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  1. Thank god for that. Plus we have Zivkovic & Akpom back. A nice win will keep our momentum going going into the upcoming derbies
  2. Woah is this the best we can do?? Wtf is wrong with us atm.....
  3. Dutch loving picking players from greece atm. Hatzigiovannis moving to eredeivse as well according to greek media rumours..
  4. Live a little. Break a rule here or there youll feel a little better about your life
  5. Bakasetas is the best player in the turkish superleague atm
  6. Every time he plays we cop goals from his side.....
  7. Lyraztis and Taylor both nit good enough for us to be tittle contenders.
  8. Will botos run the transfers this winter period.... or sit down take notes, learn the squad and prepare for the summer transfer period?
  9. What happened in this first half... We came out like s train. Scored a goal then fell apart. Lets hope the second half brings us the 3 points!
  10. This will be an interesting season, nothing is over. Bloody Esiti after a MOM performance he makes two amateur errors today and essentially cost us the match! Overall at the start of the season I thought Olympiacos would put 4-5 past us, so we are doing really well!
  11. Big win today! Lucescou had it covered from Day 1. What hes down with biseswar is amazing. We looked great today, michalidis & mihaj is a great CB combo
  12. Can we all believe after the shocking transfer period we have had and starting the season with a loss to Bohemains in Europe and Giannina in Greece we are now first!!! Lucescou the magician
  13. Todays performance will have make thessa radio to nuts today! Ivan you better spend at christmas ffs
  14. Lucescou is a magician! Paok is building! Paok is coming! Lucescou MOM
  15. Another match we start with improvement from the last match! This was our best first half so far this season. Schwabb, Augustou, Biseswar, Sidlcey all playing super well! Only player who is not playing good so far is Taylor!
  16. Im am so geed for this match. Like a moment of truth for us and such a crucial match and a potential turning point for us. A solid win here, and boom some teams in Greece will start to fear us this season and will give the magician Lucescou something to build on! A draw we live to fight another day. A lose and its own, the athenian media will have a field day, the anti-paok media in thessa will go nuts and the fans will start to demand explanations from Ivan on why we have such a bad squad.... Hopefully the referring is fair and we see some cracka football, as this so far has been the most exciting season for nearly a decade for me. In terms of line ups, i would like to see. Akpom start, i cannot stand swarovski. I would prefer to see murg & zivkovic on the wings, for me mitrita is a dud. I liked seeing Augustou in the midfield with Kutric & Schwab. Leaving Biseswar to come on off the bench. But lets see what super coach has installed for us, as he cannot blame the grass again this season!
  17. I hope that mitrita comes good but so far he has been lack lusture, he falls over his own feet. He didnt even believe himself the ball went in, when it hit him on the head ffs lol Love the rose coloured glasses ur wear but come on lets talk honestly.
  18. Mitrita has not been our best player. @ Agrinio the ball hit him on the head and went in!
  19. Pascha, Sidcley, Michalidis, Augusto our best players Schwab, Murg, Taylor, Varela,Biseswar, Mitrita, Zivkovic all average Kutric, Esiti, Akpom were terrible
  20. Another half and a better performance again, we look to be improving match by match, ever so slightly but still moving in the right direction! Sidcley + Michailidis look good! Kurtric looks terrible out their.
  21. Rodrigo not in squad Vierinhia is also out injured.
  22. One of our betfer performances so far this year, but still we are miles away from a decent performance. Pascha , Vieirinhia & Bises were all decent. Mitrita & Kurtic looked lost
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