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  1. I agree we should hope Belgium beat Bosnia and that will give us 2nd spot most likely. I have a feeling Cyprus will hold Bosnia too a draw as well.
  2. OLY down a goal at half? They have had 8 good opportunities and can't finish? They better find a couple of goals here in the 2nd half and not concede again.
  3. Let's hope they get the job done. PAO need to be playing in Europe!
  4. OLY got a very favourable draw, they should progress.
  5. 0-0 HT. PAO have had a few chances to get a goal and finish off Gabala!
  6. The Bosnians got off fairly easy yet again. They will have a 1 match stadium ban but really all these incidents should have resulted in a point deduction or match forfeit.
  7. PAO really should have finished off the tie today.
  8. PAO win 1-0, but it should have been at least 3-0
  9. Barca and Real Madrid are now in the running for Manolas. I personally would like to seee him end up at either club.
  10. Great results today for all the Cyprus clubs!
  11. Greece at 38th, lets hope they keep climbing. Switzerland are at 5?? Don't think they are anywhere near a top 5 team. Greece never got there even after are Euro win and results after that.
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