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  1. Anyone know the date for the UEFA World Cup Qualifying draw? We will need some luck as Nations League group looks tough and our ranking has taken a bit of a hit since missing Euro.. Basically will need a miracle to qualify for WC but that's our specialty!
  2. Hoping this is the right decision. Honestly it's a travesty Greece are not in this Euro they are better than many of these teams! Hopefully we catch a break with WC draw as Nations League draw didn't do us much favour.
  3. Gents any solid streams? I know it's on DAZN but I don't have it. Surprised did a look through and don't see it on any stations here in Canada.
  4. Damn this sucks. Sometimes it's just not your time it was Georgia's time to go through today. I think playing at home for them they had just enough and hung on and won on the penalties m*****a.
  5. They cannot let this go to pk they are having the advantage run of play Georgia are just hanging on!
  6. Not watching but 0-0 away is not a bad spot to be in. It's always good to survive the first 20 minutes or so away atmosphere. Hopefully 2nd half we can find the way through.
  7. Brutal. Stuck as well with meetings. The 3pm I could swing it.. Pretty nervous all of a sudden it will be difficult.
  8. Why they didn't reseed based on FIFA rank is baffling. Greece should be playing both at home!
  9. Really strong performance. They looked on it right away and determined. Put the game away very early. This was encouraging.
  10. Does anyone know the best way to watch this match for people in Canada or NA? I don't want to do choppy stream. If you can't post here please pm me thank you.
  11. F-sakes. Terrible group. No way to spin this positively. Oh well. This makes qualifying for Euro even more important not to raise the rank in hopes of more favorable WC qualification draw.
  12. Easily the 2 most important matches in many years for the NT. Just getting to the Euros will help boost ranking for World Cup draw which will be more difficult to make. The WC in North America 2026 would be huge to take part hopefully they double qualify and bring the NT back to it's heyday!
  13. Austria/Iceland/Montenegro/Greece would be swell. ?
  14. If we beat Kazakhstan and if Georgia defeat Lux, then we play the final away to Georgia correct?
  15. Not watching but positive news our young guns are firing. Need them desperately to help create offence especially from midfield. NZ not the strongest opponent. Really hope Poyet goes with similar lineup vs France.
  16. If this is true it's very unfortunate timing is not good. I thought Poyet was going to lead us into the Euros hope he stays I guess would depend on who he replacement would be.
  17. I thought maybe they were good enough without but honestly I don't think so, the NT needs to get Fortounis back in now in time for the playoffs he is looking good. There is no one on the team with his skill level in that position. We keep leaning on average guys like Mantalos and Kourbelis etc. Midfield is not threatening and not providing forwards the best service. Greece can get in but will struggle to get results if what we seen against Holland and France is proof. They are in the game but can't sniff a goal and ultimately lose.
  18. I'm not even that bothered really (mainly because of the playoff mind you). To be honest I always expected to come 3rd here. Greece have been steadily improving. I think a draw would have been the more correct result today but when you try to beat a big nation like Holland you can't leave it to referee and VAR good luck. Needs to be decisive. It was always a long shot in this group and they made a decent account of themselves overall having us believing once again. They just need to get in any way they can. Look at the playoff path it's amazing for us. Hopefully play decent and raise the rank for WC qualifying pots. Hard to qualify coming from where Greece was.
  19. 0 goals for two matches what's to complain about guys? Not good enough. World class defence at the back for Holland and it showed apparently.
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