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  1. I believe its at the wrong time too... Akpom was good because atleast he didn't keep falling over, but if we cant replace him will be stuck with Swideriski (who has lots of room to improve) but keeps falling over because hes so weak. We have a very short time to find someone who is physically strong, knows some basic dribbling and has a great areal presence.
  2. Swiderwski looks fragile and weak, he just kept falling over, like he was a leaf. He was lost. Paok really needs to put him in the gym under a personal trainer and a proper diet. He needs to gain strength and muscle, he just keeps falling over.
  3. We cant sell Giannoulis, his worth way more then that. If we gonna sell were gonna sell like the big teams.
  4. Giannoulis has to stay this season no matter what.
  5. Does paok TV has English commentary since it's international?
  6. Any chances of Greece hosting the EURO or WORLD CUP (joint or not) require a 40,000+. If Savidis and Thesaloniki wants EUROPA LEAGUE final that too requires a 40,000+.
  7. It is a lowish offer. Think PAOK TV may generate way more revenue in the long term. I wonder how revenue from PAOK TV is counted in by FIFA and FFP.
  8. I had feeling that it could had been him. I hope he gets well soon.
  9. I thought Warda would had been checked out by Ferreira today since our midfield is weak. A bit of a dissapointing performance from Paok, but some youngsters show promise.
  10. Toumba uncensored would be a perfect opportunity to reveal Paoks new stadium
  11. Wel it seems like Paok's board knows that the midfield is weak as s**t. So this transfer is on the right direction. How are the "Ronandinho comming to Paok" rumors this year going?
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