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  1. I mean what do our fans do when we play fener or Benfica?
  2. Lose this game and I’m fine bringing back pablo
  3. Away goals isn’t a thing. My prediction is 1:3
  4. Just saw a tweet that said we have two players from Africa on trial this week. Not sure if anyone has any info
  5. At this rate , the playoffs for our euro 2024 would be between Turkey, Greece, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Would be the semi final and final. We should hope Turkey qualify directly , then Luxembourg would take their place. If we don’t qualify from groups directly, then surely we would beat out any of these 3 other teams
  6. Biseswar , El Kaddouri, and a random appearance by Muslimovic will all play 90
  7. Yea usually football manager is right on point.
  8. Awful replacement. Again we are selling for mediocrity.
  9. Yet if we won the tournament we’d all be hailing this group as the next golden generation 😂
  10. So you think now that Pelkas is out of favor in Turkey he may come back?
  11. @pash rolls around his office in a Sex Pistols t shirt
  12. Rangers put in a bid for Colak but was denied
  13. Anyone know if we have a shot at competing against Italy and Portugal? And where it’ll be televised if anywhere
  14. Our U18 team is participating in the Mediterranean Games in Algeria beginning June 26th.
  15. They’re gonna find the tomb of Alexander under
  16. Zivko Zivkovic resigned another two years
  17. Biggest jumpers in world rankings this month! In other news, isn’t it so strange how Kosovo is ranked 107? They have some skilled players, and they’re put in between Thailand and India
  18. There’s lasers in every stadium! The atmosphere was amazing. Who cares if we are a little “edgy”. I’ll take it
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