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  1. They need to play better than they did at home. I was in Toumba for the first match, and it was a very boring match. We had a few chances, but for the most part very sloppy, predictable play. I agree that shaking things up and playing 2 strikers might be what we need. The opposing team will do more of what they did in the first match, park the bus and hope for a counter attack goal.
  2. I have a buddy who went. He's been to 100s of shows and said it is by far THE BEST show he's seen. Made me sorry I missed it.
  3. Does NovaSports ahve a live streaming service for overseas?
  4. Pathetic.... One of the MANY MANY sloppy ass passes....
  5. We look as sloppy as last week....hopefully they can get their heads out of their a$$es
  6. Hope everyone enjoyed watching Leski playing with a wall of defenders since the 20th minute......there'll be 90 more minutes of that next week.
  7. How many times do we have to watch Biseswar tumbling on the ground all on his own?
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