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  1. Not really file, he has been playing at CB for years now, transitioned there from LB years ago
  2. Zuber made us look much better, I’m still worried about our defence, it’s gets picked apart easy, we need to fix especially when the bigger games come up. Still, some good positives, the new played are good upgrades, looking forward to next week
  3. Against Georgia, 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 at least I really want to see Saliakas or Kotsiras at RB, have a Galanopoulos or Siopis in the middle, and have Masouras/Tzolis on the left with Pelkas on CAM (although it will be Bakasetas or Baka at CAM and Pelkas hand on the right) and Douvikas up front. See how Giakoumakis does in the next month but he could be in the mix also. Ultimately, dont need 3 CB's and only 3 attacking players in that game, go back to what we used to do which helped create chances that we are not doing now (but for the last 30 mins vs Sweden) Against Sweden a similar approach that we saw yesterday
  4. I think I am on the same thought. I really liked what he did at the start, we were going nowhere and then started playing fast flowing football but that has not been seen this campaign but for the last 30 minutes vs Sweden were we looked to come out of our shell and play football, even Bouchalakis looked a totally different player. JVS for me has so much promise, I would just hope he continues to do what makes us work and see that when you have players that can play balla like Tzolis for example, and get someone to work on the right wing we can do some damage. The next two games are important, under JVS we are playing very well against big teams but really struggling to break down the Georgia's and Kosovo's and this simply can not continue. In my view, the line up working against Sweden when we decided to snap out of playing like scared kids and took the game to them, this line up wont work against Georgia for example as we need to break them down (and from the first minute, we cant keep giving away so much time before we start to play), thus we need a more dynamic combo in the middle then Zeca-Bouchalakis and we need more on the right than expecting Androutsos to do it as he can't, he needs someone ahead of him. Octobers games are gona be huge.
  5. Masouras, Pelkas, Giakoumakis (will be playing by then) and hopefully Galanopoulos
  6. JVS needs to make a change!!! 61st min, nothing created in second half!!
  7. Pavlidis needs to do better with the ball, constantly giving it away cheaply
  8. 0-0 Half time. We are lucky Vlachodimos has made some big saves whilst Pavlidis had our one big chance. In a nutshell, we have had possession but can only rely on crosses for chances at goals, Androutsos’s crosses have been poor like they were in Kosovo… go figure!! Our midfield combo lacks the ability to go through the middle.. go figure. Sweden have had little issues running through us and have had couple of huge chances we are lucky Vlachodimos saved. Mavropanos really lost in the headlights when it comes to reading a header in a crowd. Unless another attacker comes on soon and we can change things up, I see a draw or loss
  9. Sorry mate I’m on TV. Pavlidis should have had us 1-0 up… missed a sitter…
  10. Reff gave us a penalty but Pavlidis was offside. Douvikas with a chance but couldn’t finish, was been held by the defender
  11. I think they will do well, right now there are many weak teams in the SLGR and any team that takes the right step to a good build up will do well, I think they will be in the top half, interesting to see how it pans out. Ps - yes, would be good if they can do something about their stadium
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