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  1. I don't think there is any way we can qualify through this. Thank god we won our Nations League group. Let's hope that Georgia qualifies directly from the Euro Qualifiers cause then we will host the Nations League playoff. The only good thing we have going for us in this group is France, Netherlands, Ireland can all take points from one another. If we win our home games and steal some points, perhaps. But we must get 6 points from Gibraltar and at least 4 from Ireland. Below is my prediction : Gibraltar (away) - W Ireland (home) - W France (away) - L Netherlands (away) - L Gibraltar (home) - W Ireland (away) - D Netherlands (home) - D France (home) - D The last game vs France hopefully they already qualified and rest players. The above would give us 12 points. In the Euro 2022 qualifying, of the groups that had 5 teams, the second place finisher averaged 16.2 ppg. So we would have to steal probably two games (probably Netherlands home / Ireland away)
  2. Swiderski getting the start in game 1 vs Mexico
  3. Hungary has a pretty full stadium. This game feels like a meaningful one , good to see
  4. Yup. Hungary did just tie Luxembourg though so looks like they mailed it in too
  5. Fountas' shot looked destined for the goal, however Douvikas deflected it that slowed it down.
  6. Don't think he has anything against us, i just think he sucks lol He looked so lost during that chaos. Doesn't look like he can control a game
  7. Clear penalty not given . 100000% is a handball in every single situation
  8. All the progress we have been showing can all be wasted if we lose to Malta. Since Bouchalakis came in we have struggled immensely
  9. Just lazy play out there by us. Instead of pressing we are letting them possess the ball. Looked like it couldve been offsides but not called. Our team is ready for the month break
  10. I mean not really. He was a stud. Dominating teams in Europe. However, when he went to England he was expected to preform right away. He didn't play well for a few games and then he barely got time after that. They didn't give him a real shot so they messed up his own development.
  11. the only German thing that he likes is the weiner sausages
  12. who made @pash the Phantis police!?
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