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  1. There was an interview on Metrosport in the last 7-10 days with a Greek who reports/scouts Asian leagues for betting sites. He said this past season Krmencik played in a league that is barely "professional" that is "maybe" equivalent to Gamma Ethniki - and still had a "poor" season! Started off well but faded badly the final 2/3 of the season and couldn't score goals against teams with Indonesian centerbacks that are 5'6-5'9". Maybe it is a motivation issue, or fitness, but if a club from Jakarta lets you walk on a free transfer because they think you suck, anyone who wanted him back at PAOK is nuts. Maybe he regains his form at Limassol, always liked him as a player but am glad we didn't pay what Brugge was asking at the time....
  2. Man that would be a huge disappointment. Let's hope it's just routine as they transfer ownership, access, security, etc., to new admins. The EONTV service that Nova uses for overseas viewers was absolute rubbish the last time I registered. I think the only languages the menus came in at the time were Czech, Slovak and maybe Russian.
  3. does this mean we can find it on youtube or on the open website?
  4. Now we root for Villa and Leicester tomorrow and pray we get into UEL. good season lads see you all again in pre season!
  5. Great half ... a little porous on defense, and a bit lucky Varela got ball on that play ... need to tighten up the back line but they are rep on the counter
  6. Playing much better now, starting to look like a wide open game
  7. Found this one in Greek: http://livetv.sx/enx/eventinfo/1072367_olympiacos_paok/#webplayer_alieztv|108050|1072367|1612120|54|1|en
  8. Pame reeeeeee ... still not seeing any links that work 😞
  9. i'm impressed by Krmentsik effort but more impressed that he actually outpaced Sasa ... surprising quickness out of the lumbering big man
  10. not everyone is good at PKs that's why you have competitions in practice to sort it out
  11. this is as bad tempered a PAOK match as ive seen in a while ... love it
  12. Why are the AEK games always like this ... both sides look just slightly drunk when in possession
  13. loved that site it actually got me to watch some SuperLeague 2 games just because I could ... would love it if DAZN or another outlet picked those rights up.
  14. Glad to see Warda starting even though I'm disappointed Tzolis is left out again, hard to argue as Zivko has been good lately. Why isn't this on PAOK TV?
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