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  1. What a stupid dive from the Olympiacos attacker, going for the penalty instead of taking a shot one on one with goalkeeper, would have benched him for that.
  2. The loss against Panathinaikos, the draw against Aris and now this. Its a string.
  3. It seems that when Olympiakos start losing they like to string bad results together. Is a single bad result enough to throw off the team psychologically?
  4. The Barcelona strategy of trying to outscore your opponents... I see. Inspired by the best.
  5. So your saying that pash just said "Acquitted? But my conspiracies!" out of the blue?
  6. Nope for example in this thread: https://forums.phantis.com/topic/15950-pae-paok-general-news/ I would see comment number 366100 Then I would get the "2 weeks later..." The next comment I would see is number 366505 Everything in between is gone.
  7. Nope I seem to be missing parts of the current conversation, I have no idea what people are talking about.
  8. I missing posts... I see a "2 weeks later..." and the forum does a time skip and just skips a bunch of posts.
  9. Yeah the guy still needs to hit the gym so that he stops tripping over himself and the opponents.
  10. Seems like every time that Paok's ability to win the match, we actually win it. So I'm just gonna continue this. I'm having doubts about Paok's ability to win matches, we might loose this.
  11. Garcia stated that you never know if there's any last minute signings; he might be hinting on something. https://www.sport24.gr/football/gkarsia-paok-metagrafi.9128625.html
  12. Our scouts are trash and the managers we work with only care about f***ing us over long term.
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