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  1. So Krmencik has done mare in two weeks than Colak in half a season. The question is, is he that much better or has the addition of Warda and what he brings making the gap between performances so big?
  2. In my mind he is the kind of coach who needs a good team to do well. Not to get the best out of a team with serious limitations
  3. If you can't feed the goat he won't score [adapted from an old Man City saying]
  4. I thought I was the biggest anti-PAOKtzis there was. Feelsbadman
  5. My Anti-PAOK takeaways - Thank god Pouggouras doesn't play for us anymore. At least three times he pulled on our players shirts in the penalty box clearly because he can't mark a player properly. Karol should have had two penalties at least. Yes they weren't simantika interferences but they were clear and right in front of the ref. - Giannoulis needs to grow a brain or at least some poniria. If you are gonna go and retaliate on Aitor don't give him a shove in the back in the BLOODY PENALTY BOX. He is fortunate that wasn't a penalty because to me it was as clear cut as the red card Ai
  6. There better be a few signings then over January. Especially in defence with Wague gone too
  7. Is this legit or just innuendo and mlkies?
  8. I have thought of this previously. The easiest way for the club to do this would be to scout some girls of Greek descent here or in NA or maybe Germany where they've had a more extensive grounding than the greek girls.
  9. The problem being, if you don't have a grass roots level system, how can you have an elite system. It would be like Australians trying to compete on an international level in Ice Hockey, or Americans in cricket.
  10. The US team is the perfect example of funding for development over funding of elite clubs combined with participation. The in built college system helps with the ID of talent. I imagine the issue for the US system is as the European leagues expand outside of the traditional Sweden/France/Germany into the other major nations and beyond how does it retain talent. At the moment the US girls are going over, but I can see in the next decade EU will have enough homegrown talent to not require them. Then as the US league is no longer a destination for players because everyone wants to play
  11. I agree completely. The problem for areas with low participation levels is that the ability to ID and develop talent is much harder. I'd love to know what is any kind of pay the PAOK players get and what the numbers of registered juniors is. For example my daughter's club is not an elite level [WNPL] club but it is the second biggest junior club in the state. It has multiple teams in every age group from u9 up to u16 and then two open age teams [seniors/reserves]. That's over 100 females playing, developing, competing from an early age. Does this happen in Greece? Outside of th
  12. Just to give you an idea of generally the state of greek football. Benfica got mauled today conceding 5 goals in the first 55 minutes to Chelsea.
  13. Government says number of daily infections, based on a seven-day rolling average: • Currently at 1,609. • Was 2,674 in mid-November. Needless to say this is Greece not the US
  14. That was all I could have hoped for and more Truly stunning
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