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  1. Crespo had a nightmare performance, I was calling for Wague but he was actually worse. Subbing Pelkas, not only the single playmaker one the park but our captain and leader, (need I even mention how important it is to have someone out there like that when things get desperate) was a rookie mistake, Tzolis was the correct substitution. Michalidis was either tired or just lazy/casual those last 25 minutes, I’m not surprised he made that mistake after seeing his body language just minutes prior. All in all, a standard PAOK let down. I failed to get my hopes up for Besiktas and Benfica, and typical PAOK, they give us a reason to believe, only to have a loss hurt 10x as much. Hopefully we can have some good results in Europe and get back on track in league, put this behind us, but I have a feeling there will be some scarring.
  2. They looked dangerous a couple times zipping short passes 35 yards from our goal, before finding a nice pass in behind. Zivkovic swept beautifully, really alleviated that pressure and made them look like half chances instead of 1 v 1 scenarios. I’d hope to just defend that better back in Toumba, otherwise I have little faith in a clean sheet.
  3. Swiderpski really worrying me, guy is playing with absolutely zero belief in himself
  4. Zivkovic looking lively and eager to impress both on and off the ball
  5. Croatian media saying it's done. Nice highlight video, I like the composure he shows in one v one situations. RWB the priority now, don't know if this will be an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn't mind bringing Kitsiou back on the cheap. Feel like this system highlights his strengths and would make the most of his ability.
  6. Yeah I think the poorly timed sale of Chuba has something to do with.. 1. Us needing the lefta to make a formal offer for Colak without testing FFP (Rijeka have set his price at 5 million). 2. Rushing to get ahead of the several other teams who are said to be very interested in him.
  7. With the prospect of playing Champions League now closer and it being unlikely we find a replacement as good, surely we keep Giannoulis and promise him a move in January. Big if, but if we make the group stage and he performs decent enough, we're looking at getting a fee closer to what Olympiakos received for Tsimikas in a transfer window where negotiations aren't as slow and clubs usually pay up.
  8. Whole team has worked hard and put in a disciplined performance but Giannoulis and Schwab though have been phenomenal
  9. I remember Zivkovic being tagged a wonderkid at Partizan, actually signed him in a PAOK footy manager save years back. Benfica bought him thinking he’d be another talent they could develop further and sell for tens of millions but hasn’t worked out. Would be a wise free agent acquisition, he should find it easier in GSL. If he can live up to just half of that potential, clubs will bite. Scouts all around Europe are aware of him, I say do it
  11. I watched an interview with Jadon Sancho, he mentions going to watch Akpom who'd dominate for Arsenal youth teams as a big influence which was kinda odd to hear. I'm guessing a lot of Brits may be curious to see if he can live up to his potential.
  12. When are we all meeting in Thessaloniki mboythes?
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