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  1. UEFA & FIFA have really lost the plot of late
  2. Thought id post this here, our great team of the last 60's and early 70's and how close we got to the 1970 World Cup in Mexico http://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2021/12/what-could-have-been-of-mexico-1970.html
  3. Verstappen the new World Champion under stupid circumstances thanks to the new race controller... I didn't want Hamilton to win an 8th W Championship, but not like that
  4. Greece can play attacking football and we saw that when JVS took over initially, we had a period of success from 03-10 which was quite defensive because we had world class defenders and that continued to 2014 cause we had players like Samaras, Salpigidis and Mitroglou that could create and score. We dont have these players anymore, we need to get on with it with the new guys we have, they are talented but really lack big game experience as we saw in the meltdown with Sweden away. JVS for what ever reason, decided to drop his play, when we played good football and we had to watch a horrible 5-3-2 which worked on couple of occasions, the first in the last 30 mins vs Sweden in Athens and the first 45 mins vs Sweden away from home. For the rest of it, it was just a fail. Reverting back to defensive schemes of Otto and Santos days wont bring the success we once had, we need a smart coach that can play to our abilities in all facets and, we hopefully find a good central midfield combo. Bajevic has not coached much recently... I wouldn't be looking at him
  5. It was a very good game to watch but heart breaking for me to watch us give up these goals, credit to Aguibou Camara on Olympiakos's opener, but the off side attempt by Vranjes on El Arabi was amateurish, on such a stage... As for Mantalos, was much better in this game and in the season for us in general than anything we saw with the Ethniki, my only criticism of him lately is, he has been very wasteful in front of goal. This is def something for AEK to build on though and hopefully Meli realizes (again) that we need a better defense
  6. Our horrible defense gifted Olympiakos another win over us... We played well for the most part, sadly Zuber and Garcia went missing but the other guys really rallied, just a shame we have them 2 goals.
  7. To say Pelkas is better than Bakasetas is simply ridiculous IMO, both are average, Bakasetas has had so many chances to prove his worth and has come up with some ok momemts, the Sweden win the biggest and best of the lot. Pelkas has been poor with the Ethniki and at club level, Baka also gets the edge, just cause Pelkas runs faster doesn’t make him better.
  8. Unpopular opinion - for me Pavlidis has been a huge let down after a promising start to the Ethniki, the amount of turn overs he produces is incredible. IMO Fetftazidis (30 yo) would offer so much more than Pavlidis who only really has a finish on him, his passing is terrible, hold up play very poor and I think hurting us more than helping.
  9. Another botched game, poor starting 11 when you have Alexandropoulos, Saliakias and Tzolis on the bench with plenty of gas to burn but no lets play the gassed guys who struggle to break down these teams... no balls no urgency and the same mistakes as usual - JVS has to go
  10. Pesta @Greek Style Geessss guys, there are replacements out there as there always has been in football. Better than poor tactical measures every game and excluding our best
  11. Ive always asked, can he learn from his mistakes, and the answer is he can't and that's what it comes down to
  12. My thoughts to that - My thoughts on this, One of the reasons I was for JVS initially was the style of play he HAD us playing but file, I really feel he has fallen back from this advancement, look at nearly all our games this campaign, its been shambles... The only time we have played ball was in the last 30 mins vs Sweden in Athens and the first half in Sweden, we have shown so little outside of that and it got us nowhere but for the lucky win over Georgia. For the most part we have almost expected the win to happen without really playing any nice football, the exciting football was played was when he came in and we played wingers like Limnios and had Fortounis in the middle but now he is set on Bakasetas who slows that dynamic down too. We got some good talent but he is making a meal of that too, taking off Masouras today was a bad move, starting Pavlidis who has been pretty poor of late with his play... I am just seen constant mistakes and poor management, I was defending him for some time too but all I am seen is mix and matching players, and poor tactics with Tsimikas,Giannoulis, Alexandropoulos, Bouchalakis, Baka, Pav, Androutsos etc... Today for me was the icing on the cake, ive had enough of the mistakes.
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