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  1. Being saying it from day 1, Svarnas playing in the Ethniki is a huge m*****a, shouldn’t be at AEK let alone the National Team
  2. He hasn’t played for a club the last few years 🤪
  3. From a technical ability not many are as good, he is very good with support play and one of the more creative Greeks but again, all academic, as I said, unless he becomes a consistent starter and sets the world on fire it simply won’t happen.
  4. Yes they are lol. He needs consistent game time to get anywhere near contention. He has shown some good things with Volos but only has himself to blame for been without a club all these years... what a waste. Realistically, it won’t happen
  5. JVS needs to learn from what happened in the UNL and build on our strengths. Unless Bakakis picks up from, he cannot be playing for the Ethniki. We need to move on from Bakasetas, make better of the CM positions, I’m not a fan of Zeca-Kourbelis combo in games we need to win. Stafylidis can not be part of this, need a good partner next to Hatzidiakos, this is where Manolas or Siovas would have been great. I wouldn’t mind seen two strikers at some point. Tzolis needs to feature, as does Fortounis
  6. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/hellas-footy-pod/id1536595945?i=1000501706880 Have a listen guys, much coverage on the draw and Ethniki after SL and Euro wrap
  7. I believe they will play at OAKA and Rizoupoli, pitch needs to be in good condition at both
  8. Carrera F***ed that game royally
  9. Samaris never!!! Still have nightmares of his continues giveaways to the opposition
  10. Correct, ridiculous we did this so much vs Moldova and Slovenia, only in the second half of Slovenia did we start getting them in the middle
  11. Ive spoken about this in the Hellas Football Podcast, unbelievable the amount of wasted corners, even freekicks too
  12. Start the team that took on Cyprus and did exactly that, offence from the word go, we were 2-0 up in no time, off course the Slovenian defence with be stronger but it’s our best chance to open them up
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