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  1. Chuba Akpom is currently the leading goal scorer in the Championship with 28goals. He's on fire!
  2. No live reports please. This is one of PAOK's biggest moments so enjoy the game guys and take it all in by staying off your phones!! You can report everything back afterwards.
  3. Agree but let's not forget that scandals have always existed at PAOK before Savvidis, so have bad moves, poor handling of football matters, revolving door of coaches etc. Pre Savvidis, PAOK had won 6 trophies in 86 years. Under Savvidis we have won 5 trophies in 9 years Pre Savvidis, PAOK was in debt. Under Savvidis we are financially sound Let's all agree that PAOK has been better off ever since Savvidis came. Could things be run better? no doubt 100%. Has PAOK fallen off since becoming champions? no doubt 100%
  4. Difference though is that Lucescu was Giovinco's manager at Al Hilal last season so knows exactly what he can bring to PAOK.
  5. I think there is a monetary value related to our position with the TV rights we signed. Cant recall though if it was only 1st position where we get a bonus or 2nd also.
  6. Lol the funny thing is that whilst he calls you anti-PAOK he spells PAOK in lower case which to me is anti-PAOK. Ps - I'm the nicer one
  7. some defensive stats: This was our 5th straight game where we haven't kept a clean sheet. Last clean sheet was a month ago away against Granada in the 0-0 draw in our 16 competitive matches so far this season we have kept a clean sheet 4 times. Larissa 1-0, Volos 0-0, OFI 4-0, Granada 0-0.
  8. but it always displayed the scoreline before you pressed through to the match. Now it says you can watch at anytime without any spoilers of the result. sometimes I think I suffer from amnesia thinking to myself 'i don't remember writing that' when in fact it was paoksyd ?
  9. Bananas, i just read the subscription package and it has the following: "Watch the On Demand games whenever you want without the platform giving away any spoilers about the result" Perfect for us Aussies to sleep in a little and watch the game "live" i just paid my tv subscription - $136.99 AUD on visa.
  10. Has the potential to be more with bonuses: The deal is worth 7 million euros per year + 1m if the team comes 2nd or 3rd. If we win the title it's 2.5m and if we win it undefeated its another 1m. If we win the cup there's another 1m
  11. No better time to play Benfica than now. Its a one match tie and anything can happen. Over 2 legs the better teams usually progress so I'm glad we got them now. We have already guaranteed Europa group so we have nothing to lose. Pame PAOKARA!!
  12. Agree, very poor effort with the design. Looks like the footlocker staff shirts
  13. Are you sure about that, I think you are misinformed You're right. Many more matches involving Olympiakos have been fixed.
  14. Sorry Tzatziki, the CAS made their decision and cleared PAOK of any co-ownership of Xanthi. 7pts back to PAOK. You know what's fixed... the 2015 Olympiakos v Atromitos match ?
  15. Is 9am-5pm normal to you? if so then yes what happened was not normal. If you as a person let things just be and don't fight for what you believe in then yeah this is not normal. PAOK finally has an owner that has balls to fight for the team. Why wouldn't he fight up until the 11th hour to get what he wanted? I would. So it doesn't matter if he was busting the balls of the Super League board (or whoever was in charge for this decision) non-stop throughout the night until he got a decision. I work in the corporate world and the amount of decisions that have been made overnight would blow your mind.
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