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  1. Limnios had a big head his last few months here. Always complaining when someone didn’t pass him the ball, or a miss pass, etc... glad we got what we got for him, don’t come back
  2. Because you’re hating on JVS even after we beat a solid Norway team. You still find something to criticize. Hence why you called him “this guy”. Who the hell cares if he plays if we still win? Not saying you, but I see people on here and Twitter that literally HATE this man like he shagged their mom or something. We win, and people still complain about his selections. All these damn conspiracy theories. I even remember someone saying early , not mentioning his name...B.... that he was selecting certain players so he can get fired 😂 .
  3. I saw Tzolis marking him on the corner and knew it would hurt us. Someone didn’t get the correct assignment
  4. Welcome back crazies! Let’s get chatting about our beloved national team that most of us love! (Except for a few on here, you know who you are...)
  5. Bout to do a live PAOKTALK from the scene and get back to you on this one...
  6. According to Wiki and One drive link we are still in Q2
  7. That’s what happens when you get drunk 90% of the time
  8. we spoke last night and do have something planned!
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