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  1. He cost them the first goal but improved after that
  2. Couldn't devote enough time being on the ground in Thessaloniki?
  3. I think it's safe to say that's none of us
  4. This is what happens when you only have one system. Eventually you will get found out, oppositions will counter you and you can't respond/react.
  5. There's only ever one subject with some clowns
  6. Kotarski dove on the ball and player in the most awkward way possible. I don't think a red card was warranted.
  7. we are now 13 minutes into 5 minutes of added time
  8. and now kotarski has knocked himself out on an opponents knee. schwab to go in goals
  9. we have one of those in here. would you mind taking him off our hands?
  10. I watched the game. Always impressed by our girls football.
  11. our strikers will not succeed with this squad feeding them
  12. thats one brilliant game in 5 more than we have now
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