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  1. sorry to burst your bubble, however I'm only going on the work I do and the renders and 3D imaging is usually one of the first things produced for a client. i'm assuming snr and jr don't look at too many architectural drawings so would need pretty pictures to have the project explained to them.
  2. if they haven't been done already then we arent as far along as they say
  3. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool varela what a turn and cut back
  4. you're scottish, he's not gonna want your liver. the rest of them, yes be careful
  5. this is how he gains your trust ?
  6. the slow bastard offspring of tziolis and shakhov is more athletic than vladan was in his prime
  7. 2016 is the last one in my steam library too
  8. which football manager?
  9. you missed the point. my point was not made to excuse the violence in soccer stadiums in greece. it is to point out to you that a non-greek [because that is what those of us who have chosen to live outside Greece are] telling a greek what to do would be akin to me saying that the US is a mess because there is on average a mass shooting every two months and just like Greece the government is not only doing nothing about rectifying the problem, they are thriving off the fear they create. Our friends JVC's comment "Stopping these severely disturbed individuals is virtually impossible" could
  10. each country has its idiosyncrasies for instance I would imagine most greeks would happily keep a corrupt soccer system if it meant not having mass shootings once every couple of months
  11. listen pashali, i may be disabled but I don't need charity prosititutes, I can provide my own
  12. totally not clicking that link
  13. The USA doesn't stop their league for the world cup and Australia still plays their league when the national team plays some games. It's not unheard of but is unusual.
  14. they are not from Athens, so by definition they are rude, feral, unwashed and uneducated.
  15. Paschalakis gets an extra match for leading the virtuous Fortounis astray
  16. The village looks okay with plans to redevelop [in a much more achievable manner than toumba] although this game was played at bentleigh greens home ground. with about 5k in attendance on a cold wednesday night. pputs some of the superleague crowds to shame
  17. Took myself to watch former player John Anastasiadis' team Bentleigh Greens play against my home town club Heidelberg United in a cross town greek derby. Bentleigh play some nice football and won the quarter final match to go into the semi finals of the FFA cup. His teams have consistently performed well over a number of years and tbh he deserves a chance coaching an A-league based on track record.
  18. I'm not sure your grasp of mathematics is strong here
  19. hope this isn't a recurring theme when she asks you to do something
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