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  1. Mihaj, Schwab, Crespo, Michailidis, Vieirinhia all out for the match.
  2. Greek league is not premier league is it...
  3. Let Varela rot! Give the kids a go! Why is it ok for bigger teams in tougher leagues to do this but for us its a no go!
  4. I would like young paok players from the b team and players who have not played much this year to get as many games for the rest of the play offs. As for me only 4 games matter now until the end of the season. * Quarter Finals Conference League * Semi finals Greek Cup. I would love for players like: Tsaousis, Koutsias, Kouleriakis, Tachlimanidis & which other hopefuls we have get as much game time as possible to see if we can find our next diamond as lets be real second place is ours in the league regardless of the results upcoming..
  5. Same move, but now on the right side! Lets see cmon Paok
  6. Im so nervous! My two hopes are Lucescous subs will sort out our first half weaknesses & that they will run out of steam! Fingers crossed
  7. Varela deserves to rot. He used paok took millions from the club and then backstabs us with his signing for Benfica and not us.
  8. Woah, if El Khaddouri has covid honestly you can never really on this guy! Just when we thought we would rely on him to help with Zivkovic being out, we know cannot rely on him ffs
  9. Its looks like Boto made some serious side cash in the Soares purchase! Hes shown nothing of value so far. Any player from our B side would be at his current level.. Lets hope that after this season and with a full preseason under his belt at PAOK he can settle in and show us why we paid 2.5m - 2.8m euro for him...
  10. Amazing start! But now im so nervous! Cmon paok finish off these guys!
  11. He hasnt really developed into some superstar.. Played number 10 all season and has scored how many times? The matches he has been then moved to number 8 our midfield was not stronger. Sell him and bring better!
  12. What a goal by Kutric! Lucescou faultless today as well
  13. The biggest error made this season was two so far. 1. No bringing in a TD at the start of the season. 2. Not buying a number 10 in summer or winter transfer periods!
  14. I only watched the first half. So i cannot comment on the whole match, but it is a shame to have two of our finest position at right back!!! Sastre is a quality player and so is Lyratzis if only we could fit them in the same starting 11, As Andre needs to retire. Kutric was average again today! With Razvan as coach anything is possible for us this season. We will have Colak & Chuba fight it out for CF. With omar coming back from injury & soares to be introduced slowly, Mitritsa finding his feet again. We have options! We stay alive in all 3 competitions with a s%$#! load of matches remaining!
  15. I say sell Colak too to the swedes and bring some new blood that suit our club culture and playing style! We need a monster CF, Kremensik was leaps and bounds above Colak.... better players are out their.
  16. Great news on Swiderski. Maybe someone needs to break into Varelas house ala Olympiacos?
  17. Thank god for that. Plus we have Zivkovic & Akpom back. A nice win will keep our momentum going going into the upcoming derbies
  18. Woah is this the best we can do?? Wtf is wrong with us atm.....
  19. Dutch loving picking players from greece atm. Hatzigiovannis moving to eredeivse as well according to greek media rumours..
  20. Live a little. Break a rule here or there youll feel a little better about your life
  21. Bakasetas is the best player in the turkish superleague atm
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