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  1. Great player! Plays as the no 10 for the Elpithes, I am actually sad this guy was never properly utilized at AEK as he is a gun
  2. Wonderful first half, I wrote this the other day http://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2021...ke-change.html urging JVS to remove Bakasetas and get Masouras, Pelkas and Mantalos on, well I was worried at first about being proven wrong but it didn't take long for these guys to show us what Greece can do with good mobile players in attack, I also thought Androutsos and the 3 defenders were great again, actually like seen Androutsos move centrally at times as you can see the midfielder in him, great touches, passes and can get by a player 1:1 too. Sadly the second half was a tragedy, with Bakasetas
  3. This is true, since Austria its been 10 games, our last competitive defeat was in October 2019 to Italy
  4. Do we really need to tell you this is so common practice... yes in any game your up 2-1 and parking the bus...
  5. If Pavlidis doesn't play that stupid, carless pass into the middle where I am sure he expected Bakasetas to be but thats not his fault, they need to talk more and you dont just whip a ball like that into the center of the field... school boy stuff, we may have won. For me we played well HOWEVER, for long patches we struggled to get anything going in attack, I dunno what JVS is seen in Bakasetas and I hate to be singling this guy out but he is killing us, we are playing with 10 men and with Baka at CAM we are really gona struggle against most teams as he kills every attack with sideways and
  6. Will be lucky to create much with this midfield combo of Zeca-Bouchalakis and Bakasetas in front of them 😪
  7. I want to see a Siopis-Galanopoulos combination in the midfield, I really hope we don't see Bakasetas play in front of them
  8. Season Review http://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2021/05/a-season-to-forget.html
  9. Sydney lad also... I was 23 when the whole Euro campaign was happening... It was a magic month, every game as memorable as the other as we ventured to location after location per game before Enmore Theater became my choice of venue. I am hoping to watch the doco at a cinema on either Friday or next Saturday
  10. Ionikos is ok, don't forget they stuck it to OSFP in the late 90's 😄 Always hard to beat at home, was quite a place to go to when they had fans at stadiums
  11. I think Soprano is referring to AEL Arena
  12. I want to see what he does with Bakasetas, this is a huge issue for us that JVS does not seem to see. Without Fortounis I really hope he gives Mantalos a go and plays good wingers off him however JVS has also failed to pick a decent RW for the upcoming friendlies 😩
  13. Drove me nuts!!! He wasn't even listening to him at times!
  14. They managed to make the promotion
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