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  1. Random question : I looked on google trends and searched "PAOK". I noticed obviously besides Greece, USA... People from the Central African Republic searched us the second most. I wonder why? Interest peaked on July 24-30th 2022. Anyone have any idea?
  2. Konstantelias should definitely get a call up and a cap. Has been killing it in the league and is getting a lot of publicity from teams in England, Spain and France. He has what a lot of Greek players lack, the balls to take on defenders one on one
  3. Let's look at our realistic chances at leading the group heading into the playoffs: Panathinaikos - at Asteras, vs Lamia, at Aris, vs Volos, at Oly, vs Panetolikos, at Atromitos (Prediction 13 points) AEK - vs Aris, at Atromitos, vs Levadiakos, at PAOK, vs Asteras, at OFI, vs Oly (Prediction 14 points) PAOK - vs Levadiakos, vs Oly, at Asteras, vs AEK, at PAS, vs Ionikos, at Volos (Prediction 17 points) Olympiakos - vs OFI, at PAOK, vs Panetolikos, at Lamia, vs Pana, vs Levadiakos, at AEK (Prediction 15 points) That would have the standings at : 1. Panathinaikos - 58 points 2. AEK - 58 points 3. PAOK - 56 points 4. Olympiakos - 54 points We essentially need to win out to get to first before the playoffs
  4. He went to Uconn so I’d be on board with that. But wtf are we doing. We have tons of holes and we aren’t filling any of them. And we want to finish top two for UCL. At this point , I don’t see how we crack top 3
  5. The rumor mill on twitter is circulating this morning. Teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man City are being linked with Konstantelias. I don't buy it. We all saw what happened with Tzolis.
  6. Update on my prediction : In July i predicted 33 points We stand at 32 points. Not bad. Take that @pash
  7. 3 points away from a champions league spot. Need 6 points over the next two games no matter what. That game in Athens is going to be near impossible to win
  8. Hopefully it’s not too late. Blunders at the beginning of the season may have cost us
  9. Looks like Ronaldo is going to Saudi Arabia. Rumors are that he’s going to be the poster boy of Saudi getting that bid. Imagine Ronaldo helping us get a WC after 2004 😂
  10. I’m hearing rumblings of Santos returning. But I’m fine with JVS… for now
  11. Look decent in the friendlies then go back to looking like Shite when the games begin again smh
  12. Yes. No home/away legs. If the tournament started tomorrow it would be: Greece hosting Turkey Georgia hosting Kazakhstan Winners facing each other to qualify for Euros If Turkey qualifies directly, Luxembourg will take their spot. Realistically we will have trouble with Turkey but should mop the other teams quite easily.
  13. The Aris head coach used to coach at PAOK. He was the guy we had on our super successful podcast
  14. My preseason prediction of us having 27 points right now is only off by two. Not too shabby. Let's get 6 points over the next two games and I'll be feeling much better
  15. Good thing is that we play France at home last game. Hopefully they already clinch a spot. Also we play the Dutch at home right before. We get 4 points there and we should be golden.
  16. Reminded me of the Greece - Sweden game where we were losing and still just passed the ball back and forth for 20 minutes
  17. I don't think there is any way we can qualify through this. Thank god we won our Nations League group. Let's hope that Georgia qualifies directly from the Euro Qualifiers cause then we will host the Nations League playoff. The only good thing we have going for us in this group is France, Netherlands, Ireland can all take points from one another. If we win our home games and steal some points, perhaps. But we must get 6 points from Gibraltar and at least 4 from Ireland. Below is my prediction : Gibraltar (away) - W Ireland (home) - W France (away) - L Netherlands (away) - L Gibraltar (home) - W Ireland (away) - D Netherlands (home) - D France (home) - D The last game vs France hopefully they already qualified and rest players. The above would give us 12 points. In the Euro 2022 qualifying, of the groups that had 5 teams, the second place finisher averaged 16.2 ppg. So we would have to steal probably two games (probably Netherlands home / Ireland away)
  18. Swiderski getting the start in game 1 vs Mexico
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