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  1. Nice and unexpected (based on their showing) win for PAOK.
  2. Yep! No skill, no imagination. Just plain old sterile. Oh well. It is what it is...
  3. A good gesture by the U.S. Army Europe and Africa Band & Chorus. To commemorate 200 Years Greek Independence Day, members of the Soldiers’ Chorus perform the Greek folk song “Dance of Zalongo.”
  4. For argument's sake, if they were successful in ''having a go at him'', would and should they stop there? If so why? Shouldn't their 'courtesy' extend to all those that meet their 'courtesy requirements', which is 90% of those that oppose them ideologically? Also, I am assuming that you agree with 17 November ideologically since you endorse a hypothetical event. But endorsing the actions of 'someone else' is puzzling, especially since you set forth no conditions as long as they achieve the desired outcome. In this case: as long as somebody has a go at Dick Cheney, you wouldn't and couldn'
  5. I don't know why anybody would celebrate with what they saw today. Yes, Greece did get a tie, but they are a pitiful team. Nothing to like, nothing to root for. Greece needs a LOT of work just to start resembling a competent team. Εθνική Κωλοπετινίτσας would be the right term to assess this performance.
  6. President Joe Biden faced tough questions during his first solo press conferences about the surge of migrants on the US-Mexico border.
  7. The filibuster has no place in a modern representative democracy. It's an archaic process in the US Senate and has been overly abused by both parties over the years. For those that don't know what 'filibuster' is (our members outside the US), here's a link: Wikipedia. Elections have consequences and the winning party has to govern according to the wish of the people that elected them. That's what having a majority is about. 50%+ 1 gives one the majority. The minority should have a voice and present it for discussion and consideration. Bipartisanship is achieved by two parties coopera
  8. Stay tuned. More to follow. I'm switching to watch the Muppet Show. I find it a tad bit more exciting than Greece's suicide squad.
  9. 15' into the game, ball possession: Spain 98%, Greece 2%. Greece hasn't crossed midfield with the ball in their feet.
  10. The way I saw it, Olympiacos played a great game and was inching towards an upset. The referee took away all the oomph out of Olympiacos' sails with that ridiculous red card that he gave Ousseynou Ba (82'). That just crippled them. In my opinion, Olympiacos played good and can exit the tournament with their head held high.
  11. All good points! And by no means do I consider myself being right. Just questioning things (like you are) and trying to make sense of what is happening around me. Back to the subject. Personally I would not put Mandela or Kolokotronis in the same boat as Koufodinas. I would not hold 17 November on the same level of moral equivalency as the Greek Revolution for Independence. But it definitely is worth discussing why not. Of course this is not going to happen in this single post, but a conversation that we can delve deeper into with time. I will outline my thoughts as time permits.
  12. Bummer! Just when I was hoping that Olympiacos was able (and going) to pull it off! In my opinion, the first goal was on Sa, the third on Olympiacos' defense - never closed in on Elneny.
  13. And that description was accurate, was it not? Those people were innocent in the eyes of Justice and under the laws of the country. Just because some people might consider them guilty of wrongdoing because they work for a different government, may be part of a different political system or believe in a different God, does not make it so. In modern society, we cannot have unqualified individuals acting as judge and executioner. Then we would all have a very short life span. 17 November did not refrain from having collateral casualties because of any sort of belief, standard or politic
  14. Just noticed that on a page that @Dutch Eagle is working on, you mention: "He has been capped four times for the Ethniki sofar, scoring one goal in his second game, a friendly against Cyprus. " I think that since the article does not have any date references this information is a little confusing. The terms "sofar" doesn't help the reader understand the time referenced, since he doesn't know when that page was created or edited. I changed "Capped four times ...so far" to read: "As of February 2021, he has been capped four times for the Ethniki," If possible, I think we should r
  15. Let us keep an eye as to whether Joe Biden delivers on the expectations set forth upon assuming leadership. From the Associated Press: Biden’s first 50 days: Where he stands on key promises Not bad for starters, but still some way to go.
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