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  1. And the tradition of not keeping a coach continues. I wonder who Lucescu is going to screw us over for next year.
  2. Because....Greece. That's why.
  3. Being average isn't the issue, it's the amount of money we are spending to be average that's the problem. AEK fans have accepted the fact that they will be fighting for 3-5th every year under Melissanidis, but at least they're not spending anywhere near what we are to be mediocre.
  4. Athens4, let's not mention Olympiacos right now. They are a FAR superior team than us. We've dropped so many points to so many crappy teams, while they go in and score 3-4 every match with ease. Have they had a couple questionable results? Sure. Was it because they were outperformed? No. In a 100% clean league, what would the standings be in your opinion? Not much different than it is now, I guarantee it. Todays result was disappointing. I don't blame Garcia...just like I didn't really blame Ferreira. You give a guy 2 pieces of bread and a kourada, what do you expect? Bee
  5. Rahman is a Chelsea player as much as Wague was a Barcelona player. A prospect that was a dud and loaned out to a new team every year since signing.
  6. As bad as we're struggling, there's no reason why we shouldn't be beating these bottom of the barrel teams.
  7. That's great. So we're basically paying Vieirinha to stay home with his family and retire in Greece. Sounds like a great deal.
  8. Can we please stop referring to Wague as a Barcelona player?? He played in their B team, and he lasted 4 matches with the A team.....I'm sure it was all garbage time. He's young, so maybe he will play up to some potential, but let's not pretend like we stole some up and coming whiz kid. Pachalakis, Biseswar, El Kaddouri, Varella, crespo, Jaba, Colac, Wague are all below average players at this point and should be shipped out....HOW they get shipped is a different question altogether
  9. We had 75% possession, over 20 corner kicks, and Omonoia parked a bus in defense. The only thing that was missing was the goals. What do you guys think the score would have been with Prijovic in there instead of Swiderski? Crespo and Varella have given their best years to us, and now they're old. Colac is an absolute hack at this point....maybe he breaks out this season, maybe he doesn't. Wague is a garbage player that has shown us maybe 15 minutes of decent play....but who else could have played there? Put Crespo back there and watch the comedy that is his ball handling and passing? Gia
  10. Well, that was fun while it lasted.... As PAOKtsides have gotten used to saying: Tou Xronou!
  11. Ideal scenario is us winning and PSV losing, then a draw vs Granada gets us in. If PSV wins or draws, then we HAVE to beat Granada.
  12. I put 60% of the loss on Crespo, and 40% on Garcia for starting with Colac and Crespo, and taking Tzolis out and leavinf Colac in. Crespo CAN NOT play that postion. He is a GREAT defender but cannot do what Giannoulis does...he has not ball control and can't pass the ball in an offensive transition to save his life.
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