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  1. Im am so geed for this match. Like a moment of truth for us and such a crucial match and a potential turning point for us. A solid win here, and boom some teams in Greece will start to fear us this season and will give the magician Lucescou something to build on! A draw we live to fight another day. A lose and its own, the athenian media will have a field day, the anti-paok media in thessa will go nuts and the fans will start to demand explanations from Ivan on why we have such a bad squad.... Hopefully the referring is fair and we see some cracka football, as this so far has been the most exciting season for nearly a decade for me. In terms of line ups, i would like to see. Akpom start, i cannot stand swarovski. I would prefer to see murg & zivkovic on the wings, for me mitrita is a dud. I liked seeing Augustou in the midfield with Kutric & Schwab. Leaving Biseswar to come on off the bench. But lets see what super coach has installed for us, as he cannot blame the grass again this season!
  2. I hope that mitrita comes good but so far he has been lack lusture, he falls over his own feet. He didnt even believe himself the ball went in, when it hit him on the head ffs lol Love the rose coloured glasses ur wear but come on lets talk honestly.
  3. Mitrita has not been our best player. @ Agrinio the ball hit him on the head and went in!
  4. Pascha, Sidcley, Michalidis, Augusto our best players Schwab, Murg, Taylor, Varela,Biseswar, Mitrita, Zivkovic all average Kutric, Esiti, Akpom were terrible
  5. Another half and a better performance again, we look to be improving match by match, ever so slightly but still moving in the right direction! Sidcley + Michailidis look good! Kurtric looks terrible out their.
  6. Rodrigo not in squad Vierinhia is also out injured.
  7. One of our betfer performances so far this year, but still we are miles away from a decent performance. Pascha , Vieirinhia & Bises were all decent. Mitrita & Kurtic looked lost
  8. No one said we are better off without him. But he promised alot! And so far has only paid the bills and wasted his own money! In all the years of his ownership we have only had 1 good squad when we won the comp & that wasnt enough to get us in the CL!!
  9. No signings, no gate 4, plus u meed to be vaxxed to enter. What did you expect from a pro communist city?
  10. Why i am pissed with Lucescou is because he is playing with us. * saying we dont need anymore signings * making it out like we were going to sign Giovinco, when we never were * blaming the grass yesterday * keeping kagawa * not playing any greek youth at all! He has ran a 11 + 4 subs of foreigners
  11. Lol. Whats the point of talking then.... Lucescou needs to go
  12. When it was time to scream most of you where quiet. It does look like it will be a long season, it also looks like Ivan has dumped PAOK were is the investment???
  13. Open tv for sunday. No news yet after that
  14. We were prouder then! So many of you lot have depression its a F***en xanax feast in here.
  15. Im of that opinion... wait till the first 3 games in Greece and Europe and if we dont win all 6 games unless the rage at pae paok
  16. Surely JVS will be sacked after the sweden match. Been a wasted 2 years with him at the helm
  17. According to some reports from fans in greece, Sidcley & Mitrita are absolute junk..... These fans are worried we will finish 4th.
  18. Any friendlies lined up due to delay in season commencement?
  19. Koutsias and Konstantinaleas should both be dropped to PAOK B. Both will not get matches and at the tender ages of 17 & 18 not playing first team football can seriously destroy their development. They didn get to were they are now by warming the bench. With signings of Akpom & Mitrita I really do not see either of them getting hardly any decent minutes.. Best for them would be a full season in the second division & regroup at next seasons preseason training camp
  20. Gordeziani looked interesting in our first friendly this year versus Volos in Toumba
  21. Draw is out for our Europa Conference League group stage. 16/9 Λίνκολν-ΠΑΟΚ 19:45 30/9 ΠΑΟΚ-Σλόβαν Μπρατισλάβας 22:00 21/10 Κοπεγχάγη-ΠΑΟΚ 19:45 4/11 ΠΑΟΚ-Κοπεγχάγη 22:00 25/11 Σλόβαν Μπρατισλάβας-ΠΑΟΚ 19:45 9/12 ΠΑΟΚ-Λίνκολν 22:00
  22. Could someone find the annual player budgets of the 4 teams in our group (including oursevles) not the squad values, but the annual player budgets of Copenhagen, Slovan & Lincoln Reds.
  23. Their best player Daramy was just sold to Ajax!
  24. If we dont win this group! God help us
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