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  1. hot garbage since re-signing Razvan we have gone down the toilet [I am not saying this is the reason, because it's not]
  2. for instance I can watch women's and men's handball, men's futsal and swimming on the AC PAOK channel but the women's football has disappeared
  3. i will try and watch tonight.
  4. the girls are broadcast or were broadcast by AC PAOK not PAE. so I don't think it has anything to do with that. maybe because it is being streamed on action 24 they have taken a step back. but they do a terrible job of letting people know where to go to watch it.
  5. it is s%$#! that they don't stream it on their youtube channel anymore
  6. With Vierinha's lack of pace and age he either needs to play as a winger or not at all. jfc
  7. I would say that even in 2018, Biseswar was just a slow, fat Taison. Taison is the player Diego should have been.
  8. Imagine the headspace you need to be in to hire a Turk and call him Emperor on your socials as a Greek team. I could never see us doing that.
  9. You will always be struggling first year after a full knee reco. It takes time to build back the muscle mass let alone the confidence in the leg. That he is improving is a good sign. Hopefully he stays on the same path.
  10. Don't provide security and a police presence and the game gets cancelled by UEFA
  11. how far back do we go? do you know that Narey's parents whilst maybe born in Togo aren't actually ethnically from one of the neighbouring countries like Ghana or Benin? who do Pontians play for? When Yugoslavia was a thing did no one play for them because the country was manufactured? or should only Serbs have been allowed to play? your stance is an easier one to take when your country is not very ethnically diverse. if you applied the same rule in Australia, we'd probably barely be able to scratch a national team together.
  12. It would be like every pontian needing to play for either the ottomans or the ruskis
  13. also the more we win the less we see of our friend from sydney
  14. You are the best whinger I have seen. Grab a fanela and got on the pitch
  15. them. personally I think we overestimate our abilities. we try and play a possession passing game but don't have the class to pick teams apart. hearts can and will counter attack at pace. our defence is slow and if we allow them space we will suffer. I hope I am proved wrong
  16. Has to? What is anyone going to do? Drone strike maybe? Do you even think before you type? Can you think? Like actually use critical thought?
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