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  1. You're in the US, so odds are it's you anyway regardless of your late night proclivities
  2. this is the reason I no longer watch champions league once we are no longer involved. If I wanted to watch the same teams over and over again ad nauseum I'd be happy, but variety is the spice of life. the only 'big' club I have a soft spot for is BVB because they genuinely seem to care for their supporters
  3. Rebbe literally explained that he is not the only person making the decisions. did you not listen to the interview? You think Ivan doesn't get what he wants [or at least is willing to pay for] ?
  4. biggest takeaway so far is that we have an understanding with Sporting to loan him back to PAOK in January. Not finalised but the clubs desire
  5. it's entertaining to say the least. is the translator an aussie?
  6. thank god. he reminds me of the guy who pretended to be george weah's cousin and got on the pitch for southampton
  7. As long as the cash is in the bank before he goes, I'm ok with this.
  8. @Blackhawk it's 2:15am AESST the next day. We have just ticked over to daylight savings time. FYI
  9. tote g*****ikame pashali he is a highly skilled, passionate and active idiot. go to the 28 minute mark of the first half. OEK and he hassle kaio off the ball and they counter, he has a player free left and a player free right, what choice does he make? keeps running straight down the middle into the hands of 3 defenders. call it a brain fart but this is typical of this boys play.
  10. on paper him subbing pelkas made no sense. pelkas was on a yellow, could have had a second. when things got desperate pelkas is not smart enough to keep his feet to himself. the hardest one for me to understand was the taking varela off instead of michailidis. varela at least has some presence from set pieces and michailidis was very poor.
  11. not a fan of the Colak signing if it goes ahead. did nothing in germany
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