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  1. I think key is to beat porto and home and marseille again. 9 points beating those two should be enough man city could possibly get a draw for 10. that's the most likely ideal result oly looked really good just no luck on their side. at home though it would make all the difference
  2. soft read. shame because olympiakos were really dominating up to that point. the red was against run of play. Was very happy nabbed a goal. The away goal wolves scored was flukey deflection. Tsimikas and Camara did a fantastic job shutting down Adama to inaccurate crosses. I was worried about him. Omar was solid and a pretty dominant shove on Podence haha El Arabi should've stay on. He's a constant goal scoring threat. Masouras was good to me should've stayed on because he has stamina, creative abilities, defensive abilities. He hit a cross bar as well (was offside anyways). Bouchalakis has very good ball skills. Was responsible for the deflection goal though. Boucha did plenty of very nice clearances when Wolves were piling on the pressures and Boucha's clearances were great and had potential for counter attacks at times. Oly were the better team and to be honest Wolves worried me more then Arsenal. They have a chip on their shoulder to prove something and have an identity.
  3. maybe they changed that rule? if Emre Mor gets into form and can play for Oly would be very useful as we'll need his speed on the counter.
  4. could be a very very good tourny for Oly because Fortounis slowly coming back into form. Semado will be in the line up and I'm not sure but I if Emre Mor is able to play I have a feeling he'll be very very good for Oly.
  5. glad I watched this in full. Tsimikas world class performance and Masouaras inspiring off the bench. El Arabi such a clinical striker. Randelovic was that nice counter attacking threat all game and Cisse just being the giant he is. Tsimikas got gassed by the 90th minute and was scared he almost got injured. Great game!
  6. only watched first half. Olympiakos played really well. Sucks the Meriah blunder which made them blunder. Hopefully Olympiakos beats red star to get into europa
  7. Fins have a weird disrespect towards Greece generally. They jelly unconsciously lol
  8. we always do since when dude? we had otto for 6 years and santos for 4-6 years (estimating) during our best decade in soccer. It's only past 2-4 years after world cup losing Santos that we've been rotating coaches. Of course you don't agree it's hard to see the truth when it goes against your ego.
  9. Manolas is one of the fastest players in the world and got outpaced he wasn't trying for whatever reason. Greece is a superior side. We didn't play auto starters for Arsenal and Napoli. Or two important squad players for Benfica and PSV. Don't kid yourself. Greece are the second best team in the group that was underachieving. Enjoy your euro campaign which we won and Finland will probably never win. Greece will probably always be superior in soccer, history, and culturally then Finland so enjoy being on top of us for this brief blip in time ?
  10. I do find it interesting that we're playing better without Mitroglou, Sokratis, Manolas and maybe missing someone else? Perhaps their star power has gone to their heads. I'd imagine Holebas was just as problematic. At the club level yes but I find that the National Team is becoming less important to players as they play for clubs with billionaire owners. They become more individualistic and less nationalistic with the $$$
  11. going down swinging. I didn't watch first half but I can't imagine it being as good as we played the second. Still. I don't think we can play Mantalos, Bakasetas, Stafylidis and Hatzi going forward. At the same time though, even with the starting 11 we are a better team then Finland that is underachieving so perhaps conceding against giants and winning against who we are supposed to beat is the way.
  12. why would Donis magically start over Bakasetas? He's on the bench he can play now.
  13. I swear Bakasetas only gets selected because he's handsome. Halo effect. Similar to Tziolis. They want a good looking face to the NT to sell it. I notice in Greek news they always interview Bakasetas. Sound silly but I think that's what it is. Greek culture is very metro. Which is fine but I want results. We won games with the new coach that we were supposed to win anyways. I'd rather win ugly then lose pretty. Santos's selection pissed everyone off because fans typically want youth but Santos plays the best players generally available and that's typically players late 20s early 30s with some exceptions. Otto did the same thing. Average tourny team age winners is 29-30. Our euro teams average age was like 30. Mitroglou should be on the squad. He can score out of nothing and can outmuscle most cb's. Target man too for corners. Double footed. Donis Limnios on the wing can feed him with their speed. Did we seriously let Santos go on our own free willl? IF so we should've kept him till the wheels fell off. After our best World cup performance? I doubt it though I mean chance to coach his ethnic origin + Ronaldo? No brainer for him.
  14. I don't like the philosophy of players adapting to the coaches playing style. I prefer the coach adjusting his playing style to the player. Playing style is often limited to talent. You can't just say go play like Ronaldo does on the wing. Coaches SUPPORT Ronaldo's talent not make him play a certain style. Pavlidis Donis Fortounis Limnios/Fetfa Zeca Kourbelis Tsimikas Sokratis Manolas Bakakis Vlacho Staf at CB not good enough. Bakasetas not good enough. Mantalos is our bench CAM at best not on the wing. Galanopoulos is not ready. Only players van schipp likes as regulars that are newish are Limnios and Pavlidis. Retsos is better then Bakakis when he's fit and in form and more defensively sound. Bakakis though has stamania to bomb the field but defensive liability. Kourbelis on the right though can patch up Bakakis bombing up because Kourbelis can double as a CB so I like that. OR we could have Siovas in the back as well and possibly try Fortounis and Zeca midfield but i'm not sure how good Fortounis's long passing is to be that deep. I think he could do it though.
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