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  1. An incredible opening night in Agia Sophia 😍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJYl5Qup1DY&t=48s
  2. Yeah, I def dont want England and Switzerland always gives us a hard time, we struggle to beat them there. Anyway, hopefully we dont have to worry about this in a week and a half
  3. I would be happy to get Austria, traditionally a team we do ok against them. Dont want Serbia, Ukraine or Sweden although we showed we can beat Sweden last campaign but also shat ourselves over there
  4. Thank god the 60th minute came and we decided to play football! Defense doesnt look at strong as the first 4 games Ioannidis, I was hoping for more (hold the ball up better, dont get disposessed so easy) but early days Douvikas... no good Pelkas is no left midfielder and I dont think he should be starting, Foundas was much better when he came on Bakasetas, needs effective wingers to be effective Dam shame we didn't see more of Alexopoulos and Papanikolaou in these two games, Bouchalakis aint cut it Credit to Kourbelis, Hatzidiakos, Tsimikas, Baldock, Masouras and that ripper goal by Mantalos.
  5. That was such a frustrating game to watch, before Cyprus scored I really thought he were cruising, in control and our goal was a matter of time away, but then Cyprus cut us open twice, their keeper then made a great save on Pelkas and from there on in you wanted to shoot your tv screen. Ive mentioned this before but I think we have an issue at CAM when Bakasetas is playing and NOT firing on all cylinders like today, I think we will look much better with Mantalos there on Monday. When I saw the line up and saw Baka + Pelkas and Douvikas I was alittle worried but they latter two really showed how poor they are at national level and how on earth Alexandropoulos only gets something like 11-15 mins in a game we are struggling so much in midfield to build decent attacks is mindblowing. The second half was dire, walking pace build ups, all be we were very unlucky with Foundas post and goal that should have stood 100%, it should have been 1-1 really. I hope they work on their corners and freekicks, 95% if them are better for the opposition as we generally do nothing and give the ball away. Team really needs to bounce back vs Northens Ireland and watching Bouchoulakis try open up Cyprus was murderous.
  6. Kastanos, he did but you know what, we can use a player like him that runs and passes like a proper CAM, looked like Bakasetas was injured through the game, he was invisible and this is the risk with him, he is hot or cold.
  7. And now at 20... the way Olympiakos is going I think we are looking at all time lows of 23-24 lads
  8. Would be great to see Aris win this game, your midfield could really take it to them
  9. Got demolished in the 3rd quarter, unaccetable
  10. That's an excellent piece - the behavior and actions of the clubs of late is silly, yes EPO got it wrong by deciding to put Greek reffs in charge of derbys in the last min but they realised and changed it and then look what happened... https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/hellas-footy-podcast-s3-episode-7/id1536595945?i=1000579318295 Hellas Football talks about this also in their podcast
  11. We will playing our next home hame there vs Ionikos!
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