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  1. I have a buddy who went. He's been to 100s of shows and said it is by far THE BEST show he's seen. Made me sorry I missed it.
  2. Does NovaSports ahve a live streaming service for overseas?
  3. Pathetic.... One of the MANY MANY sloppy ass passes....
  4. We look as sloppy as last week....hopefully they can get their heads out of their a$$es
  5. Hope everyone enjoyed watching Leski playing with a wall of defenders since the 20th minute......there'll be 90 more minutes of that next week.
  6. How many times do we have to watch Biseswar tumbling on the ground all on his own?
  7. Swiderski scored 2 for Charlotte against New England. He finally broke his MLS cherry.
  8. Murg and Biseswar are both horrible. Vieirinha needs to come out. Zivko and Kurtic are sorely missed...
  9. G4 is basically trying to get the attention of an indifferent president/owner.
  10. That back line is an absolute disaster waiting to happen
  11. What a pain...TUDN doesn;t have it, and Paramount+ gives me an error
  12. Anyone else been having trouble streaming the matches through Paramount+ ? It seems like I can stream anything except European matches.
  13. Although I hated the concept of the Conference League at first, I think it might actually be a good thing for a lot of the smaller teams in the long run. Playing with more level competition and earning some extra money and points for their country. It doesn't have the prestige of Champions League, but it may be a good stepping stone for a lot of teams.
  14. There are reports that our players took 3 separate Uber's from the border to their hotels. The Uber Drivers were Lincoln's Right Winger, Center back and Assistant coach. 😂😂😂😂
  15. Here's an article that lists what our opponents players' REAL jobs are.....We're playing a team made up of Cops, Carpenters, Teacher and a bunch of other blue collar jobs. I'd bet not a single one of these guys is a millionaire. Let's see what our "pro's" will do against them
  16. The problems with the team begin and end with the front office. The philosophy of signing players just to sign them has to end. I'd rather invest more in our youngsters and hold on to them, rather than signing these nobody's. Are we better off than if we would have just help on to players like Giannoulis, Tzolis, Limnios, Pelkas, Stafylidis, Tsiggaras, etc. If we had a starting 11 of just the Greek talent that has run through our team in the last 3-5 years we would have a much better squad. You sprinkle in 3-4 foreign players to balance the roster and that's it. Either dump the young talent and spend money on good foreign players, or dont....what we're doing is backwards. We dump young talent and replace them with old less talented players.
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