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  1. We have not even come close to having a chance let alone scoring, and they could have already scored 4/5. Is anyone surprised?
  2. Brugge are counter attacking with absolute ease, and have already had a few good chances
  3. Poyet, pack your bags and F*** off!!!!!
  4. I can’t see us not conceding in the next fixture. They’ll park the bus, looking to hit us on the counter. No urgency, didn’t even throw a punch today.
  5. Ekong wins player of the tournament. Well done to him, shame they didn’t lift the trophy.
  6. What about the period between Aggelo and Santos, 2004-07? PAOK had 6 or so coaches, longest tenure Kostikos(24 games)
  7. Everybody, 10 steps back... Looks like we have some Sydney royalty amongst us!
  8. I forgot, all problems with PAOK, Greek football, all lay on the shoulders of Ivan.
  9. Shut the f#$k up. Greece isn't the only country on the planet that's hot. Greek teams start in Europe in mid July now, and if the EPO had any respect for their teams, we can get used to getting smoked to the likes of Levski, who are already playing serious games when we face them.
  10. Even if Dantas is decent, there is no way PAOK will pay the 7 million for him.
  11. The fact that we're still some 3 weeks away from the league starting, is a joke. Micky mouse league of the highest order.
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