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  1. Greece need to get back into the major tournaments. Starting with Euro. Watching World Cup would be so much more exciting Greece were in it I miss that run of qualifying we had... It's been too damn long.
  2. Wow, amazing scenes. The opening ceremonies was so well done. I almost can't believe it's real! The stadium is beautiful. Bravo Aekara!!!
  3. ^^^ Yes we will definitely battle for 2nd but I don't have us beating out Holland. It is possible and we will push them but I wouldn't bet myself. I'm just not personally optimistic on that. The Nations League route is path of least resistance/best odds now. Hopefully by next draw Greece can continue to clean up their ranking - pot 4 was never favourable. Ireland in there as well and Greece 4th? It's probably the toughest group in the Euro imo.
  4. Oh wow. Our run our decent draws is over. This is a brutal draw. They must qualify now via the Nations League route!
  5. Any updates? Haven't seen/read much new.
  6. This is nonsense you sort this out after the game. How can you make determinations like this in the moment.
  7. Nice to have positivity around the NT again. I have a good feeling about Poyet, and we have some good players maturing. Maybe they can finally get back into a major tournament again.
  8. Can Greece quality for Euro through the Nations League? Or is this mainly for fifa ranking. What's the incentive for promotion. Is qualifying only for Group A?
  9. It's a real shame to see Sweden will go through and in my opinion inferior team to Greece at the moment. Greece really showed something today. I know there are positives to take away but will still sting to be out of another major tournament. They must ensure qualification for the next Euro all efforts should be put towards that.
  10. This game is massive now. Not sure what to expect but we are starting to come on now..
  11. Douvikas Pavlidis Tzolis are players that can threaten for goals nice to see this for a change! I think in the 2nd half the team grew with belief and don't fear Sweden in the away leg. I think they believe they can still qualify or they wouldn't have put in the performance they did yesterday. I'm expecting 6 points in October!
  12. The late draw was so deflating, whatever happens it feels good to see the team win a big match and renew some faith in themselves. They didn't lose in front of the home supporters is respectable something to build on. Worst worst case scenario is they push for WC but miss and position themselves best they can to ensure they qualify for the next Euro. To miss again would be unthinkable it's more opportunity to qualify there.
  13. In each game the inability to score the 2nd goal has been biggest reason for dropped points. They will need a 2nd here too..
  14. I'm not even going to complain. Greece are simply not a powerful team in international football. Which bothers me so much when people call others 'minnows' and expect certain results from this greek side. Vre seis. Greek has not produced a single star player in my lifetime. They currently have no star players. Greece will continue to struggle in every match until they have players that can actually win a game and take it over. Anyone can produce defenders. No elite players in midfield and forward a disgrace.
  15. if there is a decent steam for this one please pm (or post not sure if that is allowed)
  16. So they need to jump Sweden, and Spain will have more to play for now they aren't even assured 1st anymore. Even then will need to go into playoff for 2nd spot in which they won't be seeded. It's looking grim. Just beat Kosovo and go from there all they can do at this point..
  17. How come Greece can't produce any talent in football. If we are clinging to Fortounis injury this is not a good sign. He is talented but this shows just shallow the talent pool is. No star midfield or forward in defence yes. It's embarrassing.
  18. I really hope the NT figures it out and somehow qualifies for WC. It has been so disappointing not participating in the tournaments.
  19. Pleasantly surprised with the return of K.Paps to the NT. He was pretty solid.
  20. Guys I watched from 15th minute on. Did our keeper even have to make a save? Effort level was there from the team today no doubt.
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