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  1. PAOKSYD you're probably right but I just don't wanna start conflict with people!
  2. Thank for the insight, I was unaware!
  3. No offense man but you gotta do some research. That's not at all what the party stands for
  4. Alafouzos is clean as far as I know, maybe there's something u know I don't Reaper. But I agree 100% Melissanidis is currupt. But Marinakis makes even him look like an amateur. Atleast Meli doesn't pay off refs
  5. Bribery and crime is first-nature to Marinakis :P
  6. Suspending Greek teams from Europe is unfair. Olympiakos/EPO curruption is not the fault of Panathinaikos, PAOK, or AEK, who are fighting for a better, cleaner Superleague, and their places in European competitions.
  7. What? Unless Bento jerks off Gritzikis the only team I see finishing 5th is Olympiacos
  8. Hahaha sorry Tzatziki, my bad. I guess I'm just too used to seeing oly in the CL :(
  9. All in all great day for Greek football. Between three teams, seven goals scored and zero conceded
  10. Wow, the Olympiakos forum is really busy. FT 0-1, gladly take the coefficient points
  11. The fact that he's names after Socrates should give him captaincy alone :P
  12. Everybody has a different opinion on whether or not you should circumcise yourself or your children. Apparently women like circumcised penis' better, i guess it's more visually appealing or whatever. Anyways, I guess it's a little hard for me living in a leftist world where if your not citcumcised your gross. i understand if you have a medical condition and you need it removed, that's fine. Anybody else currently/or has ever felt this way. Poor orthodox me LOL
  13. I share the opinion of every fact listed in the article, didn't want waste the time writing all that information. What's your opinion on Africa, anyways?
  14. http://answersafrica.com/problems-africa.html ^ here's only 10 reasons
  15. Sorry about the confusion. On that note, I 100% agree with you on this matter. You never hear the other side of the story, or other statistics to the fact, which would help people see these issues in the reality they are, not in the fantasy world people create.
  16. I encourage you to take a walk through Africa, maybe a little stroll through Congo, Somalia, or whatever... it's the same everywhere
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