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  1. Carrera F***ed that game royally
  2. Samaris never!!! Still have nightmares of his continues giveaways to the opposition
  3. Correct, ridiculous we did this so much vs Moldova and Slovenia, only in the second half of Slovenia did we start getting them in the middle
  4. Ive spoken about this in the Hellas Football Podcast, unbelievable the amount of wasted corners, even freekicks too
  5. Start the team that took on Cyprus and did exactly that, offence from the word go, we were 2-0 up in no time, off course the Slovenian defence with be stronger but it’s our best chance to open them up
  6. @Dean97 Kyriakopoulos is a good player, keep an eye on him
  7. http://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2020/11/effective-player-rating-moldova-v.html?m=1 Player rating system
  8. Fortounis was subbed to rest for Slovenia. Need to work on our corners and Bouchalakis was horrid out there today. Podcast from Hellas Football to this game https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/hellas-footy-pod/id1536595945?i=1000498773043
  9. I'll take that, traditionally we see a different line up to the rumor but that makes 100% sense after what we saw vs Cyprus and the fact we need to win
  10. I thought it was gona go Rizoupoli after the Toumba situation, might as well, Karaiskaki would have been good too
  11. Effective player rating, bit different to out of 10 ratings http://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2020/11/effective-player-rating-greece-vs.html?m=1
  12. @paokarag4 I’m honestly surprised he has scored so much in Holland which seems to be the place to go to for Greek strikers. Honestly, at AEK he didn’t look like AEK material and bearly scored, only the OSFP tap in comes to mind. When he was given chances he didn’t take them but he seems to be doing that with VV. At the end of the day though, our midfield needs to create, if that happens I’m hoping he can finish them but I’m not getting too excited about him just yet
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