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  1. Tsingaras has been invisible. My lover Warda again has been amazing
  2. This situation has me thinking , if this happened to us and then our backup got hurt, who would be our third goalie? Who you think is athletic enough to go in for an emergency situation?
  3. Glad they changed it. Textbook red card challenge.
  4. How isn’t that a red card? Last man, clear tackle.
  5. How come every time the ball goes into the middle, it seems like it goes right to an OFI player?
  6. I mean we have our fair share of goals scored in the 90th minute as well....
  7. ‘82 - Oly is tied with PAS... if they drop points and we win, only 8 behind... And now they score in 90+
  8. Then another awful Clearance... take this scrub out of the game. Zivko should have never lost his job
  9. ^^ Interesting. Tzolis hasn’t done much lately though
  10. If we don’t man the eff up this is gonna be ugly. Need the boys to play with balls and cojones this game
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