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  1. My only issue with Lucescu this game was not bringing in another left back. Vierinha is a liability back there. On the 4th goal he is just watching his man in front of him
  2. In no universe should you be up 4-1 and not win the game. This is 100% on all the players and Lucescu
  3. I’m super confused here. Most accomplished midfielder? According to what exactly? Just genuinely curious as to how you’re basing this statement. I know you’re not saying the Portuguese league is the best league in the world so you must be talking about his champions league games. And based off record, last time he was in a champions league game was against Basel in a 0-2 loss after playing 70 min in 2017.
  4. Surprised Fetfazidis’ name wasn’t brought up along with Ninis 😂
  5. It was fun chatting with you all this game! That first half was orgasmic. Best of luck to all, enjoy your nights!
  6. Yes. This is what a lot of people don’t understand. Masouras wouldn’t have space to run behind their defenders cause they’d have 5-6 players back. You can’t find a lot of space against teams that sit all the way back.
  7. I’m not saying it wasn’t important. It was. But to say it was an easy miss is wrong in my opinion. To say that it was easier to score than to miss is my opinion of that chance. But it’s all mute now.
  8. All in all as people have said, lost it from other results. But this was encouraging. Seems like we came out the 2nd half a little timid too. Oh well, let’s end strong and try and get a result against Spain and beat Kosovo and get ready for next edition of nations league
  9. You ever play soccer before? It’s easier to score a header with bodies all around you from about 10 yards out than to miss it? You’re acting like he missed the goal by 15 yards. Interesting! It’s a wonder why there aren’t 10 goals a game.
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