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  1. As i dont trust this pae paok as far as I can throw them. I reckon Augusto is sold, they faking injury to buy time to announce replacement. Some PAOK jounros have started imagime a midlfield of Ozdoef & Maximovic... bro what about augusto? Do you know something we dont know? Are you protecting the uselessness of the PAE? Imagine now with giaxis & vrakas as your midfielders you announce augusto is sold too... Lets not forget Ivan closed the PAE PAOK boutique in city centre and leased out the building to a third party...
  2. Is this our worst squad since Savvidis has been the president of PAOK?? Like we have no quality at all. The team is laughable imo
  3. I feel like this 4.5m offer is being thrown out by PAE Paok to take heat off Ivan being a scruge...lets see
  4. So apparently Samata is coming on Saturday. Is he a better player than Oliveira?
  5. Imagine if we didnt have Lucescou as a coach!!
  6. The russians are spending in Dubai like crazy... Where is Ivan hidding??
  7. Another painful transfer season! The last 3 seasons have been painful.... Whats wrong with Ivan?
  8. Savidis needs too ut his hand in his pocket and invest cash into paok and stop taking it all out
  9. We have turned a corner? Oliviera brilliant in the 3 matches versus the rabbits
  10. If we win here, for me Razvsn has turned a corner with this squad.. gia na doumai
  11. All i want is Tsou Lou been waiting 30 years come on paokar let me dream
  12. I really cannot deal with another s%$#! transfer period! Heres to hoping we bring in 2-3 quality players... Fingers crossed Ivan spends some cash
  13. Lets hope he can score 6-8 goals this season @ Volos
  14. The blamming of Luceacou is by puppets of Ivan trying to take the heat of him. How is it Razvans fault that he doesnt have a striker, a number 10, a left winger, a left back???? Today Lyratzis was junk Veirinhia shouldnt be playing for PAOK anymore... Dandas is not good enough for PAOK starting 11 , while he has talent - why is it PAOKs job to make him become a better player at our expense?
  15. Joke as much as you want. But imagine if razvan was given decent players?? Boto is a crook. Ivan wtf
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