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  1. I’m hearing Lucas Taylor got loaned out to Shaktar Donetsk?
  2. PAOK just released a video on YouTube of the scrimmage that was today. 3 minute highlight tape. Only 3 goals were scored (1 was an absolute blunder by the GK). There were more dangerous tackles then creative plays shown in the video, which is insane they’re allowing those kinds of challenges during an intrasquad game.
  3. Nice we will be able to buy another random from a second division team with that money
  4. He probably has compromising pictures of Lucescu 😂😂
  5. I think we need to stick to a plan and go for it. We have one of the best youth systems in Greece yet how many greeks get playing time? If we want a rebuild then we need to fully commit. But if the coach doesn’t play the youth , if he’s more of an experienced preferred coach, then we should have brought in guys with more experience. I feel like we are one leg in one plan and the other leg in another plan. Not qualifying for Europe was a failure, no putting it any other way. What happens if we finish 4/5 and don’t win the cup? Then this season would be considered a failure and I could see changes. But what if we challenge for the title and the cup now that our only focus is Greece?
  6. For those who are going to defend Lucescu, here’s a little stat. Since April 3rd, we have played 13 competitive games. We have 1 win, 4 draws and 8 losses. That is unacceptable.
  7. Look on the brightside .. at least we don’t have to waste any more week days watching this garbage
  8. From what I’ve seen so far from transfers and on field performance. I don’t see how we finish top 4
  9. Lyratzis passes the ball to Ronaldo who dribbles around Kotarski and scores
  10. Quagliata is literally a cone on the field. Offers nothing
  11. It’s amazing how bad we are against teams who press. We can’t break it out of our own half. Literally passing out of play over and over again
  12. Heard Vierinha will start along with Narey at CF
  13. Back to online rumors… an Italian outlet is reporting we are interested in Lys Mousset. What’s funny about this you ask? I started that rumor online weeks ago randomly. I asked @pashto give me a list of current free agents and I picked one. So I’m not sure if the source used my paok talk tweet as legit info or not but that would be absolutely HILARIOUS if we actually signed him
  14. Prediction time! I’m going to do them in groups of 2. Panaitolikos, Atromitos = 6 points Aris, Lamia = 3 points OFI, PAO = 2 points Leva, Oly = 3 points Asteras, AEK = 4 points PAS, Ionikos, Volos = 9 points Panaitolikos, Atromitos = 4 points Aris, Lamia = 4 points OFI, PAO = 4 points Leva, Oly = 4 points Asteras, AEK = 4 points PAS, Ionikos, Volos = 7 points Total points = 54 until playoffs
  15. I’m 90% sure we will win. But you have to think they’ll score. I can see a 3-1 game go into extra time.
  16. Scouting or deals. Perhaps the players we get have connections with agents of other players we want. In the smaller leagues, usually you don’t have players who have big time agents. And finally scouting, is our main Brazilian scout Lino? Whoever it is, isn’t doing a good job. We tend to go for the “flair and flash”. Players go to these smaller teams and leagues to make a name for themselves only for teams like us to buy them after they’re already 6 seasons in.
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