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  1. Olympiakos played really well that half. They created more chances than Freiburg and Masouras should have made it 2 nil.
  2. Olympiakos up 1 nil on a goal from El Arabi in the 17th minute. Masouras just missed a open net. Wow
  3. Greece was originally going to bid with Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria for this World Cup or the Euro 2028. I prefer one country host the world cup for the Euro the two country host system has worked out well.
  4. Incredible start for PAO! Aitor has been unstoppable. The key will be how they keep it going after the World Cup has concluded.
  5. Argentina- Uruguay- Chile- Paraguay are also bidding to hold the 2030 World Cup. Morocco is also planning to bid again.
  6. I heard about this a week ago. Greece I heard could stage the opening game. The Saudis are willing to throw a tonne of money around to land the World Cup so if Qatar got it I think this bid could be successful as well. Also Portugal & Spain have a bid and added Ukraine? The UK are planning a bid as well.
  7. Congrats PAOK fans. Olympiakos are in huge turmoil. One of their worst teams in a long time with such a huge budget. They need major changes.
  8. They did not give the pen my stream went out? Why
  9. Ya at least Olympiakos got a draw. I was expecting them to lose. Sokratis put in a strong performance.
  10. Tough luck for Omonoia and their fans there. The commentator was saying Man U always score late at Old Trafford ffs! Fantastic performance from Uzoho.
  11. Let's hope he gets his passport and can help out the Ethniki as Baldock has.
  12. It is a good schedule for us of the start. France host Holland first match day. I like that we have Holland at home the second last match day that could decide second. France in Greece the final match day let's hope France have already clinched first and field their backups.
  13. Cyprus got a better draw then Greece even as a Pot 5 nation. I would have liked this group for Greece or the Portugal group. Spain should take max points unless Norway surprise them. Good luck to Cyprus. I really hope they beat Scotland
  14. France was ok last campaign they actually had 2 draws vs Ukraine who are a tough side but inexplicably tied Bosnia. The problem is if they want to turn it up and are in the mood they will be hard to contain with Mbappe & Benzema. Holland in attack do not boast the same explosiveness as even JVS stated on a Greek interview. He said they are better in defence than attack. Our Euro 2016 group was a gimme as I’ve said so many times but Ranieri didn’t have the team prepared and we lost those 3 matches. In our Euro 2020 group Greece should have had 2nd in the bag over Finland & Bosnia but another poor start & and losing to Armenia at home ended up costing us.
  15. For sure. At least Poyet got us the NL playoff spot or else things would be very tricky. Greece being a Pot 4 team is totally ridiculous but as I said in an earlier post the past managers since Santos have had a big part in our low ranking. The last wcup group was difficult enough as a pot 3 team and this draw was even harder. Let’s hope we get more wins and improve our rank for the next World Cup draw. As it stands Greece vs Turkey & Kazakhstan vs Georgia would be the League C playoff path. It would be a tough match with Turkey but at home I think we would get past them. I would worry more about playing Georgia they are on a very good run and have some very dangerous attacking players.
  16. Definitely a tougher draw especially with France landing in our group. Holland are a big team but I believe Greece will beat them one of the two matches. They can slip up as they did in World Cup qualifying they lost to Turkey and had draws with Norway & Montenegro. Greece just need to have our key players healthy. If we do I think we will give Holland a battle for second. France are to much to handle & have to much talent all over the pitch. Need them to take max points from Holland.
  17. That’s a good question. Luxembourg finished 2nd in there NL group I’m guessing they will? I agree Turkey have a good chance of landing second behind Croatia or wales
  18. J1078 definitely a tough draw. Good points by you. I just wanted us to avoid France at all costs. They have way to much quality and are top favourites to win the wcup again. Let’s hope we can pull off a win with Holland they are a great side but in the last Euros the Czechs dominated them in the knock out round. Let’s see how they do at the World Cup & as I mentioned Koeman is taking over the helm. At least Greece have the playoff and at this point in time we would play Turkey in Greece. Georgia vs Kazakhstan is the other semi final at this time.
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