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  1. Any of the current or coming players have a chance at really breaking out and being a star player? There is lots of talent, and some of real quality on top clubs, but do we have a star in the making is what I'm wondering. I'm surprised all these years Greece hasn't produced anyone of that calibre.
  2. Thank you for clarifying guys. Ok it's looking not so bad really. 2 matches at home with chance to qualify for the Euros?? I take that everyday. Heck we can bypass qualifying altogether. And opponent is not a major European side. A great opportunity to get back in and raise our ranking before WC 2026 draw. Hopefully they get it done.
  3. What do you mean 1st match. How many playoff matches. It is home/away legs?
  4. What is the potential breakdown for our possible opponent and how is home/away determined. Regarding the NL playoff.
  5. Greece need to get back into the major tournaments. Starting with Euro. Watching World Cup would be so much more exciting Greece were in it I miss that run of qualifying we had... It's been too damn long.
  6. Wow, amazing scenes. The opening ceremonies was so well done. I almost can't believe it's real! The stadium is beautiful. Bravo Aekara!!!
  7. ^^^ Yes we will definitely battle for 2nd but I don't have us beating out Holland. It is possible and we will push them but I wouldn't bet myself. I'm just not personally optimistic on that. The Nations League route is path of least resistance/best odds now. Hopefully by next draw Greece can continue to clean up their ranking - pot 4 was never favourable. Ireland in there as well and Greece 4th? It's probably the toughest group in the Euro imo.
  8. Oh wow. Our run our decent draws is over. This is a brutal draw. They must qualify now via the Nations League route!
  9. Any updates? Haven't seen/read much new.
  10. This is nonsense you sort this out after the game. How can you make determinations like this in the moment.
  11. Nice to have positivity around the NT again. I have a good feeling about Poyet, and we have some good players maturing. Maybe they can finally get back into a major tournament again.
  12. Can Greece quality for Euro through the Nations League? Or is this mainly for fifa ranking. What's the incentive for promotion. Is qualifying only for Group A?
  13. It's a real shame to see Sweden will go through and in my opinion inferior team to Greece at the moment. Greece really showed something today. I know there are positives to take away but will still sting to be out of another major tournament. They must ensure qualification for the next Euro all efforts should be put towards that.
  14. This game is massive now. Not sure what to expect but we are starting to come on now..
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