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  1. Qualification is over and we can thank jvs and his selection the team was disinterested and his selections were pathetic. We were lucky the Spanish didn’t show up last game to get a point and now in the very next game we pull this s%$#! it’s disgusting sorry I’m in the business of winning not developing or looking at the positives that’s what club teams r for. The coach is over his head. He talked a big game saying he isn’t playing guys that don’t play and then look at our lineup mavrias limnios or in the case of giannoulis and bakakis injured guys that had more then adequate
  2. Starting lineup was just announced !!! Courtesy of sportime Vlachodimos bakakis k paps tzavellas giannoulis zeca bouchalakis fortunis bakasetas tzolis pavlidis Why bakasetas it’s an automatic starter is just super Annoying I know he scored against Spain but he offers nothing going forward he is slow with the ball and has no creativity I would have put fortounis there instead which is his natural position and masouras on the right with tsimikas replacing bakakis. Our two best backs should be playing at all times regardless if one is out of position it’s
  3. Ο Τζον Φαν’τ Σχιπ κατέληξε στην ενδεκάδα με την οποία η Εθνική Ελλάδας θα αντιμετωπίσει την Ισπανία απόψε (21:45, Open TV, CosmoteSport1). Ο Ολλανδός προπονητής θα παρατάξει την Ελλάδα κόντρα στην Ισπανία με τον Βλαχοδήμο κάτω από τα γκολπόστ. Μπακάκης, Παπαδόπουλος, Τζαβέλλας και Τσιμίκας θα είναι η τετράδα της άμυνας από τα δεξιά προς τα αριστερά. Στα χαφ θα πάρουν φανέλα βασικού οι Ζέκα και Μπουχαλάκης και μπροστά τους θα τοποθετηθεί ο Μάνταλος. Στα άκρα θα τοποθετηθούν οι Λημνιός και Μασούρας, με τον Μπακασέτα να είναι το «ψευτοεννιάρι» στην κορυφή της επίθεσης.
  4. Does anyone know if qualifying games will be shown in Canada. Dazn doesn’t have the rights and agonasport is no more. As for the game I really hope we see 4-2-3-1 vlaho tsimikas siovas manolas (lykogiannis or giannoulis) Zeca and alexandropoulos or mantalos Tziolis fortounis fountas giakoumakis or 5–3-2 vlaho tsimikas siovas manolas hatzi (lykogiannis or giannoulis) Zeca tziolis fortounis limnios/fountas/kyriakopoulos giakoumakis for me their are only a few players that are locks to start. Vlacho siovas manolas tsm
  5. I don’t feel like paying agonasport can anyone recommend a good site to watch the game on my lab top and phone
  6. Does anyone know if dazn shows qualifiers?
  7. Anyone know any good websites to watch the game online don’t want to pay to watch if possible? Also pame Ellada !!! Kali Arxi !!!
  8. i tried reading how to fix my ports and all the other stuff, but i am totally lost, can anyone help me?
  9. has anyone tried the following link http://live-foot.com/televisions/israel/li...ivesports1.html
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