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  1. Lucescu is going to use him until there is nothing left and then keep playing him for another 6 games and then wonder why his output has reduced. Why he has played every game so far is beyond me. Setting aside the fact he should be 5-10kg lighter he is still a 33 year old playing in midfield. He needs a rest before he breaks.
  2. We desperately need Sveri back. The young guys are the future but they are too flaky to hold it down for an entire season.
  3. You want me to be realistic or blind? My prediction is a reflection of our performances. We have not put together more than 30 minutes of good football in a game so far this season.
  4. The first half of his post is true. Paschalakis has been our best player so far this season. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  5. Aridaia is a fantastic town
  6. I'm sorry, I'm claiming him for us Pontioi. It's Vierinhidis.
  7. Then clearly you have been paying eff all attention to anything besides your own team.
  8. that second exclamation mark really drove your point home
  9. There is a difference between us and them. Investment in the squad. Until we get consistent recruiting with a bit of wisdom and some luck we won't be doing anything at home or across the continent.
  10. In all likelihood we wont make any more signings. The behind the scenes work that would need to happen between qualification and now would be beyond most well organised front office staff let alone the shambles that is our club. I hope I am wrong btw
  11. Loans aren't the bad part. Not having a sale clause built in is the stupid part these days.
  12. JFC what next? Are we gonna try and bring Muslimovic up front, he was in Thessaloniki earlier this month, maybe it was for a medical?
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