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  1. Almeyda was choking some boy at one point. No idea who he was but it was hilarious 🤣
  2. Almeyda was fighting everyone and anyone in sight.. 😂 his own players, coaches, security etc…. Totally lost the head. Glorious!! Konstantelias is a superstar in the making and will earn us a lot of money in the next year or two Tonight was a massive win (especially with 10 mins to go) and a great night. What will be will be.
  3. Fantastic win! every weekend is bugging to feel like a cup final now
  4. We’re playing really well. Need to make it count and get a third
  5. We weren’t good at all. Really need the new players in to freshen thing up. actually think OFI will take some scalps this season but that wasn’t good enough from us.
  6. Is this down to us making a mistake or the UK gov taking so long to process the visa, or did they just reject it outright? can’t actually believe this has happened
  7. Well folks, a lot of our brothers from Greece (and elsewhere across Europe) can’t make it for obvious reasons, and the planned meet up with my group from when I go over won’t be happening as hoped, sadly. I’m obviously gutted @Athens4 won’t be there but hopefully plenty more away days to come this season! I thought we would have sold out 1300 with in minuets but the very high price of travelling and staying in Edinburgh at this time of year (plus Brexit) has probably taken its toll. However, if anyone of you are heading over then give me a shout. I’m actually starting to get nervous about tomorrow, where as a week ago I was 100% confident of giving them an absolute doing. It’s probably just pre match nerves and the fact it’s so close to home but still.
  8. foul against us before the goal. VAR is pointless when its not used correctly. What a joke
  9. so close.. and so unlucky. could have easily gone in there 😭
  10. Been up since 4:30 am to get the bus from toumba at 5:30.. I always thought Greeks were experts in disorganisation and chaos but it might all be an act. You should see the organisation of these boys. It’s like a restaraunt/club in here with a full stocked bar. Cups, straws, ice, beer, vodka, gin, whisky, rum, about 5 different fruit juices, coke, Fanta, sliced limes and lemon, Tonic, bar snacks, sandwiches, water… even sugar in a jar with a spoon for cocktails 😂 I take the ill judged aspersions all back as this magic bus next level stuff, it really is. Then I was brought back down to Earth when we found out the bus driver forgot to fill up with petrol before we left toumba 😭 haha unreal man, he had one job!!! Anyway, this tour of Greece is fantastic. Beautiful scenery, driving past Mt Olympus, stopping off at Thermopoli etc. I was really nervous about the game earlier on but very relaxed now.. can’t imagine why 🫠 Μόνο ΠΑΟΚ 🏴‍☠️
  11. yup, im useless in the office today also. You could stick a blow up sex doll in my chair and at least wouldnt make any mistakes. Office door is getting shut in a couple of hours then toumba atmosphere and classic games will be piped through the speakers via youtube.
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