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  1. Enjoy file. I wish my old man was still around to see it.
  2. who is gonna tell him he's doing it wrong then
  3. yes, yes we do. but we may as well call up the left backs from the B team because I don't see Lucescu changing his mind on Andre and Diego on the left. If he hasn't realised it doesn't work by now, do we really think he is going to have an epiphany over the summer?
  4. 34? perfect age for a Lucescu player, a bit young but we will give him time. 😉
  5. We don't need 2 left backs. Razvan is just going to play Andre there anyway whether we like it or not. We need a replacement for Kurtic [or buy him outright]
  6. holy sh1t I thought I had it bad trying to field a team this year for the U14 girls I coach going from 9 a side to 11 a side and only having 12 in the squad from last year. how does a semi professional team only have 12 in their squad? what a clusterfark
  7. I don't disagee with any of those but I think the keeper position is the one that is least urgent, especially for the fact you wont get much improvement without outlaying big $$$
  8. my fear is we will break him. I'd be interested to know where he sits in number of minutes played compared to the rest of the squad. It feels like he'd be top 3 and one of those would be our GK
  9. this is why I love the german supporter groups. for 99% of them it's about football and their communities.
  10. this is the kind of match where our supporters storm the field and get us suspended for 5 years from euro competitions
  11. Even their national team coach knows he can't run
  12. Maybe COVID and couldn't travel, finished isolation though and could play.
  13. Yes but he gets exhausted tying his boot laces so no change there
  14. Colak was in front of him and the ball, would have been offside
  15. This man has slowed, ages catches us all. He gives everything that he has, every game. SO WHY THE FARKING HELL WOULD YOU PUT BISESWAR ON HIS WING TO GIVE HIM LESS PROTECTION THAN A KID FROM THE U9s. Jesus christ every time I see them line up on the same side I fear it might be the last time we see Andre play because he is trying to do the work of two players. If you are going to play biseswar wide, put a kid who can still run behind him.
  16. Mainly it's because these aren't 'clubs' as we know them, they are franchises with little to no soul. What I find weird is our top league which is basically the same setup [manufactured franchises] but if anyone tried to move a club there would be hell to pay.
  17. typical american, telling people what to do when there's absolutely no harm in what they are doing
  18. better first period of extra time than the second half. let's go boys
  19. F**k I got covid without going to a swinger club or partying every day. guess i missed out
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