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  1. We need more players under the age of 30 generally.
  2. Wait we are not getting Messi this year or Cristiano Ronaldo? WTF is this crap? Not even trying to bring Rolandinho back from retirement?
  3. I guess thats what you get for underestimating the other team in the first game. It must be easy? Right, there nearly all crap teams. That mentality portrayed by Greek media and everyone else. Such a shame for Aris and Aek. Lets hope that Paok doesn't underestimate the ability of the opponent.
  4. Only Lucescu has had a problem with him, teammates seemingly do not. Neither did he seem to have problems in other Greek Teams. It is not team Paok's decision, it is Lucescu's call. He could have played in Paok B if he would be happy with that (but lets admit it he is not going to accept that). There's other players we should get rid off. Savidis should have a talk with the two and make them set aside their differences. Literally school boy level behaviour from both of them.
  5. Whatever beef Warda and Lucescu has, has to be solved. Its ridiculous to be kicking out Warda, he is one of our better players. Get rid of Biseswar. Warda was good under Garcia, obviously it has something to do with the relationship between him and Lucescu. As for Tziolis, whatever small club sells with small club prices (lets admit it 12 million is nothing today). Small club mentality all the round, we got to keep players to build our squad and develop it . Sometimes players will have a dip in form at a young age. Its natural. So unless we first sign somebody better then Tzioslis then we shouldn't sell him, unless we want to end up with a big f***ing hole in part of the team. Signing up older players and giving chances to players that can't even take a shot without it being wide or have stamina (Biseswar) is ridiculous.
  6. I think our midfield is rather weak still. Kakagwa hasnt done anything. I dont think El Kaddouri is that great either.
  7. I know that age is becoming just a number in Football and players are seemingly heading into an era where they can play peak football to their 40's. But comon! Why are we going nuts over Prijovic? Even Swiderwski is showing more potential then him.
  8. Garcia is gone? For what? For playing a friendly game with PAOK B? I had a feeling that and Garcia might throw the game, I would have even gone as far as fielding all the youngsters.
  9. Because they are platforms that could potentially offer more money for exclusive rights then Greek TV stations. .
  10. Well maybe Paok could also offer its rights too facebook and amazon. Thinking outside the box. Whatever adds more pressure on Greek providers.
  11. I wouldnt be suprised if whatever team was interested in Tzolis, backed out due to his recent performances and decided that he still needs more time.
  12. Its a farce that only biggest and richest teams get away with, smaller teams don't. Example: Turkish teams.
  13. Nah, we should only win against Olympiacos, the aftermath alone provides days of entertainment.
  14. Not quite, there making them more lenient but it should give Olympiacos a year or two of a head start under existing rules, and we don't know how the rules will change yet.
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