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  1. Paschalakis getting a call up is wild. Imagine not having a job, just chillin and working out, some training. Then all of a sudden you're picked as one of the top 3 players at your position in a whole damn country lol
  2. It’s sad when everyone we acquired is younger than me 😞
  3. Nope he goes to AEK instead. What the heck is going on this transfer window with Olympiakos/Aris/Aek/Pao signing all these players and we get no one... James Rodrigues -> Oly Marcelo -> Oly Fernandes -> AEK Koutsias -> Volos Samesseku -> Oly Bakambu -> Oly Osario -> PAO (Rumor) Trouillet -> PAO
  4. We are 1 point ahead of my prediction...
  5. PAOKSYD is right on this front. This is a huge disgrace. Our media team was one of the best in Europe. It was on par with EPL teams. Let's see what happens now.
  6. I would love to see some new blood, but also, losses hurt our Fifa ranking. So I'd rather win.
  7. Looks like our gameplan was not to lose from the start. Got a point in a hostile environment, not bad.
  8. Aris goes down 3-1 to Panatolikos and the Greek Hulk
  9. He’s racist against young handsome Greeks.. According to that logic, @pashwouldnt have a problem cracking his starting 11
  10. Yea that’s what shocks me. You have Serie A teams interested but he can’t play for us!? What a joke
  11. Not sure if anyone was watching the Dortmund game just now. They were up 2-0 in the 89th min at home and lost 3-2. I’ve never seen anything like that
  12. Because others have different opinion than yours , I wouldn’t call them Bandwagon fans. You can say they’re overreacting but calling people bandwagon fans when you don’t know their story is premature. Anyways, why are we acting like the summer games mean nothing. We failed at our objective of making Europe. Why? Because it was “summer heat”? No because we were unprepared. We can blame whoever we want. I disagree with 3-5 means the same. Technically yes in terms of making conf league. But losing in the Qualifying stages at the start of this year and coming in 5th would be humiliating in my opinion.
  13. Remember Baretti? Who was the coach for like a month
  14. Don’t disagree with a lot you say! However, on paper, where would you put our team this season? Do we honestly think they’re top 3?
  15. All our former strikers are banging in goals, meanwhile we rely on 50 year old Diego to score
  16. A lot of the times in the video I see hard challenges. I don’t think that’s helping
  17. Lmao Nasberg has a thigh contusion, out a month
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