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  1. Prijovic will come back? I’m hearing that.
  2. This is a lost season. Might as well get rid of anyone over 26 and start new. Including Lucescu.
  3. I don’t know why we fool around with the ball in the back so much. We try and play like we are Man City
  4. This whole joint bid phase we are in is stupid. Just have it in one country or rotate continents every 4 years and have host cities.
  5. I saw online that according to reports "Greece will join Saudi Arabia & Egypt in a bid to host the 2030 World Cup. It is believed the Saudis are willing to foot most of the bill with Panathinaikos & PAOK getting new stadiums as part of the bid which would also use Karaiskakis & OPAP Arena." This would be a super weird pairing for WC hosts. I could see a Greece and Egypt WC using antiquity as a theme. Shoot even get Rome involved.
  6. At what point do we sack the manager? Pretty soon we will be battling to finish for a European spot. I predict a 3-1 loss
  7. Our schedule lines up nicely actually : Gibraltar v Greece: 24/03 Greece v Ireland: 16/06 France v Greece: 19/06 Netherlands v Greece: 07/09 Greece v Gibraltar: 10/09 Ireland v Greece: 13/10 Greece v Netherlands: 16/10 Greece v France: 21/11 If we can have at minimum 7 points after our first 4 matches I would take that. Ending at home with Netherlands and France is huge
  8. Thank God we won our national league group
  9. Preferred teams from each pot : Pot 1 Hungary, Denmark, Poland Pot 2 Israel, Bosnia, Finland Pot 3 Armenia, Albania, Romania Pot 5 Anyone except Slovakia, Cyprus My guess at our group: Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Lithuania
  10. Not gonna lie, I just googled the female referee and holy smokes @pash should ask her to marry him
  11. a twitter account that runs percentages and possibilities for every draw/qualification called Global Football said they did 1000 simulations of the draw and this was our most likely group : Switzerland England Greece Iceland Gibraltar This would be entertaining, but no way we get out.
  12. Looks like everyone's favorite former goalie will be headed to Oly
  13. yea confirmed pot 4. But the teams in pot 2,3 are even with us. Like you have Israel a pot 2 team. If we play to our ability I’m not worried
  14. Either Cyprus is really bad or we have gotten much better. We are dominating and looking confident on the ball
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