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  1. Anyone know the date for the UEFA World Cup Qualifying draw? We will need some luck as Nations League group looks tough and our ranking has taken a bit of a hit since missing Euro.. Basically will need a miracle to qualify for WC but that's our specialty!
  2. Hoping this is the right decision. Honestly it's a travesty Greece are not in this Euro they are better than many of these teams! Hopefully we catch a break with WC draw as Nations League draw didn't do us much favour.
  3. Gents any solid streams? I know it's on DAZN but I don't have it. Surprised did a look through and don't see it on any stations here in Canada.
  4. Damn this sucks. Sometimes it's just not your time it was Georgia's time to go through today. I think playing at home for them they had just enough and hung on and won on the penalties m*****a.
  5. They cannot let this go to pk they are having the advantage run of play Georgia are just hanging on!
  6. Not watching but 0-0 away is not a bad spot to be in. It's always good to survive the first 20 minutes or so away atmosphere. Hopefully 2nd half we can find the way through.
  7. Brutal. Stuck as well with meetings. The 3pm I could swing it.. Pretty nervous all of a sudden it will be difficult.
  8. Why they didn't reseed based on FIFA rank is baffling. Greece should be playing both at home!
  9. Really strong performance. They looked on it right away and determined. Put the game away very early. This was encouraging.
  10. Does anyone know the best way to watch this match for people in Canada or NA? I don't want to do choppy stream. If you can't post here please pm me thank you.
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