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  1. I mean we got embarrassed by Brugge. With the same team, I don’t see us making the group stage of UCL. I fear we will be in conf league again
  2. Egnatia playing with 10 after a red card. They’ve accumulated 6 cards in 50 min. They’re clearly the better team but way more dirty. Would much rather face the Bosnians
  3. Watching Borac - Egnatia now. 0-0 25’ in. Ugly game, no real flow
  4. All about fitness and finding form. The next one will be the most telling, right before our first legit game
  5. I like it. No more random sucky team in the playoff that we lose to but everyone else beats 3-0. Will make the playoffs way more competitive
  6. New format! 1-4 put into playoffs end of the year. 5-8 play for the final European spot
  7. Listen you tea dumping freak. Don’t you dare wish this and put it in the universe.
  8. Huerta is getting a start today vs Ecuador in the Copa
  9. Great draw. Should win this leg by 3-4 goals
  10. Do you know when they do the “groups” of possible opponents? I think it’s always a day before. Our hairless leader @pashshould know
  11. We won vs Malta lol wrlcome back everyone
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