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  1. sounds like every game Australia plays against Middle Eastern teams. How effing boring
  2. Lots of respect for this decision. I would like to think we would do the same given the same circumstances, but I doubt we would. So even more kudos to the greens.
  3. people don't need that drama. there's enough prima donna footballers that will give you headaches and cost you less
  4. We're Greek so this is a dumb question Pashalitsa
  5. we wont win the league without a prijo replacement
  6. I am taking, the wife, three children and my in laws. Pray for me gentlemen
  7. A football coach here once said: "There are two types of coaches, those who have been sacked and those about to be sacked" I see Razvan as being stubborn and pig headed but liked by the majority of the squad. He is what we need right now, but I think over time he will start to annoy the players and it will lead to him being shown the door. I can't see him making it to the end of next season.
  8. any of you fine people going to be around thessaloniki around 20.08-31.08 this year? I'll be trying to catch a game too.
  9. I'm booked in to do a driving trip form mid august to mid september too
  10. Pash did you scroll down thorough that link? It has him listed as being locked into a transfer to Al Ahly of Cairo on January 1.
  11. Kids don't get chances at PAOK unless we are desperate. Just let the guy go somewhere and play
  12. Find one post on here of me talking about fixing, the paper roll or Marinakis. You are so blinded by your hatred and your delusions of grandeur that you've turned yourself into raving lunatic. Congratulations
  13. You're sounding hysterical again. Clearly your faux veneer of intelligence is slipping. Are you off your meds? Is the tin foil hat not working anymore? Do you find yourself wandering the streets of Toronto screaming at the pigeons about Tsipras and Savvidis? I implore you, seek the medical help you so clearly need before it's too late.
  14. JVC, why are you here? In the PAOK section? Why are you not having this discussion in the PAO forum? You remind me of Ben Shapiro who wants to debate anyone more important than himself so when they don't engage with him they can say it's because they are scared of the size of his almighty brain. You are being irritating, you have been told you are being irritating and yet you keep on about it. You are the definition of a troll. Take your toxicity to your three leafed section.
  15. Happy thanks giving mappes. I am thankful to find similar like minded black and white idiots to talk s%$#! about football with.
  16. we will always have a problem with teams like this while we have such average decision makers. no coach can plan for that.
  17. Coach can't make those decisions for the players so I think it's safe to say that today everyone screwed the pooch, coach and players.
  18. Leave me out of this. It's all Pashali
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