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  1. Yea it's official. Sheffield United posted a congratulations on their page
  2. So far from what I've seen I love this pick up. I've watched a few highlight videos (which you can never be too sure of), but there are a few things that stand out : - His ball control. He doesn't give up big rebounds. Unlike Paschalakis, he tries to catch the ball when diving for a save first, then if not possible he parries it away in a non dangerous area. Too many times Paschalakis got caught making a good save then giving up a rebound in a dangerous area. - His reflexes seem just as good as Paschalakis. A couple times he made good 1v1 saves. - His positioning to make said saves are fantastic. One negative is that he is only 6'1. A tend to prefer taller GK's who are at least 6'3.
  3. In 3 games in Northern Ireland, we have gone 1-2. Got swept vs them in the 2014-2015 Euro Campaign. Our market value is 123 million while theirs, 30 million. We have the clear advantage, but let's face it, we never make it easy. I see a 1-1 draw. Honestly, I'd be content with a draw cause we should be able to take care of them in Greece.
  4. First of all, Limnios played LW for FC Twente 27 times in 35 total games with the team. So he is actually not Zivkovic's position. Second, Which backup would go start on a top 4 team in Netherlands and be second on their team in goals?
  5. Yea to say Limnios isn't good enough, I would disagree with that statement. Is he good enough on a champions league team, no. But we are what we are. A team ranked 2-4 in Greece. Management and ownership is not putting eggs in the champions league basket. We are not buying players to try and qualify for the CL. Savvidis is fine making a profit while continuing to be dominated by Olympiakos. For that, Limnios is very good. He would come in and be a starter on the wing right away.
  6. I hope we finish 2nd. Imagine somehow 2nd place moves further into the qualification or gains a step further to Europa League due to Russia or Ukraine not being participants and we miss out because we slacked all playoffs
  7. Been hearing a rumor that if we don’t win the cup final , Lucescu will be gone. What y’all think? @paokarag4 @pash
  8. @paokarag4 You are the best! ❤️
  9. Less than a month till our first and probably most important Nations League game. What would everyone's first 11 be?
  10. Some of those Greek women would riot themselves! Don't be sexist!!
  11. I am sorry, I just do not see it. This reminds me of the 2018 games vs Benfica. We went to Portugal, got a big result. People were confident. Then we come out and lose 1-4 at home. I hope we come out and win, and would be ecstatic if we do. I just don't want to see fans thinking the world is falling should we get undressed.
  12. Imagine Marseille put in a goal in the 10th minute and the goal scorer "shushes" the crowd. It would be a riot
  13. How to get over our missed goal? Realizing that Marseille should've scored at least 4 goals in the first half, so it evens out. They had a 1v1 as well and missed that. Poyet flubbed a few chances as well.
  14. Not only that, should never have happened if Paschalakis knew how to kick a ball further than 20 yards
  15. In the USA u can buy the next two games for $9.99 on paramount +
  16. Stay safe y’all! Already seeing a lot of fighting on the streets on Twitter
  17. As the leader of world renowned podcast, PAOKTALK, I declare that PAOK will win 1-2
  18. Yup, we have all that money from the Tzolis and Giannoulis deals just sitting there as well as the Swiderski and now the Conf League money too. No reason to be cheap. We can challenge for the title with some key new pieces.
  19. Marseille only has one injury, their CF Milik. So they should have a full roster ahead of our match except for one. Lets see how we do vs a team whose players value 277 mil
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