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  1. Been up since 4:30 am to get the bus from toumba at 5:30.. I always thought Greeks were experts in disorganisation and chaos but it might all be an act. You should see the organisation of these boys. It’s like a restaraunt/club in here with a full stocked bar. Cups, straws, ice, beer, vodka, gin, whisky, rum, about 5 different fruit juices, coke, Fanta, sliced limes and lemon, Tonic, bar snacks, sandwiches, water… even sugar in a jar with a spoon for cocktails 😂 I take the ill judged aspersions all back as this magic bus next level stuff, it really is. Then I was brought back down to Earth when we found out the bus driver forgot to fill up with petrol before we left toumba 😭 haha unreal man, he had one job!!! Anyway, this tour of Greece is fantastic. Beautiful scenery, driving past Mt Olympus, stopping off at Thermopoli etc. I was really nervous about the game earlier on but very relaxed now.. can’t imagine why 🫠 Μόνο ΠΑΟΚ 🏴‍☠️
  2. yup, im useless in the office today also. You could stick a blow up sex doll in my chair and at least wouldnt make any mistakes. Office door is getting shut in a couple of hours then toumba atmosphere and classic games will be piped through the speakers via youtube.
  3. **I'll not even bother commenting on the way we were treated by the authorities before the game** Phenomenal Atmosphere inside the stadium. Phenomenal company through out with old friendships renewed and new ones forged. Phenomenal away trip. As for the game... i feared the worst at 2-0 but it was a very good second half performance and Paschalakis puled off some unreal saves. Would have taken 2-1 before KO and would have bitten your hand off at half time. Gutted I'll not be there on Thursday but got the credit card and passport on ice should we get through.
  4. As @Athens4has said, Marseille Incoming! Ticket is printed and sat on my desk as I type. I just need to finalise the travel plan.... Planes, trains and automobiles style i think 🙂
  5. I love paschalakis. Some boy. I would have given him MOTM as well but understandable giving it to the cup winning goal scorer I suppose.
  6. Fantastic goal and fair play to him after the two previous chances. my cat just got booted in the celebrations and nearly smashed head first out the window 😂 phenomenal save and bravery from Superman
  7. Happy cup final day from Scotland everyone My arse has been making buttons non stop since I woke up so the tsipouro is getting cracked open soon to help settle the nerves. Then hopefully to be replaced with a celebratory 16 year old lagavulin at full time. Μόνο ΠΑΟΚ!!!! 🏁🏴‍☠️
  8. Hope you all had a great Christmas and all the best for 2021!
  9. Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras beat River Plate 0-3 last night in the Copa Libertadores semi final first leg. He seem to be getting a lot of praise in Brazil for the great start he has had there.
  10. Doubt it.. he redeemed himself with the opening goal 25 mins later
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