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  1. Both penalties were penalties ti UEFA Mafia excuses... Poyet got the midfield totally wrong again vs the Dutch and they slaughterted us through the middle. Bakasetas for all the good he does vs lower to mid teams, cant match the big teams and this is where Fortounis or a warmed up Konstantelias can make a difference for us. Poyet then puts 4 strikers on there with not 1 CAM... Go figure and as someone said, Pavlidis goes full retard with the Ethniki colours on... Wanna see what Poyet does in the friendly vs New Zealand and if he has figured out he cant just expect the same guys to get the jobs done
  2. This is the Ethnikis biggest game since Spain in Athens (0-1), lets hope what every line up Poyet comes up with they have the game of their life. I really hope no Pelkas, I think, and it wont happen but for a game like this, you need one of our quicker midfielders in the middle, Galanopoulos would be good
  3. Alphonse


    The model they follow these days year on year is terrible, purchase a bunch of foreigners, sell or release most at end of seasona and repeat whilst playing 0 Greeks, its going to get them nowhere
  4. AEK flew to Brighton & Hove Albion with only one CB and expected by many to get beat easy... We won 3-2 in a super impressive performance!!! I was worried about our defence but I thought Mitoglou and Symanski did a great job! We are now first after Ajax and Marseille drew 3-3!
  5. Mid late September this year... getting better but this leagues organizers need a massive kick up the ass
  6. No chance of 3 goal differece, if we beat Ireland then lets just beat Holland and hope they drop points but its a big as just to win at this stage
  7. Shadow of its former self this team
  8. Great win this one. Poyets needs to wake up though, there are blaring issues with the team if he needs to get his head around. Pavlidis isnt our best suited striker, for the game we are playing you need a Ioannidis or Giakoumakis in the position. Pelkas, Tzavellas, Chatzigiovanis, Limnios... stop wasting selections on guys like this, the latter has much potential but is we dont use him and he hasnt actually played in ages, why we calling them up. Cant have a team with Mantalos on the wing and Bakasetas in the middle, get to our talent like Tzolis and Konstantelias and get the team humming for the next level, we are going to struggle with Poyets plan A guys.
  9. I think given the circumstances, a real shame we are not seen the real talent take the field in a game like this ?
  10. What a disaster... Kind hoped for something special after Poyets selections, of which our best players were not picked and he sets up a team like that, that got totally dominated... Mantalos at Left wing, Pavlidis upfront, Rota at RB against this team... a midfield that got obliviated from the word go.. this was terrible, we havent been knocked out of the park like that in some time, yes we had some big misses at the back but come on, a slow team with very few technical players out there vs a Dutch team that was very hungry for the win. Can not ignore guys like Tzolis, Alexandropoulos, Konstantelias, Tsiggaras, Douvikas, Lamprou... come on! Instead we get Bouchalakis, Tzavellas, Pelkas and Chatzigiovanis!
  11. Truley unberlivable stuff... to go down 2-0 to those guys was heartbreaking in Agia Sofia, thank god we turned it around and got through. Antwerp now, tougher team than I thought after looking them up, they have a great record at home so anything but defeat tomorrow will be good
  12. If they can survive some seasons their stadium will surley get a face lift
  13. Bloody terrible! My only guess is the synthetic pitch does not suit most of our guys?
  14. Fantastic win and good performance! Really liked how we constatly went on the attack, some great passing and that can get better, a few times we had open players and delated the pass. I think if we are going to get a point against France we need to be smarter, at 2-1 and despite dominating we did some really stupid things in the last 10 mins to give Ireland chances to equalise. I was really happy with the performances of Vlachodimos, Kourbelis, Bakasetas, Masouras and Baldock. Not sure what Poyet sees in Pelkas... he was horrid and the chance he blundered was so poor... I would rather Foundas any day, a Konstantelias or Fortounis would be a huge upgrade. Really dont want to see Pelkas against France Good to see a good crowd too, looked bit empty at kick off but it quickly filled up
  15. You guys may like this podcast from Hellas Football https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/hellas-footy-pod/id1536595945?i=1000614612222
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