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  1. Group F portugal turkey czech playoff C
  2. Draw is coming up to see where we will be if we qualify
  3. Kazakhstan has looked very good this qualifying campaign with some big wins. It will be a very, very tough game.
  4. Guys, think our staff know who is on Yellow Cards and not? Georgia will be missing their best player for the semi-final matchup due to receiving a yellow against Spain in a meaningless match... Anyone know who is on yellow card suspension watch?
  5. Every team needs players like that who don't offer much on the field anymore but are good for the locker room. Maybe not selecting him will cause more headaches w/ the current players. I am fine having him as a vocal leader on the bench. For all accounts, he is a good team player.
  6. Let’s get 1st place and secure a bye into the round of 16! Would be awesome to make a QF or SF of a European comp
  7. They'd have to worry about stealing it from us. 3 points up if we win.
  8. Big game. Who knows what will happen with Oly-PAO. I'd assume PAO wins and Oly -3 points. That opens up the race for 1st. If we get points this game, we can mount a serious challenge.
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