Even the Bosnians keep chiming in talking trash about us, how Croatia will take us easily, lol. Time to KO the Croats.
  9. Croatia after the 1998 World Cup have had big name players but they always under achieve, we saw that in the last Euros. Just as they did in Euro 2012 qualifying when Greece went to Zagreb and stifled them 0-0 and then we dispatched them 2-0 in Athens. Will do it again.
  10. I would love too see OLY draw Barca and keep Messi of the score sheet. I Wil be watching it on TSN.
  11. Can you imagine the angst the Croatians will feel if we hold them for say 30 minutes then an hour? I see them coming attacking us hard and hopefully we get a chance on the counter and we put a goal in on them. Another thing that works to our advantage is that Croatia before the Finland match thought they were going direct to Russia and now they squandered there opportunity and now have to play us. There are not to many Croatians happy with drawing Greece! Pressure is on them!
  12. Good points, plus Croatia tied Finland at home a game I watched and Finland were unlucky not to have come away with the win.
  13. Croatia have skilled players Modric, Rakitic, and Perisic, but they are not even close to what Belgium can throw out on the pitch. Greece hung in there with Belgium and we will be able to play with Croatia. Listened to the draw on nova sport and one of the commentators just before draw said give me Croatia. I would have preferred Denmark but thank God we did not draw Italy. We can do this! Go Greece!
  14. Greece vs Croatia Let's knock them out as we did before in Euro qualification! PA ME ELLAS!
  15. We remained unchanged? Scotland and Austria had huge jumps even the Chzek Republic who beat Kasakstan jumped significantly. Don’t get it.
  16. You guys think he Manolas will be back for playoffs? What's goingon with Karelis?
  17. Crap! We need him to recover quick. Guys need to be extra cautious in there club fixtures.Can't have anymore injuries wayyy too much on the line.
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