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  1. We have few true food abominations here [there aren't many true Australian dishes]. The worst one that comes to mind is the pie floater, it's a meat pie floating in a pea soup.
  2. A few times? After the first couple you thought this might be redeemable?
  3. Nothing to see here. I've said my piece and I'm done. What type of popcorn though?
  4. Michailidis back there gives me no confidence, but this is the kind of game the kid needs to build his experience.
  5. No I'm definitely anti PAOK you've worked me out. I'm secretly a Russian bot hired by a competing oligarch to Ivan. I have come to this forum that is so popular to post my propaganda in order to convert the 30 or so PAOK fans to sacrifice their first born children to Marinakis. You can find proof of this if you just click my username, you can do a deep dive on all my posts to satisfy your conspiracy theory loving heart, when you've finished your detective work I expect you to send the AFP around to my place. Also on a serious note, work on your comprehension. I didn't say we didn't l
  6. Smack myself across the face? Not a PAOK fan? I make a balanced assessment of my thoughts and this is the kind of childish rubbish you have in response? Let me add to my statements previously and hopefully you can follow on. Garcia made a positional move with Crespo. Let's assume his hands were tied to start with. He made no change until we were behind for this position. Once the game started did he have options to adjust? Yes, at least two that I can think of. He could have a] switched to a 4-4-2 system were Crespo only needs to defend, not try and put in a cross or play an attacki
  7. Why can't we blame Garcia for Crespo performance? Does he not know what Crespo can and can't do? Did he not watch the UCL playoff where Crespo played in the same position? Tell me, if he put Zivko Zivkovic in the same position and he screwed would it not be Garcia's fault? Does this make him a bad coach? No? Was it a mistake? Yes. Did he have few other options? Yes due to issues outside his control and those that predated his promotion. We have to blame Garcia for Crespo's performance because Crespo played to his maximum which in this position is extremely limited.
  8. Zahavi dropping deep into midfield to get a touch and then pushing forward is giving us issues
  9. TAKE THAT BACK he only gets injured in training
  10. Happy to sit in on a test call to provide feedback on volumes if you think that will help.
  11. How are you guys doing it? Live on youtube?
  12. Of Greece's 2,056 new #coronavirus cases: 839 Thessaloniki 464 Athens area 82 Serres 70 Larissa 65 Rodopi 54 Drama 31 Xanthi 30 Halkidiki 27 Kavala 26 from abroad 25 Pieria 24 Evros 21 Imathias, Karditsa 20 Kozani 19 Ioannina 18 Kilkis 17 Pella 15 Magnisia 14 Heraklion, Lesbos
  13. Another record. 2,056 new #coronavirus cases in #Greece. 6 new deaths. Total confirmed cases: 39,251 Total deaths: 626 Intubated in ICU: 135 Left ICU: 291 Total tests: 1,777,322 Total rapid test: 71,601
  14. Our CF may as well be positioned on a different continent we are so disconnected from them. Having said that Swiderski moves much better to try and make up for the lack of link up
  15. You're in the US, so odds are it's you anyway regardless of your late night proclivities
  16. this is the reason I no longer watch champions league once we are no longer involved. If I wanted to watch the same teams over and over again ad nauseum I'd be happy, but variety is the spice of life. the only 'big' club I have a soft spot for is BVB because they genuinely seem to care for their supporters
  17. Rebbe literally explained that he is not the only person making the decisions. did you not listen to the interview? You think Ivan doesn't get what he wants [or at least is willing to pay for] ?
  18. biggest takeaway so far is that we have an understanding with Sporting to loan him back to PAOK in January. Not finalised but the clubs desire
  19. it's entertaining to say the least. is the translator an aussie?
  20. thank god. he reminds me of the guy who pretended to be george weah's cousin and got on the pitch for southampton
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