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  1. PAOKSYD you're probably right but I just don't wanna start conflict with people!
  2. Thank for the insight, I was unaware!
  3. No offense man but you gotta do some research. That's not at all what the party stands for
  4. Alafouzos is clean as far as I know, maybe there's something u know I don't Reaper. But I agree 100% Melissanidis is currupt. But Marinakis makes even him look like an amateur. Atleast Meli doesn't pay off refs
  5. Bribery and crime is first-nature to Marinakis :P
  6. Suspending Greek teams from Europe is unfair. Olympiakos/EPO curruption is not the fault of Panathinaikos, PAOK, or AEK, who are fighting for a better, cleaner Superleague, and their places in European competitions.
  7. What? Unless Bento jerks off Gritzikis the only team I see finishing 5th is Olympiacos
  8. Hahaha sorry Tzatziki, my bad. I guess I'm just too used to seeing oly in the CL :(
  9. All in all great day for Greek football. Between three teams, seven goals scored and zero conceded
  10. Wow, the Olympiakos forum is really busy. FT 0-1, gladly take the coefficient points
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