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  1. you can buy as many strikers as you want but if you cannot boss the midfield you wont score
  2. i wish we would make this choice more often
  3. Most teams appear to be coasting post lockdown tbh
  4. Ok, I think I understand. You're saying you're a welsher just like the incompetents that run the PAOK BC and can't be trusted. It takes a certain amount of self awareness to admit it, congratulations.
  5. so you pay your debts like a turkish football club pays its transfer fees. good to know
  6. Like you didn't know what you were doing Pashali
  7. everywhere else on here is a ghost town
  8. I prefer the games against Fenerbahce
  9. I have been made redundant twice in a week.......so not so great at the moment. We are fine for now as my work has always been susceptible to market shifts. It is however quite deflating.
  10. the peponi played more than wernbloom and i liked tziolis, although he was slower than me
  11. Biseswar good, Lucas better
  12. The asian champions league is a joke of a competition
  13. THIS...... just call this season 19-20-21 and stretch the son of a b1tch out
  14. it's quiet in here. just checking in. everyone still safe?
  15. Stoch Wernbloom Akpom El Kaddouri get rid of them and it frees up a reasonable chunk of cash
  16. Look I can't see this passing in the next 6 months. Why not just extend this into an 18 month season and then just skip the 20-21 season. We are in seriously uncharted waters here
  17. I agree with this. Not for PAOK, I'm thinking more of the teams in the bottom. There would possibly be at least one change in the relegation spots and the chance to save yourself gone.
  18. Frankly they should just void all seasons currently underway [especially the ones with relegation]
  19. It has been said we are restricted by FFP. I don't know if this is true. I think this season we are hamstrung by a combination of injuries, age and a less balanced squad than last season. Not to mention the fact that our previous coach left 2 days before the players returned for pre-season. This is not an excuse btw, just some reasons for the difference from last season to this. On the field we have not been good enough to lead the league.... END OF STORY.
  20. In fairness, how often have we had european football in february?
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