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  1. Crazy, but also quite nice to see Blanco back in Greece. And playing for my second favorite team in Greece as well! ?
  2. Here's a video about the upcoming game AC Odyssey, which is set in ancient Greece, and how they went about rebuilding ancient Athens digitally:
  3. You know it! And thanks to your generous offerings, here I am once more for another annual appearance!
  4. Good performance, now let's get that win!
  5. A bit early, I know, but this topic is for discussing all things related to the Olympic Games held in Rio in 2016.
  6. Well let's hope so ... but I don't like the mentality of cheering when you drag away a win from Panthrakikos (with all due respect to Panthrakikos of course). I don't think we should've let Dellas go, even though it was his "own decision"...
  7. Very nice and all, but I expect every post after this one to be on topic again. If you have any problem left and really can't let go, contact each other via PM, but do so with respect for one another.
  8. I'm surprised this thread wasn't closed yet, you've all had your say on this (ridiculous) topic, so I'm closing it now anyway. On a side note, Panathinaek would've been a better name! -_-
  9. I agree. Don't bite the hand that feeds (you) ... and indeed, he isn't the type to come out and spend like crazy. It is exactly that mentality that got him where he is in life. No rash decisions. We just came back from a two year absence in the Super League, and ever since he took over, he took AEK in the right direction (up), ... of course these kind of results hurt, but give it time.
  10. Was Hafez actually announced? I read something about a
  11. Not extremely impressed with our transfers so far ...
  12. Yes! Finally over this season and even though we're officially not supposed to, I am really happy that we took the title!!! Bravo!
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