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  1. I love paschalakis. Some boy. I would have given him MOTM as well but understandable giving it to the cup winning goal scorer I suppose.
  2. Fantastic goal and fair play to him after the two previous chances. my cat just got booted in the celebrations and nearly smashed head first out the window 😂 phenomenal save and bravery from Superman
  3. Happy cup final day from Scotland everyone My arse has been making buttons non stop since I woke up so the tsipouro is getting cracked open soon to help settle the nerves. Then hopefully to be replaced with a celebratory 16 year old lagavulin at full time. Μόνο ΠΑΟΚ!!!! 🏁🏴‍☠️
  4. Hope you all had a great Christmas and all the best for 2021!
  5. Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras beat River Plate 0-3 last night in the Copa Libertadores semi final first leg. He seem to be getting a lot of praise in Brazil for the great start he has had there.
  6. Doubt it.. he redeemed himself with the opening goal 25 mins later
  7. Same team as last week. Happy with that. Wanderson out for them is a bonus. Just back from the office but I’m so buzzed I need to go for a run to get rid of the nervous energy. If we do one thing this season then please win this game.
  8. Made me laugh as I couldn’t help but think he‘d just found out he’d lost a game of knots and crosses
  9. Ooft that a bad one. Could easily have broken his cheek bone or eye socket here. I’ll be shocked if he plays on.
  10. Pelkas was the correct call. He was tiring and starting to miss place passes. Absolutely no need to chase this game.
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