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  1. @pash that adorable baby just got herself a new fanela
  2. sweet, i am in thessaloniki on both the 28th and 29th
  3. he was clear, concise and logical........ poor bastard is fooked
  4. Do you have a link to the list?
  5. great, i'll be in kavala that weekend, hopefully we are playing at home
  6. Gentlemen, do we have a definite start date for the super league?
  7. we are lucky we have Sensei Blackhawk here to show us the way
  8. Because this is the national team, you either STFU and do what you're told or you don't get picked. This is the attitude that creates a poisoned dressing room or a NT controlled by player agents. Any administration consulting players on who should be coach ought to be sacked
  9. unfortunately that's not that high a bar to hurdle
  10. I can see vierinha's load being lightened on his return from injury and being allowed to play on the wing.
  11. Maybe they are hipster anti-vaxxers and our hugs and kisses will give them small pox that Savidis has imported from the melting perma frost of the russian arctic circle but seriously........ well actually no I can't take ukworm seriously.
  12. pics or it never happened
  13. you'd get 50k if you held it here in Melbourne
  14. @DunfermlineAthleticPAOK @PAOTHEGREAT can you two start a separate thread on geopolitics and economic rationalisation elsewhere please? I'm failing to see the connection between a Canadian mining company and teams other than PAOK. Frankly the pair of you are some of the greatest topic derailers I've seen.
  15. How is he wrong? He didn't say impossible, he said difficult. Just because you had good results for a period doesn't mean it was easy, if it was you wouldn't have stopped in 2011. As for telling people "You will respect Aris". Bwahahaha if you have to order people to respect you or think it's a good idea, then you aren't really deserving of respect are you.
  16. I was thinking the same thing
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