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  1. The nature of the game really played in their favour. If they had to score and open up I think there is no doubt we would have found a goal or two. But Slovenia had the position earlier to only need the draw. They scored in injury time I believe in their last match to get the win. Our missed penalty in the first match and the Kosovo match I think are most to blame. After seeing them today it's a real shame Greece did not win this group we are far superior.
  2. Fortounis was excellent. Was always creating something positive on the ball.
  3. Nt was fairly in control today. Some nice touches stringing more passes together. I liked Tsimikas, Fortounis Limnios and a few others. Overall this wasn't the most difficult test. Not sure what to expect against Slovenia but
  4. Even with the let down against Brazil, it was still so close in the end to advancing. Down to free throws. It's disappointing. Hopefully they learned what works and what doesn't for Olympics in 2 years time. Assuming the full team will be back.. Just wasn't our tournament.
  5. Can we still qualify for 2020? Is all hope lost now of saving this campaign? It looks grim. Very disappointing..
  6. Mitroglou should still have a place on the team. Maybe as super sub. Honestly from what I'm seeing from the improved movement of the team and service starting to get created (how many chances was put on the plate for Masouras he wasted, and others) I think Mitroglou won't need to run that much to be effective and can just do what he does which is finish a chance. Hopefully he can get healthy and find some form he can play a role still during qualifying it's a long campaign.
  7. I'm intrigued by Durmisaj. Apparently he will move to OSFP. Can any Panionios fans shed some light, sounds like he has very good upside.
  8. Samaris is looking like the player we were hoping he'd be. He's been a leader these two matches.
  9. I hope the Anastasiadis has seen now the correct team over the 2 matches. He has made many good decisions but still needs to fully commit to it. It will be crucial for the Italy match to start with the right 11!
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