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  1. not a fan of the Colak signing if it goes ahead. did nothing in germany
  2. Excellent work gentlemen. Sound issues aside this was fantastic. I appear to be subscriber number 9 so I will take on the striking duties. I am here for the toe pokes and tap ins, I will not run, you will pass the ball either to my feet or within a 10cm radius or I will abuse you endlessly
  3. I guess the main question is where do the majority of international subs come from? I would guess there would be a lot in Germany and other EU countries where they wouldn't speak English. Now whether that is more or less than those in the UK, USA and Austria I don't know. Maybe you and I should offer ourselves as co commentators Pash.
  4. wait a second, we have a paoksyd and a sydney paok. damn guys I know sydney is a sh1tty place but I didn't realise you guys had the imagination sucked out of you 😉
  5. Here in Melbourne we are down to 81 new cases as of today. Stage 4 lockdown has been extended for two weeks. I am in between the stages of marvelling at what incredible little humans my kids are and wanting to rip their arms off and beat them over the head with them.
  6. As am I, I was thinking more of someone like Jackson Irvine. He is, out of contract, proven to be able to handle the rigours of the Championship week in and week out, no fuss, will not treat the club like a holiday, crap enough to be willing to come to PAOK. It's not a sexy move but he would add depth to the area of the park we are weakest in.
  7. WE NEED CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS FFS I'd take an Australian at this point in time
  8. With any luck Vertonghen will have one of his psycho days and we capitalise
  9. With the current geopolitics this might be the only thing to get Marinakis thrown out.
  10. I assumed the posts got deleted because we got invaded by a bunch of Turkish trolls. Good to know I didn't miss any of the lols. What a farken game.
  11. ok, how about fellow future contractor of covid-19
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