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  1. Skibbe should start Tachtsidis ovef Tziolis and if the team plays as they did vs Belgium they should get a win vs Cyprus. Cyprus is all but eliminating had they beat Estonia they would have been right in the mix but now they will most likely give us the win, also they don't want the Bosnians progressing. Belgium's B side is still to much for Bosnia and playing in an empty stadium won't help. Belgium wins 3-1.
  2. It's a shame we definitely could have used Holebas in this campaign.
  3. Tziolis,Vellios, and Diamantakos can't cut it. Maniatis ran hard last game and admire his efforts, he just doesn't have the ability to cross the ball. Like your in list, it would be great to have Holebas and Skibbe sit down and try to come to some understanding to bring him back in the fold. Feta and Holebas in the lineup vastly upgrades the NT.
  4. Remember the old saying in qualifying for major tournaments you have to win your home games, failing to beat Estonia at home may cost the team a chance at qualifying for the world cup. Tziolis ruined so many offensive attacks in both games by not playing the right ball or giving away possession. Almost everyone here and in the Greek media who follow this team agree that he should not be selected let alone be in the starting 11 plain and simple!
  5. No we did get fortunate to get a late draw in that game for sure. Things have started to go against us in Belgium when Lukaku scored in the 89 th minute. Then in Bosnia, Mandalos misses a sitter for a sure victory. At home vs Belgium the team deserved at least a draw, the only stinker as I said came last Thursday vs Estonia. Greece should be sitting in 2nd spot with 18 points.
  6. I can't believe we are in this situation where even if we scrape into 2nd in our group it still may not be enough to go to the playoffs. How could we not come away with a win vs Estonia, we see these minnows sometimes manage to get results as Luxembourg did vs France, but at least France generated chance after chance. Greece had what 2 shots on target and the best chance was Manolas header in the box of a free kick. What did our forwards and attacking midfielders do? It was a listless performance in the most vital game, a win vs Estonia would have us in playoff spot regardless of what happened vs Belgium.
  7. ^Well put his selections don't make sense. Many of us here can't understand why Fetfa never gets a look? Also why has the EPO not set up any friendly games this year? I really hope we get to the playoffs and qualify or else it's going to be really hard to wait until 2020.
  8. Serbia win, good news. Wales win, Turkey wins arggg, Iceland win not good. Looks like we will need Wales or Slovakia to slip up.
  9. Results really did not go our way except for overrated England beating Slovakia. Need the Serbs to win vs Ireland and hope Iceland and Ukraine drop points.
  10. What a week were we screwed up the campaign, 2 lost points vs lowly Estonia and a missed point vs Belgium. Everything under Skibbe started of fairly well we got wins in the first 3 matches and then the late tie with a beauty volley from Tzavellas vs BIH. Since then we have been unlucky and given away a win with minutes to go in Belgium, mandalos missed a sitter vs Bosnia for a sure victory in the final minutes. If our luck was better we would have another 7 points and be going for top spot in the group. lets hope the team can rebound, I believe they will come out strong vs Cyprus and should get a win. Bosnia will be lucky to tie in an empty stadium and they don't match up well at all vs Belgium. Second place is still there for us but hopefully we don't miss out due to accumulating the lowest amount of points for all 2nd place teams.
  11. We would be 3rd Bosnia have +11 goal difference we would have had +7 had we drawn. Therefore we would have just needed to run up the score in the last game vs Gibraltar assuming we went into that game level on points. Bosnia will drop points to Belgium can't see them losing them no way.
  12. 1. The team played with lots of heart and spirit today vs a real pot 1 team loaded with playmakers, nothing compared to crappy England, Romania or Wales. Was unfair they did not get a draw at the very least. 2. Zeca was the MOM and Donis showed great pace and taking on the Belgiums 1 v 1 3. Vertonghen hit a nice goal but Samaris did not close his space. 4. Unlucky that Stafs rocket hit the post if that goes in and we get the lead things are completely different. 5. Tziolis can't be a starter for our side and Vellios after the game with Estonia should not be recalled. 6. Bosnia are AVERAGE and can't defend so Belgium will draw them at the very least. Better if they start some Bench players who will be motivated even more, that said Witzel, and Nainngohlan should be back. Better if De Bruynne sits on the bench he was worse than Tziolis today. 7. To bad we did not see this performance vs Estonia where they only generated what 2 good chances in a listless performance. If they played with the same intensity Greece would be sitting in 2nd place right now.
  13. We have gifted Bosnia for sure, but as Boxou said Belgiums B side can get a result vs Bosnia, if Cyprus can score 3 goals on them in a half I believe the Belgiums will get a few themselves.
  14. Skibbe screwed it up again today, Tziolis starting & playing 90 minutes. He puts in Vellios & bakasetas, just ridiculous. If they would have scored in 1st half with Staf's shot we would have had them. Bosnia as I have said is a very average side I think Belgium even with a few back ups in will eat them alive, but we should have taken care of business from Thursday and we would have it locked up 2nd.
  15. Greece are the better side through 45 minutes. Donis has a bright future ahead. Can Skibbe please get Tziolis out soon. Staf with a rocket of the post.Let's get a goal here.
  16. We need to find away to just get a playoff spot because we can match up well with everyone, Ireland, Slovakia, NI, Ukraine. Portugal would likely be the most difficult opposition but we have a great record vs them as we all know. If we have all our players available and the RIGHT lineup we could match up vs Italy after there pathetic display today they have no attacking options and even there defending looked suspect, but Spain & especially Isco just carved them up today.
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