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  1. I hope the guys can find a way to squeeze out a win! In Belgium we were minutes away from a famous win, Belgium will obviously not sit back like Estonia so there less then stellar backs can be exposed as we saw on Mitroglou's goal there. I just hope Skibbe doesn't screw up the starting 11.
  2. Read on Agona sports that K Paps sustained an injury and was subsequently subbed off. At least we have Sokratis back, Mitroglou is the key piece.
  3. I see Mitroglou is doubtful for Sunday if this is true we are in a heap of trouble. Looking back we dropped 4 points giving up that late goal in Belgium (but we were down to 10 men unfairly) and Mandalos missed a sitter vs Bosnia. If those 2 games ended in wins we have 17 points and are a lock for 2nd spot and still in great position for first.
  4. True it's always a grind to qualify when we reached Euro 2008 we topped Turkey by 7 points. As for today missing Mitroglou was a huge void as Vellios struggled, also missing our leader Sokratis affected us. Torosidis crosses could have helped as there were a lot of mishit crosses into the box. We are lucky that Cyprus came back and won, when it was 0-2 it was looking like we were going to be back a point. Hopefully the team is at full strength vs Belgium, they will be missing a few key players and Hazard is not 100%.
  5. Witzel got a straight red today so he will miss Sunday's game along with Nainggolan who is injured. Still will be huge test against Belgium, is Mitroglou back for Sunday's game?
  6. Bravo Cyprus great comeback! Too bad Greece could not pinch a goal vs crappy Estonia.
  7. At least Retsos played a decent game, Tziolis was Tziolis but Vellios starting was an utter waste. I thought Skibbe would pull him after 50 minutes not 70. He could not control the ball and had the ball fall to him off a rebound in front of the gk and rushed his chance and fired way wide instead of squaring the ball across the goal. If Skibbe is calling up Tziolis who plays in the Saudi league why not Fetfa this match was screaming for a player of his attacking qualities. What a waste...
  8. I believe Estonia will hold Bosnia as well. We needed to score a goal today and vs Bosnia but we could not. Meanwhile Cyprus lit up the crappy Bosnian defence as I have said they are for the taking with the way defend!
  9. WTF was that! Thank God Cyprus won! I said they would draw them but we could have put Bosnia away had we won today!
  10. Completely agree how is Tziolis is in over Samaris that's crazy but we are used to him getting in the lineup by now, I hope he plays his but off. As for Tzavellas I like him a lot but Staf is the better choice at this point. Go ELLAS!!!!
  11. We need to get a goal within the first 15 minutes and hopefully get another by HT, or else things will become tense for the players and our fans. I agree Estonia will play loose. Last game they generated a few good opportunities and caused or back line some confusion. The team needs to be 100% focused for THIS match from kickoff as 3 points are a must.
  12. Fetfa has the attacking skills and mindset that we desperately need I can't understand how he never gets called up since the Euro 2016 qualifiers.
  13. Our team is in complete disarray from management to on field product. Last game was absolutely brutal. PAO bungled there chance at qualifying for Europe should have got the win in the first match and I think they would have qualified it all went down the tubes in 6 minutes in the first leg. Alafouzos has had enough time at the helm, but he needs to step aside now!
  14. What happened to Toro? What kind of injury? Lots of injuries and Sokratis out with his suspension does not help. Let's hope they get the win, it could be a squeaker and get everyone back for the showdown with Belgium.
  15. Agree with your posts don't know what Tziolis, Bakasetas, Vellios bring to the squad. With Tziolis it must be that they are comfortable in having him as he has been capped for so many years. Ninis who plays in Belgium should be given another shot I believe.
  16. We need to get the win vs Estonia to hold on to 2nd. Belgium will not beat us by 3 goals at home no way. We will keep it close as was the case in Belgium. Having Hazard in the lineup makes it obviously more difficult but I think we can blanket him. De Bruyne is not as much of a threat as Mertens or Lukaku.
  17. Would love to see them beat Barca and Messi! Juve are too strong and will most likely top the group.Have to win the first game vs SP at home.
  18. Congrats AEK on a tremendous performance today so glad you guys made it to Europa and so happy that Club Brugge is out!!
  19. What a disgraceful performance by PAOK thought they would be well prepared and would qualify. As for my PAO was expecting them to be eliminated but they were facing a much tougher opponent from the get go. It's a shame PAOK should be playing in Europe!
  20. Tough draw for OLY would have been good to avoid Juventus and get a Chelsea, Benfica or Spartak. Barcelona are tough but not invincible given there current problems. Will be fun to watch.
  21. Bosnia will be given a hard match in Cyprus, even a much better Bosnian side last Euro qualifiers was beaten by Cyprus in zenica. With the Bosnians shaky back line I except Cyprus to get opportunities let's hope they take them.
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