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  1. That is like saying the junior teams are a failure if every two years they don't produce 3 starters. Personally I see this as a way to polish the U17/U19 players against physically mature opponents before they get the charity 10 minutes from Lucescu. It also gives the club the opportunity to say to the entourages of any players with a big head "fine, the kid can tear apart other kids his age now show us he can do it in the B team before you start breaking my balls to be in the first team starting XI". Also we can also probably assume like most things Greek the first season would have been a sh1te show of disorganisation and getting the right people in place so really it's only had about one full season. Was the previous situation better is also worth asking and should we revert to that?
  2. yes, but you're our moron so that makes it ok
  3. Loved this interview @pash thank you. I'm also fascinated as to where it was shot. The random stuff on the bookshelf had me distracted. I have a feeling it is Lucescu's place as there is a Romanian-Greek dictionary
  4. Cup final is 1-1 at full time. About to start extra time
  5. I watched the replay of the semifinal against PAO and holy crap on a cracker what a penalty shoot out. We scored the first pen then 8 misses/saves followed
  6. To anyone with SportPlus..... can you sign up online and stream it, if so, what's the link?
  7. I watched this game in its entirety. It is a disgrace to the club that an OFI player was injured and there was no stretcher at the ground so Dani Neuhaus our GK had to carry her off the field. fookin rezili
  8. this squad is so all over the shop. make up your minds what team you want to be, this draw with lamia then beat olympiakos business is doing my head in
  9. Final score 1-1 Entertaining match
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