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  1. woo! i guess im the twelfth man. ill give it a listen tonight.
  2. αρης vs. καβαλικεύω κώλος? no thanks, ill watch that οφη match.
  3. If we play in Greece θα εχουμε επεισοδια win or lose. i see a euro-ban on the horizon.☠️☠️☠️ im hoping itll be played somewhere else. can we make some phone calls and get it played in like romania or serbia or something?
  4. #1 clip is of a red card? i guarantee you he'll be on our team.
  5. Maybe Ivan is holding off on the new stadium so he can build it in Constantinople. ?
  6. http://firstrowsportes.com/soccer/trs-olympiakos-piraeus-paok-thessaloniki-brf1661583?l=1812784099 had to close out of 93 pop-ups but it works.
  7. with southwest airlines offering $39 tickets...damn straight i will!
  8. everyone safe and healthy on this end. if any of you guys need a pizza & gyro delivered, im your guy.
  9. im using this one here. no sound couple of popups.
  10. hi neighbor! hey i was at that kaparty game too! gate 8. had my mother-in-law with me : /
  11. women. ? so that means your vacation destinations are... 1. amsterdam 2. sofia 3. pireaus
  12. is it worth checking out? im wary of anything run by greeks.
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