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  1. Episode 2 is coming out tonight boys! If anyone has any questions you want answered or topics, list below!
  2. With this lineup, I expect us to always have 4 at the back with Crespo playing a traditional RB , not a wing back. I will expect Giannoulis to be going up and down and our back 3 turning into a back 5 when on defense
  3. Agreed! Realized that after we processed it!
  4. Check it out!! Please share with as many as you can and get word out.
  5. Hey everyone ! Myself and @paokarag4are going to start our radio show this evening. It’s going to be on Youtube. It may be a little rough around the edges to start but hope it gets to grow into something somewhat solid! Here’s the link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUNxaVEtVy0tsg8aQ7tKtMw Subscribe and set it to notify you when we go live!
  6. Rumor : A chinese team wants Esiti for over 5mm... id do that in a heartbeat
  7. Nope, zero shot. This nations league winners get an extra shot at the World Cup!
  8. This is someone I’d love to see on the NT. He had major potential before his injury.
  9. Coming from someone who wants Samaris in the squad and Retsos who hasn’t played a full game in 2 years . I’m surprised you didn’t want Samaras to come out of retirement and be our striker. Hey! He played in the EPL at one point too! You also made a comment earlier , about how Tzolis is a nobody. Foreign press is labeling him as an up and coming star, would I agree with that, I need more time to see. But his last dozen games or so he has absolutely warranted being on the National Team. JVS is using the nations league to find future players, that’s exactly who should be in the national team
  10. Czech Republic tied Croatia today 0-0. Czech Republic - 15 points in 7 games Greece - 13 points in 6 games Croatia - 10 points in 6 games
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