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  1. It’s actually a good thing that you’re not watching the game. We can’t string any passes together.
  2. This game literally looks like a friendly. There is just no creative attack.
  3. 15 minutes in and AEK is dominating. We can’t break it out of our own half
  4. He must have compromising pictures of Pablo.. or Zivkovic is dating his daughter
  5. Didnt Honduras make the World Cup recently? I think in Brazil ?
  6. Absolutely dominating now but chances are being missed. It should be 3-0.
  7. Should’ve been 2-0. Tzolis with the beautiful pass, Giakoumakis wide
  8. Some better attacking movement in the last few minute. Honduras press really high but their defense is shaky. We can’t turn the ball over in our own half cause they’re quick and will take advantage
  9. I think we’ve already connected on more passes than against Spain ... unfortunately it’s between our defense only haha
  10. Wait ... you’re talking about Pedri, right? One of the best young talents in the world. Who starts at Barcelona at age 18 and is worth $77 million? You’re mad Bakakis, who doesn’t have 1/8th of Pedri’s talent got beat a couple times? Did Pedri have any shots on targets?
  11. Didnt we lose to San Marino or Faroe Islands? I’d say that was a worse performance ...
  12. What did you think our gameplan was gonna be? Really, take a minute and think. Did you think we could attack Spain consistently? Do you really think we have world class players who can do that? JVS had a gameplan to absorb pressure and hit them on the counter. We did that in the first half. We had two counter chances that didn’t work but besides their goal and crossbar they didn’t do anything except keep possession. You really don’t think we should be happy about this result? Against one of the best teams in the world , just months after we s%$#! the bed in national league. Pl
  13. Really everyone did well! Not only that but we were putting our bodies on the line. Non stop running. Also it wasn’t like they dominated us in front of goal. They had the goal, the shot that hit the crossbar, and like one weak header. Possession means nothing if you don’t score
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